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Reserve personnel by capt flaherty

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Reserve personnel by capt flaherty

  1. 1. PERS-9Reserve Personnel Management CAPT David Flaherty 24 SEPT 2012 NCA Symposium Brief
  2. 2. NAVY RESERVE STATUS Active Status Inactive Retired Ready Reserve Status Status SELRES IRR Standby Reserve Standby Reserve Retired Reservists (Selected (Drilling) (Individual Ready Reserve) (Active) (Inactive) (~250,000) Reserve) (~40) (~4000) (~55,000)• Hold valid mobilization • Key Federal • Cannot earn points or • Qualified for Non-billets for pay VTU Employees promote regular retirement or• First to mobilize (Voluntary Training Unit) regular retirement • Hardships (~4,000) • Fleet Reserve •Drill in a Non-pay status S-1 S-2 FTS MMIRRG (Full Time Support) (Merchant Marine) (~11,680) (2,200) • Non-drilling status• Reservists on activeduty 365 days a year ASP(includes CANREC,OYR) (Active Status Pool) (~35,000) • Non-drilling status 2
  3. 3. PERS-9 Mission• Provide world class administrative oversight, policy enforcement and personnel services delivery for members of the: – Navy Reserve Component (110,395*) – Navy Reserve Retired (249,568) – Retired Regular Navy (383,285)• Monitor the Navy’s Individual Ready Reserve members for Mobilization readiness (39,300*)* Navy Reserve Component total includes the 39,300 members of the IRRCustomer Service for over 700,000 Sailors, Active, Reserve and Retired 3
  4. 4. PERS-9 Organization Reserve Personnel Management Department PERS-9 CAPT David Flaherty Deputy Senior Enlisted Leader PERS-9B PERS-9C CDR Liz Stephens YNCM Bill Hoyt Admin & Congressionals PERS-9S Vacant Reserve Personnel Affiliation & IRR Force Functional Integration LOD/MEDHOLD/MRR Career TransitionAdministration Division RedesignationDivision Management Division Division Division Office PERS-91 PERS-92 PERS-93 PERS-94 PERS-95 PERS-97 (formerly 9X) CDR Darren Anding CDR Chris W alsh LCDR Ricky Coleman Ms. Karen White CDR Matt Gibbons CDR Karen McCarten•Reserve Retirements •Officer and •Physical/ Virtual •BPR (Business •Medical Benefits •Active to Reserve Enlisted CANREC Musters Process Re- Issuance Component•Reserve Officer Accessions Engineering) TransitionsScreenings •Mobilization/ •Medical Hold •FTS Re- ADT Orders •QA of IMAPMIS (MEDHOLD)•NOBC / AQDs •Reserve to Active designation •IPPS-N Liaison•Reserve Officer •Reenlistments/ •Line of Duty (LOD) Component Boards (Integrated PayGains re-designations Extensions/ Invol /Incapacitation Pay Transitions •APPLY Board Sep Pay and Personnel (INCAP)•Enlisted SELRES Services – Navy)ADSEPS •Continuum of •FTS Recall • IRR Counseling •Physical Risk •DFAS Interface Service Initiative•Enlisted FTS Program Classification ManagementConversions/ Recalls •Data Cleansing (MRR) 4
  5. 5. PERS-91 RESERVE PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION• Administer Navy Reserve Personnel Administration Programs – Ensure the proper application of associated laws, directives & regulation• General Responsibilities – Administer Mobilization Special Cases Boards – Provide responses to Congressional Inquiries/BCNRs – Perform IMAPMIS record updates – Sponsor Monthly Reserve Officer Continuation Panels and Semi-annual Reserve Officer NOBC/AQD Boards – Joint Officer Management• Three branches responsible for execution – PERS-911 - Reserve Officer Status Branch – PERS-912 - Reserve Personnel Services Branch – PERS-913 - Reserve Enlisted Status Branch 5 Customer Service for approx. 370,000 individuals
  6. 6. PERS-91 Key Responsibilities• PERS-911 (Reserve Officer Status Branch) performs: – Officer appointments/reappointments – Gains – Statements of Service – Ready Reserve Agreements – Inter-Service Transfers – Change of Designator (re-designation) requests – Participation and Attrition screenings – Continuation and Retention requests – NOBC/AQD Designations – Status changes• Reserve Officer Administration: 6
  7. 7. PERS-91 Key Responsibilities• PERS-912 (Reserve Personnel Services Branch) performs: – Retirement requests (with and without pay) – Retirement Notices of Eligibility – Retirement point updates – RC Survivor Benefits elections – IRR/S1/S2 EOS discharges – TDRL status changes – 30-yr retirements for USN Fleet Reservists – IRR officer promotions• Attrition/Retirement: 7
  8. 8. PERS-91 Key Responsibilities• PERS-913 (Reserve Enlisted Status Branch) performs: – Enlisted ADSEP actions – Enlisted Conditional Release requests – HYT Waiver requests – Enlisted FTS Recall/Conversion program• Reserve Enlisted Administration• Administrative Procedures for Navy Reservists: BUPERSINST 1001.39F 8
  9. 9. RC Joint Officer Management• Performs/manages – Service record entry of JPME AQD’s – Process E-JDA Self-Nomination packages – Process JQS Nominations – Brief Joint Staff quarterly on all RC JQS submissions• Joint Credit Information:• Joint Information FAQ’s page will answer most questions regarding Joint Qualification: 9
