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Overseas contingency operations support assignment


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Overseas contingency operations support assignment

  2. 2. OSA PROCESS OVERVIEW<br /><ul><li>Prior to entering orders negotiation window, interested Sailors should select the “OSA Preference” option in the special program section of their duty preference page in CMS/ID.
  3. 3. This needs to be done 12-9 mosprior to their PRD
  4. 4. They should update their phone number and email address BEFORE selecting OSA preference. (This will facilitate timely contact and negotiations prior to entering the normal detailing window)</li></li></ul><li>PTS AND OSA<br />Perform to Serve Approval (this is a “special circumstance” if you need to apply early) IF the current EAOS is 3 months beyond the OSA estimated return date.<br />**THIS MEANS: UNLESS THE SAILOR’S EAOS IS 16 MOS AFTER THEIR CURRENT PRD, THEY NEED PTS APPROVAL**<br />
  5. 5. COUNSELING THE SAILOR<br />Sailors and the OSA detailers will work together to find the ‘best fit’ assignment. Have the Sailor think about the theater/country, length of tour, and type of billet they prefer. <br />If a billet is not agreed upon or no billet is available, the Sailor will be returned to their regular detailer for orders negotiation.<br />
  6. 6. APPROVAL- WHERE IT COMES FROM<br /><ul><li>US Fleet Forces Command will be the final approval authority for OSA nominations.
  7. 7. Once approved, the Sailor will receive notification and will be officially “under orders” until their PRD is adjusted and they roll into their new negotiation window.
  8. 8. TAD orders will be written by NPC within TWO WEEKS of the Sailors acceptance as an OSA candidate.</li></li></ul><li>WHAT HAPPENS NEXT<br />Two weeks prior to NMPS arrival, and upon successful completion of all screenings, PERS 40 will adjust the Sailor’s PRD, and change their DNEC code. <br />The new PRD will be adjusted to 60 days past the estimated return from OSA date.<br />
  9. 9. FOLLOW ON PCS ORDERS<br /><ul><li>When OSA Sailors are within 9 mos of their new PRD, they are able to negotiate orders with their rating detailer.
  10. 10. Please make sure your Sailors have their detailers contact information, as well as yours, and make sure you are tracking them as their date draws closer. </li></ul>WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SAILORS ON OSA ASSIGNMENT!!<br />
  11. 11. AFTER OSA ASSIGNMENT<br /><ul><li>Upon completion of their deployment, Sailors will return to their existing parent command for approximately 60 days prior to departing on PCS.
  12. 12. The 60 days at the parent command shall be reserved for reintegration, post deployment screenings, leave and PCS move preparation.
  13. 13. Sailors shall then execute their PCS orders as written.</li></li></ul><li>OSA ELIGIBILITY<br /><ul><li>Previous IA duty does not disqualify a Sailor from negotiating OSA orders. They can volunteer within the 12-9 mos prior to PRD.
  14. 14. Sailors MUST have the required security clearance, or have interim clearance, and it must reflect in JPAS.
  15. 15. If the billet requires an NEC, the Sailor must have that NEC (USFF N1 holds waiver authority)</li></li></ul><li>NON ELIGIBLE SAILORS FOR OSA<br />Sailors who are transferring from “A” or “C” school that have not completed their first PCS tour<br />Sailors who are in Low Supply/High Demand skill sets cannot be assigned to an “Any rating or any Petty Officer” OSA assignment.<br />
  16. 16. OBLISERV<br /><ul><li>Sailors must have PTS approval (if required)
  17. 17. Sailors must complete OBLISERV of at least 90 days after the estimated return from OSA tour</li></ul>**completed within 30 days of TAD orders DTG and <br />included as part of the screening**<br />**Although reenlistment is desired, the TEMADD orders serve as sufficient documentation for OSA assignment and allows overmanned rating zones to extend without prior PERS 811 approval**<br />
  18. 18. HYT/RETIREMENTS AND OSA<br /><ul><li>Sailors who are at HYT can volunteer for OSA assignment providing that the estimated return from deployment is 4 mostransition time until the mandatory separation date.</li></ul>(waivers for transition period will be considered on a case by case basis by USFF/NPC)<br />Sailors who have submitted and been approved for retirement may NOT volunteer for OSA orders unless they have 5 mostransition between return and retirement date.<br /> (waivers for transition period will be considered on a case by case basis by USFF/NPC)<br />
  19. 19. OSA ORDERS<br /><ul><li>Sailors on OSA assignment receive TEMADD or ITDY orders issued by PERS-4G3.
