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Career wise july 2009


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Career wise july 2009

  1. 1. In This Brown Edition: •Highlights from CCC Symposium •Restoration of PCS •Post 9-11 GI Bill •NAVADMINS JULY 09 Vol. 35 35 •NCPACE schedule Navy Counselors Symposium Highlights Navywide Command Career Counselors and few Command Master Chiefs gathered for annual training and symposium last June 15-19 and discussed important information about future and current Navy Career Issues. Most have already been posted through NAVADMIN. But read some of the highlights inside this issue or go directly to this link for complete presentation: POST 9/11 G.I. BILL Beginning August 1, the Post-9/11 GI Bill will offer Sailors and their family members a new option to pay for higher education. The Post-9/11 GI Bill is the most comprehensive education benefit package since the Service members' Readjustment Act, commonly known as the GI Bill of Rights, which was signed into law in 1944. Benefits for active duty members • The Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover payment of tuition and fees for active duty service members attending a public institution of higher learning, either on campus or online. • If a service member is taking courses using Tuition Assistance (TA), the Post-9/11 GI Bill will pay for the amount of tuition and fees that are not covered by TA. Benefits for qualified veterans or qualified dependents • For veterans and their dependents, the Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover tuition and fees, not to exceed the highest established charges for in-state undergraduate tuition rate at a public institution of higher learning in the state where the veteran or dependent is attending school. • The program will also pay a monthly housing allowance based on the Basic Allowance for Housing for an E- 5 with dependents determined by the ZIP code of the institution of higher learning if the beneficiary is enrolled more than half time with at least one course in a traditional classroom setting. Service members may also receive a book and supplies stipend of up to $1,000 per academic year. Transferability • Sailors are now able to transfer benefits to their dependents. Transferability has been one of the most requested benefits from the fleet and family advocacy groups. • To qualify for transferability, the service member must have served at least six years on active duty or in the Selected Reserve, must commit to another four years and must be on active duty on August 1, 2009. • If a service member retires prior to August 1, 2009, but has active duty service after September 11, 2001, they are eligible for benefits, but not transferability. Additional information • While the Post-9/11 GI Bill provides excellent benefits, some service members and veterans will benefit more under other programs. The decision on which program to use depends on individual factors, including the type of education or training the beneficiary plans to pursue. • Tuition for programs from private or graduate schools that exceed the highest established charges for public, in- state undergraduate tuition may be offset through the Yellow Ribbon program. • NAVADMIN 187/09 outlines Post-9/11 GI Bill eligibility requirements and benefits. CVW-11 Career Wise: What You Need to Know. We just “Sort it Out” for you from the FWD OVERLOAD. Talk to your Command Career Counselors for more details.
  2. 2. CCC S Shipmate, DID YOU KNOW THAT… CC y o HighliC Smppoium y s Highgg ts m sium li hhts Part 1 ( (Part 1 ) ) •PS rating is NOT being disestablished. It is being downsized and this brief indicates some of the force-shaping initiatives being undertaken by the ECM to "right-size" the rating. (Ref: Ron Savino, PASS Program Plans and Requirements Officer Commander Navy Installations Command, (202) 433-4319 or DSN: 288-4319) •That you can access free e-books through NKO. Just sign up using .mil email for safari booksonline. Log In to NKO and follow these instructions: •1) On the top right hand corner of NKO you will find a "REFERENCE" tab. •2) After you press that tab on the left hand side of the screen you will find a link "Econtent •Eligible GI Bill active duty members may now transfer their benefit by using VA Form 22-1990E. Career service members on Aug. 1, and who are eligible for the "Post 9/11 GI Bill," may be entitled to transfer all or a portion of their education entitlement to one or more family members. (Refer to NAVADMIN 187/09) •DOD has authorized family members to