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Navy reserve affiliation_quick_guide 3.23.11


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Navy reserve affiliation_quick_guide 3.23.11

  1. 1. Command Career Counselors Quick Guide to Success for Navy Reserve Affiliation/Enlistment<br />As we continue to shape the force to meet mission requirements, efforts to fully integrate the Navy Reserve requires a level of experience held only by active duty Sailors. Reserve affiliation/enlistment makes us a stronger Navy by capitalizing on skills and experience that we have helped develop and provides the transitioning Sailor with additional monthly income, bonuses in some ratings, professional training, and continued medical and dental benefits.<br /> Navy Reserve Force. Click here to view the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Homeport Website for program information and benefits. If you are a new to the Navy Reserve, click on the subsections on the left of the page to learn about the Navy Reserve, Reserve Sailors, Reserve Families, view PODcast’s, and read the current Reserve magazine The Navy Reservists (TNR). Click the sign in button at the top of the page for a Common Access Card (CAC) login to the private side of the web page. This side of the web page contains the links to Command Information, Site Maps, Help Desk Contact, Information Boards, Quick Links, reserve Force Announcements, and Applications. This side provides information on Navy Reserve Affiliation/Enlistment Bonuses, Reserve Pay Scale, Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill and GI Bill Kicker, Reserve Retirement, Training Opportunities, Medical and Dental Benefits and SGLI, Navy Exchange, Commissary, MWR privileges, Space ‘A” Travel, Tax breaks and much more. <br />Click the Navy Recruiting District (NRD) locator for a list of NRD. If the nearest NRD is outside reasonable commuting distance, messing and berthing are provided. <br />Click the contact button for the selected NRD to obtain information and phone numbers. <br />For additional information on Navy Reserve Military Pay and Benefits click here. <br />Navy Reserve Participation. Prior active service Sailors who voluntarily participate will normally perform four Inactive Duty Training (IDT) periods per month (regular/flexible), minimum of four hours each (called drills) and 12-17 days of Annual Training (AT) per fiscal year. Reserve pay is based on a per drill pay scale equivalent to one day basic pay for each drill performed. Two days (4 drills) equals four days basic pay. Additionally, Selected Reservists (SELRES) may be entitled to special pays including Aviation Career Incentive Pay/Career Enlisted Flight Incentive Pay, and Funeral Honor Detail Allowance. Annual Training may entitle SELRES to basic pay, Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus, additional allowances and Travel Pay. <br />Navy Reserve Retirement. To qualify upon application for nonregular-retired pay at age 60, a member must have completed 20 years of qualifying service unless otherwise provided by law. The last 6 years of such qualifying service must be in a Reserve component for members who have earned 20 or more years of qualifying service on or before 24 April 2005. There is no requirement that the last 6 years be continuous service. For members who complete 20 years of qualifying service on or after 25 April 2005, the last 6 years of qualifying service in a Reserve component is not a requirement to qualify for non-regular retired pay.<br />***Satisfactory Service*** A Naval Reservist must earn a minimum of 50 retirement points in an anniversary year to be credited with a year of satisfactory service for retirement purposes. The requirement for a qualifying year for retirement purposes should not be confused with satisfactory drill participation. Members must perform a minimum of 12 to 14 days Annual Training (AT) each fiscal year when AT is required. <br />Year Policy Execution Guidance Notice. Active Duty/AT. One point for each day of active duty or AT (including travel time).<br />Drills. One point for each authorized drill attended (pay or non-pay status). A maximum of four retirement points may be credited for each drill weekend<br />(3)Correspondence Courses. Varying point credited for completion of approved correspondence courses. Refer to the Catalog of Courses listed on The Non-Resident Training Courses (NRTC) website. For those of you who are seasoned veterans of the old NRTC website, you will find all your Active Courses, Course Registration, Completion Letter, Profile and other student services under the "Student Service" menu listed on the site. For those who are new to the system, go to the "Course Registration" page. Here you will be able to register for new courses. Your assignments will be listed under the "Active Courses" menu option.  For any additional help, please contact the NRTC help desk on the page. <br />(4)Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) eLearning Courses. This link, CAC enabled, is to a printable list of eLearning courses offering "RECOMMENDED" reserve points. NOTE: Commander Navy Reserve Forces (CNRF) N7 determines the number of reserve points awarded for completion of a course taken on Navy eLearning. This listing should only be used as a guide and is subject to change by direction of CNFR N7. Navy eLearning has no control over how many, if any, reserve points are eventually awarded for the completion of a course. All questions concerning the award of reserve points should be directed to CNFR N7. <br />(5)Membership Points. Fifteen points credited for each complete year of active status membership in a Reserve component.<br />Note: No more than 130 points per anniversary year can be credited from drills, correspondence courses and membership.<br />Example. An E-5 with four years of active duty service receives 1,460 points. If the member drills for 16 years and averages 90 points per anniversary year to reach 20 years of qualifying service, that member will receive an additional 2080 points for an accumulative total of 3540 points. <br />The formula for computing retirement pay granted under 10 USC 12731 and 1401 is:<br />P/360 x .025 x B = $ /monthly<br />P denotes total number of retirement points and B denotes applicable Basic Pay in Grade in which retired. <br />To utilize the Pay and Compensation calculator and estimate your reserve retirement pay click here. When you receive retired pay, reservists on the Navy Reserve Retired list are eligible for additional benefits (i. e. TRICARE) <br />TRICARE Reserve Select/TRICARE Dental Program - – Medical and Dental Insurance are available to purchase through TRICARE for you and your family. This is a great service either as your primary or secondary insurance for you and your family. On the Tricare web page search for Tricare Reserve Select using the browser at the top of the page. The Tricare Dental Program web page has the latest dental premiums and benefit information for the Guard/Reserve.