  20. 20. Their PRD gets adjusted 2 weeks prior to first I-stop (NMPS) by PERS.
  21. 21. The new PRD should reflect 60 days past their ETR from deployment
  22. 22. NPC changes the Sailor’s DNEC code on board so that the parent command will get a relief at the normal PRD for the Sailor.</li></li></ul><li>OSA AND THE PARENT COMMAND<br /><ul><li>Sailors on OSA assignment remain administratively attached to the parent command.
  23. 23. CCC’s are responsible for ensuring that the Sailor has the information to negotiate orders in the correct timeline.
  24. 24. When the Sailor transfers to their next assignment, CIAC will turnover the Sailor to the receiving command CIAC to ensure post deployment checklists are completed.</li></li></ul><li>OSA PRE SCREENING REQUIREMENTS<br /><ul><li>All OSA Sailors require medical, dental and personality suitability screening requirements per the Expeditionary Screening Checklist posted at within 30 days of receipt of TEMADD/ITDY orders.
  25. 25. Results of screening should be entered on BOL using the “IA Assignment” button by designated command representative.
  26. 26. **Commands failing to do this within 30 days will receive a screening delinquency message from USFF **</li></li></ul><li>WHAT IF THEY ARE FOUND UNSUITABLE OR FALLOUT?<br />Commands should notify USFF via BSO/TYCOM and annotate the Overseas/IA screening application on BOL if an OSA Sailor is determined “unsuitable” per standards set forth in the Expeditionary Screening Checklist.<br />
  27. 27. CHANGES TO OSA ORDERS<br /><ul><li>USFF may modify (change the start date) OSA orders to depart up to 30 days prior to or 90 days later than the original first I-stop date due to changes in mission or training requirements.
  28. 28. If the shift is greater than above, the Sailor will be given an option to accept the new timeline or request new OSA orders.
  29. 29. If the Sailor does not accept one of the new billets, or no longer desires an OSA deployment, the OSA cell will inform USFF and the rating detailer and the Sailor will be detailed on a new PCS assignment.</li></li></ul><li>MISSION CANCELLATION<br /><ul><li>If an OSA billet is cancelled, the Sailor will have the option to be assigned to another OSA billet (provided one is available within rank and skill-set match) or to be returned to their detailer for PCS assignment.
  30. 30. If the Sailor has already incurred OBLISERV for these orders, and they do not execute them, the Parent command must initiate cancellation.</li></li></ul><li>EXTENSION IN THEATER<br />OSA Sailors may request an extension in theater providing:<br />The extension request is approved by their COC in theater<br />Their rating detailer concurs<br />There is no replacement already accepted by USFF for the next rotation<br />There are no PTS/HYT conflicts<br />
  31. 31. BACK TO BACK OSA?<br />Sailors may apply to do back-to-back OSA assignments using the same process to negotiate the orders.<br />
  32. 32. BENEFITS FOR OSA ASSIGNMENT<br />Any sailor who has completed an OSA or GSA assignment shall be excluded from selection for IA assignment for three (3) years after completion of IA deployment.<br />Post OSA choice of coast detailing for follow-on PCS orders negotiation<br />
  33. 33. DWELL/ITEMPO<br />Sailors who opt for OSA deployment will be considered volunteers for those orders, and will be waived for dwell/ITEMPO.<br />MEANING: Sailors who negotiate orders to sea duty as a follow on set of orders can/will deploy when their next command does.<br />
  34. 34. SEA SHORE FLOW IMPACT?<br />OSA deployments will be considered a voluntary continuation of current type duty and follow-on tours will be set based on normal sea/shore flow tour lengths.<br />