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Cway consolidated brief

  1. 1. NAVY BUPERS 3 1 CareerWaypoints Career Waypoints • Reclassification • PACT Designation • Reenlistment (in-rate, conversion or AC to RC) • Conversion* • RC to AC • AC to RC* PRIDE CMS-ID/BBD NSIPS Career Starting point • Rating choice Career Billet Assignments • Billet applications Career Record Management • Electronic service record Career Viewpoint • Survey Sailor Portal • Resume review • Career interests • Career options • Career Waypoint Application status • Advancement dashboard Supported by Multiple IT systems Formerly FleetRIDE Cornerstone of Navy’s eHR strategy CIMS Career Development Boards •Tracking *Included as part of Reenlistment application only. Future separate capability recommended. CAREER NAVIGATOR Program Vision
  2. 2. NAVY BUPERS 3 2 5 Reasons Career Navigator Will Work Better 1. Sailors will have an active role. 2. Career options (across entire AC/RC continuum) will be at the Sailor’s fingertips. 3. Sailors will find out answers earlier. 4. Sailors will have more choice by having answers sooner. 5. Sailors will have online access. CAREER NAVIGATOR Sailor at the Helm
  3. 3. NAVY BUPERS 3 3 Sailors check-in 13 months in advance and indicate if they plan to separate or reenlist Competitive Reenlistment: If eligible, must apply (Overmanned and special requirements) Balanced Reenlistment: If eligible, auto-confirm or apply based on YG manning (Fully manned) Undermanned year group: Auto-confirmed, can reenlist immediately Overmanned year group: Must apply Open Reenlistment: If eligible, auto-confirmed, can reenlist immediately (Undermanned and E6s) NOW: E6s and Sailors with open reenlistment--100% approval 1st application (~30-day wait) Early fall: E6s, Open and some Balanced immediately auto-confirmed CAREER WAYPOINTS Reenlistment Check-in
  5. 5. NAVY BUPERS 3 5 CAREER WAYPOINTS TIMELINE PRD-9 PRD PRD-7PRD NEEDS OF THE NAVY CMS-ID Window PRD-12 SEAOS Requisition Remain in place or retainability waiver granted SEAOS-6 Sailors with < 24 months “ID card time” must submit PRD Application 3-2-1 INRATE CONVERT SELRES SEAOS-13 PRD-10 SEAOS-15 SEAOS-10 SEAOS-3 Previous C-WAY Window: Starts 12 months from PRD, ends when approved or 6 months from SEAOS (with DFA) SELRES Required programming changes: -PRD complete in Feb13 -SEAOS complete in Jun13 Jul14 SEAOS Sailors first affected •CMSID alignment (No C-WAY-Reenlistment Applications) •Sailors negotiate orders •CCC Workload reduced (fewer applications/counseling) •Clear PERS 4 demand signal 3 Options = In-rate, Conversion, SELRES 2 Options = Conversion, SELRES 1 Option = SELRES 3 Options 4 Reviews 2 Options 4 Reviews 1 Option 3 Reviews
  6. 6. NAVY BUPERS 3 6 • CO’s recommendation for retention verified, applications sorted by: • Paygrade • Selected for advancement, but not advanced • Average of up to last five (three for E3/4) EVALs (EP=5, MP=4, etc, not trait average); NOB accounted for but not factored in • Critical NECs held (per USFFC list) OR RIDE score for conversions • PFA performance (number of failures in last 4 years) Removed 01Jun13 • Proximity to SEAOS/decision point Removed 01Jun13 CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment Monthly Process • ECMs load Reenlisment quotas available, SEAOS application shells loaded • Commands review/validate, enter new applications • At end of month, applications collected—CAREER WAYPOINT- Reenlistment remains open • CAREER WAYPOINT-Reenlistment sorts applications by EMC code and YG • Algorithm run
  7. 7. NAVY BUPERS 3 7 CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment Take-Aways  Involvement is key  Early is better  Trust, but verify (CDBs, applications, etc)  Know the system, know what can be influenced and what can’t be  EVALs  Be honest—inflated evals could hurt a better Sailor  Know when someone is approaching CAREER WAYPOINTS  Use other programs to address misbehavior/ substandard performance  Consider conversion options  Prepare for conversion well before CAREER WAYPOINTS window  Quota expirations (13 months or change to SEAOS or Current Enlistment Date (CED))  If separating, consider SELRES affiliation (future RC>AC opportunity)  Use command level CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment reports
