FINANCIAL RESOURCES FOR HIGHER                EDUCATIONGENERAL INFORMATION                                                ...
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3Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program            
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5TAX BREAKS FOR EDUCATIONAZ and Federal Tax Benefits for Tuition and Fees
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Financial resources


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Financial resources

  1. 1. FINANCIAL RESOURCES FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONGENERAL INFORMATION SCHOLARSHIPS Site provides information FOR MILITARY regarding eligibility of active military service members and MEMBERS & their families for in-state college tuition rates in their home state FAMILIES ON or state of duty assignment. PAGE 2 GI Bill Website – information for military members, veterans, family members, reservists, etc. Scholarships, loans, other forms of aid, demystifying application forms, payment calculators, lots of other useful information, and a scholarship search function. "The ABCs of Early Awareness: A Resource Guide and Toolkit for Helping Students Achieve a Higher Education" contains resources for an effective early awareness program. Created by financial aid professionals, primary and secondary school administrators, and representatives from community-based organizations, the Toolkit gives step-by-step instructions… The Student Guide to Financial Aid Discusses various ways to pay for college: “free money for students,” grants, student loans, etc. and also offers a scholarship search function. Financial aid database of nearly $5 billion worth of scholarships, grants, and prizes - fully searchable on the Web and available in printed guides. Resource for Arizona: Prepare for higher education; explore Arizona higher-ed choices & career options; learn about programs that make higher-education affordable. AWARDS / PRIZESAyn Rand Institute Inventors Competition Remembrance Project Contest for College Students
  2. 2. 2 Last updated 9 August 2005FEDERAL, STATE & OTHER AIDUS Dept of Education Free Application for Student Aid, State and Other Sources of Financial Aid Grants, Loans, etc .MILITARY AND FAMILY MEMBERS – SCHOLARSHIPS, ETC.82nd Airborne Division Association Education Fund Education Program (Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Assn) Force Sergeants Association Legion Scholarship Program Aviation Association of America Foundation Veterans Association William S. Stuhr Scholarship for Military Sons & Daughters Master Sergeants of the Air Force Scholarships Guard Mutual Assistance for Education House Foundation / Defense Commissary Agency Alliance Scholarship Fund George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Henry H. Arnold Education Grants Bill Alger Military Veterans Scholarships Corps Law Enforcement Foundation Corps Scholarship Foundation & Spouse Scholarships at Grantham University Benefit Association Scholarship Program Chaplains Association of the USA Community Scholarship Search Intelligence Community Scholarships Officers Association of America Military Family Association Corps Relief Society Education Programs River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Officer Training Corps (ROTC) for Military Children Memorial Scholarship Association – Special Navy Warfare Association Operations Warrior Foundation – GENERAL INFOAvoiding Scholarship Scams to Apply for a Scholarship,1120,6-30-0-8937,00.html? – SPECIFIC SPONSORSASU – Private Scholarships A. Gilman International Scholarship
  3. 3. 3Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program Cola Scholars Foundation Scholars – SPECIFIC SPONSORS, CONTINUEDGeorge J. Mitchell Scholarships Alger Scholarship Programs Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships (study in the United Kingdom) Academy of American Scholars Merit Scholarship Program – Navy Civilian Fellowships / Scholarships & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans Freedom Scholarships International Ambassadorial Scholarships Scholars – Internships & Scholarships FOR MINORITIES200 Scholarships – Indexed by Black Excel Chemical Society Scholarships Indian Graduate Center for Asian Studies of Scholarships for Minorities Point for Students with Disabilities Millennium Scholars Fellowships College Fund Scholarship Fund Serving Institutions National Program Black Colleges & Universities Robinson Foundation Rankin Foundation American Scholarship Foundation of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Association for Minorities in Engineering American / Alaska Native Scholarships of Indian Education Programs Marshall Scholarship Fund Negro College Fund Wilson National Fellowship Foundation BY PROGRAM OF STUDYAgiculture (USDA), Humanities & Social Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences Engineering Security, Information Assurance Science Science, Engineering, & Math Study (Graduate Coursework) / Civil Engineering
  4. 4. 4Environment, Tribal Policy, or Healthcare Public Policy / Conflict Resolution BY PROGRAM OF STUDY, CONTINUEDGovernment and Public Service Study, Science & Technology & Science Teachers & Behavioral Research & Dental Safety & Health Science, Engineering, IT Sciences, Math, Engineering, etc. Protection & Quarantine & Education & Engineering Research, Math & Engineering, Math, Engineering & Technology (Graduate Stipends) & Technology SEARCH SITESAbsolutely Scholarships Board Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards! Scholarships Search! Education Financial Aid / Scholarships Community Scholarship Search Page Resource Network (SRN) Express;STUDENT LOANSAccess Group Education Resources Institute (TERI) Loan Xpress Student Services Corporation Funds – Education Loan Guarantor Dept of Education – Info on Loans
  5. 5. 5TAX BREAKS FOR EDUCATIONAZ and Federal Tax Benefits for Tuition and Fees info on tax-free benefits, education credits, tax deductions, and tax exemption,,id=128874,00.html