be stationed in BAHRAIN effective July 2009. This decision marks the second step to change a DoD policy that has been in place since July 2004 when families were required to relocate following security concerns. The return of adult family members, announced late last year, was the first step in a phased process to bring back DoD family members of all ages to Bahrain. Most NAVCENT personnel currently serve 12-month unaccompanied tours in Bahrain, with some billets designated as 18-month tours. This latest decision will authorize military members to be stationed in Bahrain for accompanied tours with their families for up to two years. •Sailors can now submit their own job CMS Applications when they’re on PCS window. Previously, CCC was required to submit applications on Sailor’s behalf. Sailors empowered to take greater control of their careers. •Navy Spouses and dependents over the age of 13, can register for NKO accounts. Their side of the website is mostly geared toward Spouse Employment, and Family Readiness. They have access to all the same E-Learning, E-Libraries and the Instant Messenger (nice if you are on deployment) as we do. The site is amazing. •For more CCC Symposium highlights, presentation and insider summary click: Great Benefits USMAP Sailors should sign up for the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP). A Sailor performs his duties while accumulating on-the-job training hours leading to a DOL Journey Worker's certification. DOL's rules for the program include being a high school graduate or GED recipient; working in an applicable Navy rating (most Navy ratings are covered); successful completion of rating-related Navy "A" or "C" schools. Paper applications are available at NCO or you may register online at QUESTION OF THE MONTH: POST 9-11 GI BILL Transfer Q: I received disapproval of my Post 9/11 GI BILL TEB request for my spouse/child. Why? A: -The disapproval of the request is likely due to not meeting the pending OBLISERV requirements for TEB. -Only personnel that have 20 years or more of active duty service are receiving approvals as there is no additional OBLISERV requirement for this specific group. Personnel that require additional OBLISERV must ensure the OBLISERV reflects in the Electronic Service Record (ESR) prior to receiving approval. Career Wise JULY 2009 2 CVW-11 Requirement: -Enlisted: OBLISERV must reflect in ESR for EAOS/Soft EAOS. For Officers: Require Page 13 agreement to OBLISERV. - All personnel must check the ESR prior to submitting a TEB request.
  3. 3. Re On PTS, Separating & Teaching Rev viiew e For w on Forc on Stta S ab ce biilliiz e zattio a ion Extensions Authorized on PTS n Extensions for first-term Sailors may be authorized by the CO in the following cases, provided the extension is executed prior to 12 months from EAOS and the extension does not carry the Sailor beyond 6 years of service: (1) As outlined in MILPERSMAN 1160-040 (2) To await selection results for officer programs. (3) As outlined in reference (d). (PFA instruction) MILPERSMAN 1160-040 is the extensions MILPERSMAN article and EAOS to PRD is one of those extensions. The problem here is most commands wait until these Sailors are in the PTS window to try to do the extension. As long as they do it 12 months or more out, it is valid. NOTE: In NPC’s continuing effort to improve customer service we have set up an email account exclusively for PTS. Please send all future PTS correspondence to the following email address: (It is also in the Global address book) Great ability develops and reveals TROOPS TO TEACHER Getting out in 2011 or later? Consider itself increasingly with every new teaching as your next career! assignment. - Baltasar Gracian Continue to serve by changing lives as a teacher! You will be needed! 47% of CA teachers are over the minimum retirement age The number of new teachers being trained has dropped 30% soon a mass exodus of teachers to retirement will occur with few new teachers to replace them. Be ready to take advantage of the projected teaching opportunities. Learn how to PREPARE NOW! Attend the next informational session being given on base. OPEN TO EVERYONE interested in becoming a teacher. Troops to Teachers is a federal program to help fill future teacher shortages NATIONWIDE by assisting veterans who desire teaching as their next career. UP TO $10,000 AVAILABLE IN FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE THROUGH TROOPS TO TEACHERS! Presented by Troops to Teachers Programs: DATE: Thursday, July 16, 2009 TIME: 2:30 PM LOCATION: Fleet & Family Support Center 966 Franklin Ave, NAS Career Wise JULY 2009 Lemoore 3 CVW-11 TO REGISTER: 559-998-4042
