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Ncc tri fold_finaldraft


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Ncc tri fold_finaldraft

  1. 1. Navy Counselor Sea Shore Flow and Manning Snapshot. References: MILPERSMAN 1440-020 Do you have a strong desire to NAVPERS 15878K help others? CANTRAC CIN A-501-011 Are you dissatisfied with your OPNAVINST 1040.11C current Navy occupation? For up to date NC manning go to: Navy Personnel Command Navy Personnel Command NPC > Enlisted Assign > Community Managers > Administration > Navy Counselors (NC) NPC > Career Info > Career Counseling NPC > Quick Links > Career Toolbox NC Conversion Checklist Navy Personnel Command NPC > Enlisted Assign > Community Managers > Administration > Navy Counselors (NC) Do you feel stagnant in your rating? Then consider a conversion to Navy Counselor where your success comes from helping others succeed. PoC: See your local Command Career Counselor and/or Navy Counselor
  2. 2. Hear what others are saying about Job Description: Day to Day Duties: being a Navy Counselor: Navy Counselors are the command experts on • Manage the Career Development Program enlisted retention programs and provide primary “I believed in the Navy and I knew I loved it from day technical assistance supporting other members of the • Conduct Career Development Boards one, this rating gave me an opportunity to help those I worked with and for, become successful.” command’s retention team. To be successful, NCs NCCS(SW) Chris L. Mandeville maintain awareness of revisions and innovations in • Conduct Career Development Training retention programs by reading and interpreting Navy Course “I became a Navy Counselor because there were too directives and other reference materials. Exercising many Sailors who didn’t know why the United States their experience and training, they supervise and • Conduct Career Development Team Navy is such a great organization to be a part of.” coordinate interviewing and counseling efforts to Meetings NCCS(SW/AW) Zach. Phillips individuals, and give career presentations to civic groups, and naval personnel and their family members • Provide monthly retention related reports “I enjoy helping Sailors.” on the advantages of career opportunities in the Navy. to the Commanding Officer NCCS(SW/AW)Gene L. Garland Most NC’s work independently so motivated, self- starters excel our NC community. • Disseminate Career Development “Being a Navy Counselor is one of those jobs that if Information you take ownership to it, learn as much as you can, What will you do? and have a genuine concern for every Sailor assigned, You could be working as the Command Career • Counsel separating Sailors you will do well!” NCC(SW) James Coogan Counselor in a variety of sea intensive operational platforms as part of ships company, in squadrons, or • Conduct Reenlistment ceremonies “I had the ability to affect the whole command as a blue shirt.” NCC(SW) Russel Scott with Seabee Battalions. Many of these opportunities are in the Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) • Submit Selective Reenlistment Bonuses including Japan, Diego Garcia, and Guam. If you (SRB) authorizations “I became an NC because I am passionate about are up for shore duty you could find yourself as the what happens to my Shipmates around me.” • Counsel personnel on commissioning Command Career Counselor at any one of a number NC1(SCW) Natasha Miller programs of stateside or overseas shore duty billets. “To see the light in a Sailors eye when you have • Screen applications in the Career helped them in some way with their career is Skills & Training: Management System (CMSID) for PRICELESS.” NC1(AW) Hnorsha Mills Sailors applying for billets You will attend an intensive 4-week training program training you in the techniques and scope of Career “I love being an NC for the feeling of success and Information Program Management. The training • Submit Perform to Serve (PTS) satisfaction I get once my hard work pays off and a will help position you for success as you establish applications Sailor gets to do exactly what they wanted to do in and execute the Enlisted Retention Programs of the the Navy.” NC1(AW) Mosley Navy; and counsel Sailors and their families on active duty and post-retirement incentives, opportunities “The networking system we have is incredible. NC1’s, and benefits. Successful Navy Counselors work hard Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs from around to develop strong counseling techniques, as well as the globe, sharing information and willing to help a Sailor they have never met before.” exemplary organizational and administrative habits. NC1(SCW/FMF) J. M. Jimenez Our NC community relies on strong oral and written communication skills to keep our Sailors informed, and ensure the right Sailor fills the right billet.