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*** Navy Career Wise Weekly Update & Training *** Here are just some example of notes posted at Navy Career Social page:

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Social gram 12

  1. 1. Navy Career Wise PRINT Edition. For those who have low bandwidth & limited access online. Compiled from this weeks posting on MSC Social Media Career Page: . For comments & questions contact Chief Editor: NCC(AW/SW/SCW) Astro at Military Sealift Command via your CCC. *** Navy Career Wise Weekly Update & Training *** Here are just some example of notes posted at Navy Career Social page: *** What's Up *** Here are the following career / Navy Tools that are now up after maintenance or shutdown as of 1500 October 22: Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) , Career WayPoints (CWAY) , TOPS , NSIPS / CIMS, FLTMPS , Navy Knowledge Online and Navy Enlisted Advancement (NEAS) *** Bupers ONLINE (BOL) Update as of October 22 *** BUPERS Millington/Navy Personnel Command hosts many Internet-based systems that provide support for personnel actions. Network and cyber security upgrades are ongoing and additional upgrades are being conducted over the next few months. This is requiring some applications to be taken off-line for periods of time. As part of the upgrades, BUPERS On-Line (BOL) is now CAConly access. Workarounds for applications are in place while cyber security upgrades are ongoing. This FAQ link: will guide Sailors in how to access their records as well as how commands are to submit request and information to BUPERS. *** For College Bound and Prospective STA-21 Candidates: Petersons NKO Free SAT/ACT Prep or 90% Discount on SAT and ACT Test Prep *** Here is an option for those who does not want to use the Navy's Peterson SAT/ACT Prep Application on NKO. eKnowledge Offers $250 SAT and ACT PowerPrep Programs for Under $20.00 eKnowledge is offering Military families $250 SAT and ACT test prep programs for just the cost of providing the programs (under $20). The fee covers everything, including: materials, shipping, student support, and streaming. You may request your programs online: The SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ Programs are available online or on a single DVD. Programs include more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3000 files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, and practice tests Students select the training they need and study at their own pace. For details call: (951) 256-4076. Here is the upcoming 2013/2014 SAT and ACT TEST DATES: •SAT: November 2, December 7, January 25, March 8, ,May 3, June 7, •ACT: October 26, December 14, February 8, April 12, June 14 For further information contact Lori Caputo: *** New Navy Career Wise Counselor, Admin and Content Creator *** We would like to welcome NC1(AW)Leanne Uddin(Depreaux) from VR-56 in NAS Oceana. She had very diverse Navy career counseling experience from both Active Duty and Reserve as CCC from MALS-24 Kaneohe, HI; as CCC Supervisor or ISIC at COMPATRECONWING TWO; CCC for VR-56. She loves her job and enjoys working with sailors, veterans and their families. Welcome to the Wise Team - NC1 L.U. from the Navy Career Wise Team: NCCS Gibbs, NCCS Hill, NCC Babin, NCC Hansen, NC1 Parker and Career Wise Counselor Chief Astro. *** Career Counselors Norfolk Area: Monthly CCC Training *** Area Wide Career Counselor / Retention Team Meeting / Training was held Thursday October 17 from 0900-1200. This REQUIRED MONTHLY training for all Counselor who wears their badge are necessary to effectively conduct their duties in guiding our Sailors. Here are the links of the notes taken for those who missed it - please review and acknowledge - Best practices on CIPR: - Best practices as CCC:
  2. 2. *** 8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment *** While there's no doubt that a college degree increases earning power and broadens opportunities, today's high cost of education means it makes sense to more carefully consider which degree you earn. When it comes to return on investment (ROI), not all degrees are considered equal. This article exposes eight college degrees with poor ROI: *** TAP GPS & FFSC CAPSTONE EVENTS *** CAPSTONE Events are a mandatory component of Transition GPS and are to be conducted NLT 90 days prior to separation/retirement from military service at a FFSC CAPSTONE Event IAW NAVADMIN 187/13. Upcoming CAPSTONE Events in Norfolk: •18 OCT 13: 0800-1200 at Bldg U-93 •13 NOV 13: 0800-1200 at Bldg U-93 •20 DEC 13: 1300-1500 at Bldg SDA-344 (Norfolk FFSC) •22 JAN 14: 0800-1200 at Bldg U-93 •19 FEB 14: 0800-1200 at Bldg U-93 •21 MAR 14: 1300-1500 at SDA-344 (Norfolk FFSC) MEMBERS MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING in TAP GPS : • Blank DD Form 2958 • Completed Individual Transition Plan (ITP) to include appropriate section • Page 13 Proof of Reserve Brief (Does not apply to retirees) • DOL Gold Card (Directions to attain the DOL Gold Card are located in the back of DOL Workshop book) • Job