  4. 4. What is New: CMS-ID Sailor Application CMS-ID: Career Management System Interactive Detailing SAILORS CAN NOW USE CAREER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM / INTERACTIVE DETAILING (CMS/ID) TO EXPLORE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND ACHIEVE CAREER OBJECTIVES For more information see NAVADMIN 200/09 Beginning with the July Application Phase, all Sailors (Active and Reserve) who connect to Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) through the Internet will have the option to submit their own job applications directly to Detailers. In the past, active duty Sailors had to rely on Command Career Counselors (CCCs) to submit applications for them, while drilling Reservists successfully used CMS/ID to submit their own job applications for several years. Talking Points: No functionality is being removed from the CMS/ID CCC or Command roles. CCCs maintain the ability to submit job applications for Sailors. New functionality does NOT remove the CCC or Command leadership from the detailing process. Interaction between Command - CCC - Detailer - Sailor remains the most important aspect of career management. Sailors will continue to work with their CCCs and/or Detailers for their next job assignments. Sailors will continue to rely on robust command involvement to ensure none enter the detailing process without guidance and mentorship. Deckplate leaders will continue to encourage Sailors to seek informed counsel and work closely with their CCCs throughout the orders negotiation process. Sailors must be within their orders negotiation window to submit job applications. CMS/ID will block any application attempts outside the negotiation window. Command leadership will ensure Sailors are provided access to CAC-enable computers and to the Internet to support detailing efforts. Access CMS/ID at, or through NKO at A Common Access Card (CAC) and card reader are required for access. For customer support, call the Global Distance Support Center (GDSC) toll-free at (877) 418-6824 (CONUS), or DSN (510) 422-6824 (OCONUS). Email support requests to MORE CMS-ID POINTERS: •Sailors must meet PTS requirements outlined in NAVADMINs 017/09 and 161/09 •Sailors in order negotiation window may submit CMS/ID applications •New function does not remove CCC or command leadership from the detailing process oFunction only available via Internet Applications received via other methods receive equal consideration oCCCs and detailers retain ability to submit PCS job applications on behalf of Sailors oSailors will work with CCCs and detailers for PCS job assignments oFunction is not removed from CMS/ID CCC or command roles •Sailors should continue to seek command and CCC Courtesy of Navy Times guidance prior to submitting job applications o Job selections are made after monthly application cycle closes
  5. 5. C L I C: CNO’s Latest Information on Career (NAVADMIN) Message # (Bold in Red is a MUST READ) - CLICK IT! 200/09 SAILORS ENABLED TO SUBMIT THEIR OWN JOB APPLICATIONS USING THE CAREER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/INTERACTIVE DETAILING07/07/2009 199/09 ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2010 NAVAL WAR COLLEGE FLEET SEMINAR PROGRAM 197/09 IMPROVED RATING DESIGNATION FOR TOP PERFORMING SAILORS07/01/2009 196/09 ISSUANCE OF LOGICAL ACCESS CREDENTIALS TO CERTAIN VOLUNTEER PERSONNEL06/29/2009 195/09 2008 VICE ADMIRAL ROBERT F. BATCHELDER AWARD WINNERS06/29/2009 194/09 USS CONSTITUTION CHIEF PETTY OFFICER HERITAGE TRAINING06/29/2009 189/09 FY-11 OLMSTED SCHOLAR PROGRAM06/26/2009 188/09 NAVY UNIFORM UPDATE06/26/2009 187/09 POST 9-11 GI BILL ELIGIBILITY AND BENEFITS06/26/2009 186/09 NAVY UNIFORM UPDATE06/26/2009 185/09 CAREER INTERMISSION PILOT PROGRAM SELECTION BOARD RESULTS06/25/2009 182/09 EXECUTIVE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DISTANCE LEARNING DEGREE PROGRAM FOR SEPTEMBER 200906/24/2009 180/09 INDIVIDUAL AUGMENTATION (IA) GRAM 06 ? SUITABILITY SCREENING FOR IAS06/18/2009 176/09 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS (SRB)06/10/2009 174/09 FLEET OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL AND NAVY DIVER PROGRAM06/10/2009 172/09 DEOMI EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CLIMATE SURVEY06/06/2009 169/09 PERSONNEL SECURITY INVESTIGATION ADVISORY06/03/2009 167/09 INCREASE TO MAXIMUM ALLOWED AWARD POINTS ON THE E4-E6 FINAL MULTIPLE SCORE WITH IN-THEATER SERVICE05/30/2009 166/09 2008 CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS (CNO) SHORE SAILOR OF THE YEAR ANNOUNCEMENT05/29/2009 163/09 FY-10 ACTIVE-DUTY NAVY E8 SELECTION BOARD RESULTS LINKS that may Help You (this month): ON SUCCESS: Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your •Access your tuition assistance form on right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your •For additional post 9-11 GI bill eligibility life. - Dr. David M. Burns questions, refer to the DVA GI bill web site at or We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war, or in anything else, a single overriding objective, and •CMS-Interactive Detailing: make all other considerations bend to that one HTTPS://WWW.CMSID.NAVY.MIL objective. - Dwight D. Eisenhower OnCareer Wise JULY 2009 5 Balancing your life: The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers CVW-11 around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man. Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)
  6. 6. INQUIRY & ADVICE Questions / Answers Regarding Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Restoral Q: I hear that PCS funds were restored...when will I get my PCS orders? • Approximately 9,200 enlisted Sailors who had their FY09 Projected Rotation Dates deferred to FY10 can begin their negotiations for follow-on orders. • Will release orders according to NPC's existing prioritization strategy; GSA rotations, career milestone billets, critical readiness fills, minimizing gaps at sea for deployed units and those working up to deploy. • Those with the nearest rotation date and overseas orders should expect to see PCS orders first. • To the maximum extent possible, NPC will honor those Sailors' originally agreed-upon assignments and will work with each individual to minimize disruption to them and their families. • NPC will continue our close coordination with USFF and the Fleet N1s to ensure NPC focus our resources where they are needed most. Q: What should I do if I am waiting for PCS orders? For Enlisted Sailors: • If your PRD was moved to November, you are in your negotiating window. • If your PRD was moved, your detailer recorded what you previously asked for and will make every effort to keep you on track. • The current requisition, which was a full Fleet release, closes at 0500 CST on 24 June. • While the July requisition has not been developed yet, NPC have no reason to believe that it will be constrained. For Officers: • You should know if your PCS orders are being held while NPC waited for PCS funds. Most orders that were in the holding pattern should be out in a few weeks at the latest .• Those that have not yet negotiated PCS orders should begin the negotiation process. Most Sailors have been in contact with their Detailers, but those with specific issues should call or write to their detailer. Q: Is there going to be an impact on moving my house hold goods? • Summer PCS season is the busiest time of year for families to move, so you should expect some delay as moves ramp up. Recommend contacting your local personal property office after receiving PCS orders for a more realistic planning timeline. • NPC anticipate that many families will now be able to set up HHG moves and rotate between school years. Q: My PRD is in December which is 6 months away, can I get my PCS orders now to move my family over the summer? • The new DoD mandated PCS Obligation Policy Change (POPC) directs that PCS orders are costed when the orders are released. • While NPC will do our best to get PCS orders as soon as possible, NPC will be working on those with the closest PRDs. • Some Sailors expecting to PCS in the Nov to Dec 09 timeframe may not see orders until 1Oct09. Q: I'm transferring from/to an OCONUS location and it takes 60 days for HHGs to ship. Will I get my orders in hand in time to ship my HHGs 60 days prior to PRD? Maybe. Detailers will work very hard to identify those personnel in need of orders for special circumstances. However, the fiscal realities may prevent early receipt of orders. Personnel should have backup plans in place. Q: Can I get a letter of intent? No. Letters of intent cause us to obligate PCS funds immediately, which is the same impact as writing PCS orders. A letter of intent without accounting data will not be accepted for scheduling HHG appointments since HHG scheduling obligates funds. Additionally, if you are concerned about status on a housing priority list, priority is established when you detach from your command, not when you receive orders, so any paperwork (PCS orders or letter of intent) received before you detach will