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Navy college information september 2014


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Navy college information september 2014

  1. 1. Sep 2014 NAVY COLLEGE UPDATE Maria Rowe Site Director Navy College Office, Naval Station Norfolk
  2. 2. Sep 2014 Navy College Update • NAVADMIN 190/14 – Education Policy Update • Tips for TA Success • DOD MOU • Postsecondary Education Complaint System (PECS)
  3. 3. Sep 2014 NAVADMIN 190/14 • COs/OICs can grant waivers allowing Sailors to use Navy TA during their first year at the first permanent duty station • Must have been counseled by a Navy College Office/Virtual Education Center Counselor • Must have a TA approved degree plan • Must have received command’s leadership triad approval • Minimum grade level has changed • Undergraduate students must reimburse the Navy for grades of less than a C. • Graduate students must reimburse the Navy for grades less that a B.
  4. 4. Sep 2014 NAVADMIN 190/14 • TA can no longer be used to fund non-tuition fees. • TA reimbursement policy effective for all courses that start after 01 October. All other changes effective on 01 October.
  5. 5. Sep 2014 Tips for TA Success • Submit webTA applications early (at least 30 days prior to class start). • Follow-up with your command approving official. • Check your MY Education account to ensure your record is up to date with all TA eligibility requirements: • Counseled by Navy College Office/Virtual Education Center • WebTA Training is current (within 24 months) • Education/Degree Plan on file • Courses requested are listed on Education/Degree Plan • Served at first permanent duty station for at least 12 months, or see CCC/ESO to discuss eligibility for a CO-granted waiver. • All additional NAVADMIN requirements are fulfilled. • Ensure TA request has been authorized/funded before beginning the course.
  6. 6. Sep 2014 DOD MOU • Per DOD Instruction 1322.25 – Voluntary Education Program, schools must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DOD to be eligible to receive any DOD Tuition Assistance funds. • We are on the third version of the DOD MOU. This version required that schools be VA approved and Title IV compliant. • Schools had until 05 Sep 2014 to sign the new DOD MOU • Those that did not sign the agreement were removed from the TA System • Visit to find a list of authorized schools. • Additional schools will be added to the DOD MOU website as their signed MOUs are received and as their information is validated. • Updates flow periodically to the webTA system.
  7. 7. Sep 2014 Postsecondary Education Complaint System (PECS) • Created as a result of Executive Order 13607 (signed 27 Apr 2012) • Centralized complaint system available to everyone regardless of the funding source. • To locate the complaint system, visit - content_id=274604 • What can be reported • Recruiting & marketing practices • Financial issues • Quality of Education • Refund or collections issues • Visitors will be asked identify a source of funding so that the complaint is routed to the correct party for review.
  8. 8. Sep 2014 Navy College • Servicing Navy College Offices • Naval Station Norfolk – 757-444-7453/7453 or • JEB Little Creek – 757-462-8279 or • Virtual Education Center • 877-838-1659 or DSN 492-5095 or • My contact information •757-445-2240 or