Application Package (Resume, Job Application, and Reference List) or Job Offer Letter • Accreditation, Certification or Apprenticeship documents if applicable • Prepared 12 month post-separation budget • Completed Gap Analysis (MOC Crosswalk Book, pp. 22-25) • Proof of E-Benefits registration (Screen print of home page) • Printout of either the KUDER (Used for Education Track, ITP Block 3) or O*Net Interest Profiler (Used for ITP Block 2) Member’s Command Career Counselor should contact the FFSC CAPSTONE POC, Andrew Knipfer, at or or call (757) 444-6089 to schedule seats for these events or for small-group CAPSTONE Events. CAPSTONE Events can also be brought to command on request as well as Career Information Team and Leadership Briefs. *** Navy Orders and Funding Implementation *** Based on limited funding and authorities, the Navy are implementing the following priority for order writing until such time as we get an appropriation or the funding situation changes: Order Writing Priorities (in order): --Separations orders - continue writing and approving out to MAR 2014 -- Accessions orders - continue writing and approving out to MAR 2014 --Noble Eagle/IA orders - continue writing and approving as requirements are received -- No cost / low cost moves (<$1,000) - continue writing and approving -- Order modifications - continue approving those that do not increase FY14 TDI associated (for mod's that increase TDI costs, will be evaluated on a case by case basis) For new operational, (Operational moves allow for the transfer of individuals from one duty station to another within CONUS or within a given theater overseas), rotational, and training (Rotational moves are to and from outside of CONUS; Training moves entail travel within CONUS to and from permanent duty station to schools of 20 weeks or more) moves both MPN and RPN: -PERS-4 provides Cindy Covell a consolidated list of recommended operational, rotational, and training (ORT) moves for "excepted" activities and approval - These orders will be released in 7-10 day increments based on available funding For early return of dependents, expedited transfers, safety moves: -These will be handled on a case-by-case basis There will likely be other situations that require "special handling" and NPC will cover those using the existing SECDEF/SECNAV/CNO guidance or gain an "exception" if needed. (VADM, CNP)
  3. 3. *** FY-15 Command Master Chief & Command Senior Chief program *** NAVADMIN 224/13 announces the call for Command Master Chiefs (CMC) and Command Senior Chiefs (CSC) Selection Board Applications. - Highly motivated master chiefs and senior chiefs, including those in a frocked status, and who meet the requirements, are encouraged to apply for the program. The deadline to apply is 9 December 2013 and packages postmarked after 9 December 2013 will not be considered. - Eligible master chiefs and senior chiefs will not have greater than 26 years of service for CMC or 22 years of service for CSC. A waiver may be considered based on a fleet master chief (FLTCM) or respective force master chief (FORCM) endorsement. Forms are available for download from Naval Forms online at: For details review NAVADMIN 224/13: *** Career Waypoints Program is Back Online *** Following completion of needed cyber-security upgrades. BUPERS 3 processing of September applications (Rack and Stack) is currently underway. Fleet user accounts remain disabled. An email will be sent to inform Fleet users when the system is available for submission of October applications. If you attempt to log on and reach a screen requesting a User Name and Password prior to receiving system availability notification, it is not an attempt to request a new NAVPERS 5239/8 (CWAY SAAR Addendum)." Contact the help desk at or for more. *** CCC New Requirements & Separating Personnel *** It is critical that every Sailor who transition must complete a DD Form 2648, attended TAP-GPS (upon completion of Pre-Separation counseling from CCC (an effective one is 2-3 hours sit down or class with member) and documented on the new DOD Wesbite as required by the DoD. In order for your career counselor to effectively conduct a PreSeparation counseling (DD Form 2648 with members, it is recommended that counselors have attended either: 1. The TAP-GPS for CCC (1-2 hours) conducted on your local FFSC (at a minimum) 2. 5 day TAP-GPS if time allowed on your local FFSC. 3. Pre-Separation Class (contact your CCC Supervisor/ISIC/TYCOM) sponsored by University of Denver held in Colorado Go to & click the NCW TAP GPS photo and later comments on how to document your Sailor's completed DD Form 2648 (Pre-Sep) *** CCC & Navy Career Online System Alert: CMS-Interactive Detailing Lock Out *** All hands must ensure they are logging into all CMS-ID (and other Navy online program, i.e CIMS/NSIPS/ESR, BOL, NEAS, OPINS, etc) accounts before the 30 day mark prevent locked out. Set a monthly reminder in your Outlook calendar when you login to these sites. To restore personal CMSID account send an email to: CMSID help desk.