not affect your priority status on a housing wait list. Q: Will a delay in PCS orders affect my status on the housing priority list? Housing priority is established when you detach from your command, not when you receive orders, so any paperwork (PCS orders or letter of intent) received before you detach will not affect your priority status on a housing wait list. Q: Are no-cost moves going to happen? Maybe. No-cost PCS orders are able to be released however, the member's relief must be able to report prior to releasing orders for the member to detach. If your relief's orders can not be released due to cost, you may not be able to execute a no-cost move. Q: What if I already have orders in hand? Can I expect that they will be cancelled? If you have orders in hand, you can execute as planned. There are no plans to cancel any released orders. Q: How are PRD extensions and geostability moves impacted by PCS reductions? Part of Navy's approach to mitigating PCS funding shortfalls is to PCS personnel to assignments within the same geographic area to continue to support Fleet Readiness. Detailers are attempting to maximize PRD extensions, and geo stability moves where possible and practical to support the needs of the Sailor and the Fleet. Q: If I’m in my detailing window should I apply for a job in CMS/ID? Yes. You should still apply for jobs in CMS/ID NOTE: General questions should be directed to your chain of command or 1-866-U ASK NPC (1-866-827- 5672). Detailers are standing by to answer questions specific to your situation. Career Wise CVW-11 JULY 2009 6
  7. 7. College News Nothing changes Beware of Test Scams your opinion of a Consumer Beware friend so surely as Beware of companies selling products or services that are supposed to help you prepare for national testing programs. success - yours or These companies sell questionable products for hundreds or thousands of dollars, his. yet there are adequate study materials available FREE of charge or at nominal cost from other legitimate sources. Franklin P. Jones First contact Navy College if you're interested in CLEP/DSST exams, SAT/ACT tests, or any other national testing programs. Free, Low Cost and Legitimate Alternatives Just CLEP it. There are lots of free study materials for SAT/ACT exams, CLEP/DSST tests and Excelsior College Exams (ECE) through Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), SUBASE CLEP/DSST testing is continuing full- library and other community libraries. These sources provide all of the reference bore throughout the summer at NCO. materials you'll need to properly prepare for the exams. Try your hand at a CLEP or DSST if Beware of Sales Tactics These companies deceive consumers with subtle yet powerful sales tactics. They you've used up all of your FY 09 TA may produce professional looking brochures that refer to legitimate organizations funding or if you just want to take a like the Collegeboard, ACT and Excelsior College. These companies are falsely breather from classes but would still like implying that their products are endorsed by legitimate testing agencies when in to earn some credits toward your degree. reality no such relationship exists. ALWAYS check the legitimacy of these products with the actual testing agency or NCO BEFORE buying anything. Testing is FREE for active duty Sailors. Don't be fooled if these companies set up shop at a mall or a fair. In fact, these Spouses, family members and other companies want to go where families tend to congregate, especially military civilians are allowed to take CLEP/DSST families. exams but must pay for each exam. If you have contact with one of these companies, stay sharp and beware of the following: The CLEP/DSST exam program is nAttempts to sell you prep services for many computer-based. Students take their tests at once, with payment up front or on exams in NCO. Most students finish credit. their exams in less than 2 hours. You'll nCredit arrangements with a company other receive your test results as soon the than the one selling you the prep service. exam is completed. It's that simple! nDirect sales contact at your home. nPromises that you can get college credit This month's newsletter includes without enrolling in college. separate attachments of all the available nBook lists that include dictionaries or CLEP/DSST exams. encyclopedias. The Ultimate Deception Active duty Sailors should call NCO to Beware of salespeople approaching you or your family at home or in the sign up for an exam. community claiming to be associated with Navy College or other military education