  10. 10. PERS-92 RESERVE OFFICER AFFILIATION & REDESIGNATION• Definite Recall Program Management – 265 FTS Temporary Recall Officer and Enlisted Billets  168 Officer Recruiter Billets, 41 non-recruiting Billets  400 Enlisted CANREC – 4417 FTS Recall Support (ADHOC) – MPN Officers and Enlisted Definite Recalls• Selection Boards – FTS Transfer & Redesignation (Mar/Oct) – FTS Selective Release from Active Duty (May) – FTS Captain Selective Retention Board (Sep) – Administrative assist - Reserve LDO/CWO In-Service Procurement (Jan) – APPLY: Command and Non-Command Senior Officer Billets (Aug)• Frocking Authorization For SELRES• Affiliation/Re-designation information: 10
  11. 11. PERS-93 IRR Force Management• Manages/coordinates: – Contributory support for Active Status Pool of the IRR – IRR Member contact information and medical readiness – ADT orders for IRR members (contributory support) – IRR and VTU mobilization screening – IRR re-enlistments and extensions of service – IRR EOS discharges – Involuntary Separation Pay• IRR Management information and contacts:• Email questions to:• Guide to Individual Ready Reserve: 11
  12. 12. PERS-94 Functional Integration• Manages: – Quality Assurance of IMPAMIS – Data Cleansing – Business Process Re-engineering 12
  13. 13. PERS-95 Reserve Medical Benefits Issuing Authority• Medical Hold (MEDHOLD) Voluntary retention of a Reservist on active duty to receive medical treatment for an injury, illness or disease incurred or aggravated while on continuous active duty orders for more than 30 days. 2 MEDHOLD Units: Norfolk / San Diego.• Line of Duty (LOD) TRICARE and Incapacitation pay benefits for any illness, injury or disease incurred or aggravated while performing inactive or active duty for 30 days or less or for injuries of less severity than requiring MEDHOLD• LOD / Incapacitation Pay: Reimbursement for lost civilian wages as a result of a service related injury or illness. Entitlement is up to full military pay and allowances.• Provide Medical Retention Review (MRR) For Reservists who have potential mobilization disqualifying medical conditions. Sailor initiates at NOSC / package is forwarded to PERS via BUMED for physical risk classification (PRC) recommendation. PERS-95 assigns a PRC code.• Incapacitation Benefits: calRiskPrograms.aspx 13
  14. 14. PERS-97 Career Transition Office • Optimize transitions between Active and Reserve Components (AC/RC) – Supports CNP Continuum of Service initiative – Faster transitions- seamless and streamlined to more rapidly meet AC and RC needs – Facilitate FIT with Community Managers – Increase Reserve program awareness – Decrease Reserve training/recruiting cost requirements 1-866-U-ASK-NPC (827-5672)Seamless Transitions: Retention activity not a Recruiting action 14
  15. 15. Good-to-Know Info• Satisfactory Participation: • < 9 Unsatisfactory IDT Drill periods in a 12 month period • Perform 12 to 14 days of AT each FISCAL YEAR when AT is required (RESFOR publishes FY Guidance)• Qualifying Year: • At least 50 points each ANNIVERSARY YEAR• Qualifying service in the reserves to retire (for non regular retired pay): • If a member earned 20 or more years of qualifying service on or before 25 APR 2005, last 6 years must be in a RC. • If member completes 20 years of qualifying service after 20 AR 2005, the last 6 years in the RC IS NOT A REQUIREMENT to qualify for non- regular retired pay.• UNSAT Participation • NOSC CO’s can transfer Officer’s to IRR 15Reference: BUPERSINST 1001.39F
  16. 16. Contact InfoPERS-9 RESERVE PERSONNEL MANAGEMENTDirector, CAPT David Flaherty, 901-874-4469, david.flaherty1@navy.milDeputy, CDR Liz Stephens, 901-874-4481 , elisabeth.stephens@navy.milPERS-91 RESERVE PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION: (Reserve Retirements, Reserve Officer Screenings, NOBC/AQD’S, Reserve Officer gains/re- designations, Enlisted SELRES ADSEPS, Enlisted FTS Conversions/Recalls)Director, CDR Darren Anding, 901-874-4483, darren.anding@navy.milPERS-92 AFFILIATION & REDESIGNATION DIVISION: (Officer /Enlisted CANREC Accessions, FTS Re-designation, APPLY Board, FTS Recall)Director, CDR Chris Walsh, 901-874-4512, IRR FORCE MANAGEMENT DIVISION: (Physical/Virtual Muster, Mobilization/ADT orders, Reenlistments/Extensions/Invol Sep pay, IRR counselingDirector, LCDR Ricky Coleman, 901-874-4482, FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION DIVISION: (IMAPMIS, IPPS-N system data maintenance)Director, Ms. Karen White. 901-874-4969, karen.white@navy.milPERS-95 LOD/MEDHOLD/MRR DIVISION: (Medical Benefits Issuance, MEDHOLD, Line of Duty/Incapacitation Pay, Physical Risk classification-MRR)Director, CDR Matt Gibbons, 901-874-4280, CAREER TRANSITION OFFICE: (AC2RC Transitions, RC2AC Transitions, Continuum of Service Initiative Management)Director, CDR Karen McCarten, 901-874-4514, 882NPC Customer Service Center toll free number: 1-866-827-5672 16
  17. 17. Questions? 17
  18. 18. PERS-9 Current Initiatives• SELRES Leave Accrual/Carry-Over (policy and process) – NAVADMIN 163/12 – MILPERSMAN Articles updated• Alignment with AC IRT NOBC’s & AQD’s – Automation of NOBC’s – Migration of classification elements – Processing requests – (eliminate semi-annual boards)• Sanctuary Provisions of Law – Screening Process for ~16 years of Active Duty – Reaching Active Duty Retirement 18

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