<br />Medical/ Dental Insurance Rates2011 RatesMedicalDentalMonthly Sponsor Only$53.16$12.69Monthly Single Premium (one family member, excluding sponsor)* $31.72Monthly Family Premium (more than one family member, excluding sponsor) $79.29Monthly Sponsor & Family Premium*$197.76 per month$91.98<br />Transitioning Sailor Timeline.<br />TIME BEFORE EAOSACTION TO BE TAKEN12 monthsConduct Career Development Board. Separating/undecided Sailor completes DD 2648. Schedule TAP class. Direct Sailor to Turbo TAP web page for development of the Individual Transition Plan (ITP). Sailor must present copy of completed DD 2648 when Sailor attends TAP. 11 monthsCO interviews undecided/separating Sailors and spouses based on department recommendation. 9 monthsTAMP coordinator validate TAP class completions or ensure member is still scheduled for completion prior to 6 months before EAOS. Ensure each Sailor is briefed regarding Naval Reserve benefits. 6 monthsTAP class confirmed completed by CCC. PTS disapprovals complete DD 2648. Schedule TAP class. The CCC shall screen the Sailor to ensure he/she is eligible for service in the Navy Reserve. A disqualifying factor is not being recommended for retention. If not recommended for retention, the member’s command will discharge the Sailor locally at normal EAOS. Send waiver requests to NAVPERSCOM, Reserve Enlisted. Status Branch (PERS-913). The CCC shall ensure eligible Sailors log into Career Management System Interactive Detailing (CMS ID) and update their duty preference sheet to reflect where they intend to reside and affiliate after release from ACDU. On SF180 (Rev. 4-07), Request Pertaining to Military Records, page 2, the Sailor must state in the Sailor comments section, "AFTER RELEASE FROM ACTIVE DUTY, I WILL BE RESIDING IN (CITY), (STATE).” 4-6 monthsNational Call to Service. NAVPERSCOM (PERS-4) will issue Temporary Duty (TEMDU) Pending Separation (accounting category code (ACC) 380) orders to transfer the NCS Sailor to a Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in the U.S., and nearest the residence declared in CMSID 120 days prior to release from ACDU. Those Sailors who have not declared where they intend to reside will receive orders to the NOSC nearest their home of record (At separation, CCC should ensure that NCS Bonus for completion of Active Duty has been paid prior to Active Duty pay account closing).3-5 MonthsEnlisted Sailors desiring a direct transition into the RC should contact their Command Career Counselor to apply RC in the Fleet RIDE/Perform to Serve (PTS) system.  Upon PTS approval for immediate affiliation/enlistment into the RC, the Sailor and CCC should contact the CTO immediately to begin transition processing. Contact with the CTO is non-binding and a Sailor may retain both AC and RC PTS quotas simultaneously. If a Sailor that has PTS approval to transition to the RC no longer desires affiliation, the Sailor or CCC must contact the CTO even if they have not begun the transition process.CTO Contact Information: NPC CTO Web page Email:; Phone: 901-874-2186/DSN (882). A Transition Assistant (TA) will be assigned to the member. The TA will be the Sailor and CCC's direct point of contact for questions regarding the affiliation process and provide information about reserve benefits, pay, and other RC related questions. The Sailor will select the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) they intend to drill at by visiting the "NOSC Selection" tab of CMS-ID. The TA will not be able to process the transition without this action being completed. (The NOSC may be changed during the transition process upon request from member). The Sailor or CCC is encouraged to contact the TA for assistance during the NOSC Selection process. 90-60 days90-60 days prior to EAOS, the CTO TA will verify member eligibility and contact the PTS approved Sailors to initiate the CTO process. In the initial contact the TA will obtain members intent, CCC information and answer any questions the member may have. They will forward to the member the reserve screening checklist, personal data form and the 1133/105 for completion. The service record holder will be directed to release the service/medical/dental records to the Sailor and the Sailor will hand carry them to the NOSC. <90 daysFor short fuse discharges/separations, attend TAP brief. Detaching command must complete DD 2648 before sending the Sailor to a separation activity (section 5 must be annotated with comments explaining non-compliance with 10 U.S.C. 1142).30 days prior to EAOSCTO TA will establish phone contact with the NOSC to advise about pending affiliation, request a unit assignment, billet number, and sponsor contact information. This information will be used to complete the CNAVRES 1326/4. CTO TA will begin processing documents required for affiliation. This will include CNAVRES 1326/4 (Enlisted Application and Orders to a Naval Reserve Unit), and NAVRES Incentive Agreement 1-2, (Written Agreement for the Navy Reserve Affiliation Bonus), if applicable. If the Sailor does not have Military Service Obligation (MSO) time remaining after EAOS, the Sailor will be required to execute re-enlistment in the RC via a NAVPERS 1070/601 (Immediate Reenlistment Contract). The CTO TA will provide the Sailor with the date of their first Drill Weekend and a point of contact for the Sailor's assigned Reserve Unit.<br />Navy Reserve Affiliation/Enlistment after Separation <br />Time Before EAOSAction To Be Taken For Those Who Desire To AffiliateUpon CheckoutCCC inform member:Contact local Navy Reserve Recruiter when member arrives home.When member receives DD214, contact Navy Reserve Recruiter to ascertain availability of Reserve reservations and schedule affiliation/enlistment interview.If member is fully qualified, member could be drilling within 2 months.Finalize and email affiliation documents to service member to review and sign.-CNAVRES 1326/4 (orders)-NAVCRUIT 1133/105 (drill requirements)-Reenlistment contract (if applicable)-Bonus Page 13 (if applicable) -PRISE-R Page 13 (if applicable)<br />