centers. In one instance a salesperson was approaching military families while lying about his personal identity by using the Academic BASIC SKILLS for name of an actual education center employee! ASVAB Requirements: If you are contacted by anyone selling study materials who claims to be associated with Navy College, remember that DoD education centers do Sending Sailors TAD for our 3 week not send their employees out to visit military members at their homes or long course is an option. There is set up displays at malls to sell products! Government agencies are another option for commands prohibited from engaging in free enterprise of any kind, nor do they designated as sea duty. Academic endorse any product or service. Military education center employees (including Navy College) are federal Skills math and English courses are or contracted employees working for the DoD; they provide free of offered through the NCPACE charge academic advising, resources and testing to Sailors under the program. Sea duty commands do not watchful eye of the base's commanding officer. have to be on deployment to request Navy College employees don't wander through Navy housing knocking any NCPACE program, including on doors and peddling encyclopedia sets to military families! That's Academic Skills. We can put a civilian absurd! Be alert and beware! instructor on board your ship, Some Final Advice squadron, etc. or even qualify a Sailors interested in testing should contact Navy College BEFORE talking member of your crew to teach. to anyone else or buying any kind of study materials. DO NOT sign any contracts without first investigating the product or service and receiving Enlisted and officers who hold proper legal counsel. bachelor's degrees can qualify to Check out these helpful (and very legitimate) web sites before you plunk teach Academic Skills. Whether you down that credit card: are tied up to the pier in San Diego • or on deployment, Navy College is • standing by to set up yourTIMES 7 Courtesy of NAVY own Career Wise CVW-11 JULY 2009 • command Academic Skills program. • Send your inputs, corrections or suggestions on CAREER WISE to
  8. 8. Career Counselors: We’re Here to Listen & Help Good Dates to Remember •NCPACE Book AIRWING CCC •NCPACE Book Sale @ Nimitz: 27- Sale @ Nimitz: 27- 30 July (Tentative) SOME of the services offered by our Highly Trained Career Counselors 30 July (Tentative) onboard USS Nimitz: • Change note: Latest Navy Instructions that affects your Career. • Change note: Conduct Career Development Board. NCPACE class Communicating with your Detailer and getting a sponsor. NCPACE class now starts 3 Processing your reenlistment and Perform To Serve packages. now starts 3 AUGUST @ USS Receiving an Indoctrination on your new command. AUGUST @ USS Processing your Separation, Retirement and TAP class. Nimitz How to Use Online Resources such as JOIN, FLTMPS, BOL, ESR, or NSIPS. Nimitz Special Programs like: Conversion of Rate, Officers Program, •Advancement credentialing (COOL & USMAP) and Bonus (SRB) •Advancement Exam: September Educational Benefits (TA, NCPACE, GI Bill). Exam: September 3 (E6), 10 (E5),17 Veteran Benefits. 3 (E6), 10 (E5),17 Making any decision on how to have a great career during and after your (E4) enlistment. (E4) For more details contact your AIRWING CCC onboard Nimitz: • NC1 Lewis (VAQ-135) bryan.j.lewis@navy.mill • NC1 Buquo (VFA-41) • NC1 Jordan (VFA-14) • NC1 Nicholson (VFA-97) • MA1 Robbins (VAW-117) • SK1 Harrison (HS-6) • NC1 Craig (VFA-86) • NCC Astro (CVW-11) TO SERVE YOU BETTER, This upcoming deployment - CVW-11 AIRWING Command Career Counselors will be relocated at the former CMC compartment # 01-165-2 Q. USS Nimitz J-Dial 5498 Courtesy of Navy Times SRB LEVELS The SRB program in conjunction with other initiatives, has performed as designed and the Navy is on track to meet or exceed many of the FY-09 retention goals, including the most historically hard to fill areas. The Navy is temporarily suspending the SRB Program and the acceptance of any new requests for the remainder of this fiscal year. These changes are effective immediately. For more information please see NAVADMIN 176/09. USS NIMITZ NCPACE-IL (Changes on Schedule) Due to the changed in ship's operational schedule, the NCPACE Instructor Led (IL)terms will not be able to commence as scheduled. The new IL Term 1 start date is August 3, and ends on September 27, 2009. IL Term 2 will start on September 28, and ends on November 22, 2009. Career Quote on ABILITY: The less their ability, the more their conceit. - Ahad HaAm