  8. 8. NAVY BUPERS 3 8 CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment Checklist for Success  Understand current CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment policy/algorithm and download C-WAY User Guide npc/career/careercounseling/Pages/CareerWaypointSystem.aspx  Identify eligible (SEAOS/PRD) Sailors  Ensure CDBs are being conducted (15-24 months prior to PRD/SEAOS)  Ensure all Sailors are qualified  Ensure all qualified CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment applications are submitted (13-15 months to SEAOS/PRD)  Review monthly results via CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment command reports  Personally recognize Sailors approved for Reenlistment  Ensure counseling is conducted for all Sailors who have not been selected for INRATE/Conversion approval after two reviews/looks  Ensure proper command level notification is being done for those being separated under Reeenlistment  Ensure Sailors not selected for Reenlistment are provided counseling on the benefits of Reserve Affiliation  Ensure CAREER WAYPOINTS-Reenlistment is briefed during Quarterly/Monthly Career Development Team Meetings  Ensure the Chiefs’ Mess maintains accountability of CAREER WAYPOINTS- Reenlistment with their respective departments/divisions
  9. 9. NAVY BUPERS 3 9  Rating Entry Methods & Requirements  Navy-Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE)  Meet Time In Rate (TIR) requirements.  Approved via the Career Waypoint-PACT Designation Module to take an exam.  ―A‖ School  Minimum time on board is 12 months to apply.  Meet all rating entry and “A” School eligibility requirements.  Incur additional OBLISERV (if required).  Direct Rating Entry Designation (RED) (Preferred Method)  Meet Time In Rate (TIR) requirements for PO3 in the next NWAE. Cannot apply for RED into an “A” School required rating.  Meet all rating entry requirements.  Must have valid billet on board present command.  Since 1 June 2013, the system auto-generates partially populated applications for Sailors who meet eligibility requirements. Application deadline is 2359 (Central Time) the last day of each month (via Career Waypoints-PACT).  Up to 3 options per application; once approved for NWAE, applications are “locked out” until results received. CAREER WAYPOINTS - Professional Apprentice Career Track (PACT) Designation (FORMERLY KNOWN AS REGA)  What is a PACT?  Professional Apprentice Career Track which replaced the legacy GENDET program.  Recruited into Surface-PACT, Aviation-PACT, and Engineering-PACT, but can change.  Covenant with the Sailor to be rated within 24 months of initial enlistment or 12 months onboard first Permanent Duty Station, which ever comes last, the Navy may assign a rating via direct designation. Authorization: 2,487 A-PACTs 4,412 S-PACTs 530 E-PACTs (FY12 Fall EPA) Key is aligning rating entry requests to needs of the individual ratings while balancing the PACT inventory
  10. 10. NAVY BUPERS 3 10 CAREER WAYPOINTS – PACT Designation 1 1. Go to the NPC homepage at and click Career Waypoints. 2. Scroll down page to ―Reference Material‖ and download current ―PACT Quota Table‖. 33 2 Important: Quotas differ based on individual Sailor’s Year Group.
  11. 11. NAVY BUPERS 3 11 CAREER WAYPOINT - PACT Checklist for Success  Understand current CAREER WAYPOINT - PACT Designation policy  Identify eligible Sailors  Ensure CDBs are being conducted (30 days/6mos/12mos/18mos) for PACT’s  Ensure all Sailors qualified in the CAREER WAYPOINT–PACT Designation program  ASVAB scores  Occupational Standards of desired rating  Ensure all qualified applications are submitted within 24 months of initial enlistment or 12 months onboard first Permanent Duty Station  Review monthly results via CAREER WAYPOINT-PACT Designation command reports  Personally recognize Sailors approved for PACT Designation  Ensure counseling is conducted for all Sailors who have not been selected for approval  Ensure CAREER WAYPOINT-PACT Designation results are briefed during Quarterly/Monthly Career Development Team Meetings  Ensure the Chiefs’ Mess maintains accountability of PACT Sailor’s within their respective departments/divisions
  12. 12. NAVY BUPERS 3 12 In Closing…  Understand current policies and programs  Ensure they are being managed appropriately  Engage your Sailors early  Make sure they understand their responsibilities for their career Questions?
  13. 13. NAVY BUPERS 3 13 Plain Talk Series 13