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Career Wise August 2010 Cdb Edition


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Here is the compilation on what may matter to your Career & your Sailor’s from July-August 2010. Please review, pass & post. This is an opportunity to talk to our Sailors about the many tools they should be taking advantage now. This month it is focus on Career Development Board, share this to your CDB board members (LCPOs, Supervisors, Mentors and Departments) - so they know the importance of CDB nowadays and hope that this will help assist, guide or simplify your CDBs

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Career Wise August 2010 Cdb Edition

  1. 1. NAVY COUNSELORS ASSOCIATION All Hands Newsletter: Navy Career News from July, 2010 Compiled & Digested for You avy Navy Career Visit N Wise at Wise Career et ok t o g Black Edition Facebo aily more, d CDB Aug 2010 Vol. 51 Career Development Board & Tools Everything You Need To Know in Career Development Board – Tools, Guidance & Updates Career Development Board (CDB) is now more important and critical than ever before. Navy Career Wise picked CDB as a special topic this month because it covers the entire career of a Sailor – a process that everyone in the Navy should have, at least three times in each tour whether it’s for PTS, Transitioning, Advancement and other scenarios when a Sailor has to make an important decision. Without a CDB, I could give you at least 5 of the many things that could happen: 1. Failure to reenlist on time because Sailor did not have the information on the requirements. 2. Failure to correct records therefore failure to advance or get the other requirements on time. 3. Failure to obtain benefits and entitlements because Sailor has been getting unsupported information. 4. Failure to complete the mission because Sailor has been misinformed or did not have an opportunity to officially address important issues. 5. Failure to document commitments and follow up because there is no accountability that only a CDB can do. This list could go on and on but a CDB can happen and it is just a matter of investing that 20-30 minutes of your time together as CCC, CMC, Mentor, Division Officer, including XO & LPO and talk about all the issues related to our Sailor’s career, family, benefits, and their goals. Navy Career Wise 51st Black edition has all the sources you need to make this happen. (NCC Astro, CVW-11 onboard USS Nimitz, 2010 August 7) Pages: CDB: 1–15. Puzzle: 2-3. Tools : 7-10 News & Latest: 13-18. College & Education: 14. NAVADMIN: 1 15. Advancement: 16. Family, Benefits & Veterans: 17. CMS-ID: 18. CREO: 19. Tips & Info: 20-21
  2. 2. NCW Puzzle #15: Career Development Board Topics #1 Answers on next page Join the CDB dialogue at Facebook on 8-12 August NCC Lloyd Stanford, CCC for Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 5, explains the Perform to Serve program and conversion packages to SHSN Tia 2 Woodson during a career information fair aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). (U.S. Navy photo)
  3. 3. 7 CDB STEPS for Command 1. Go to NSIPS / CIMS at: Career Counselor 2. Obtain Sailor’s record and review 3. Together with the sponsor or a mentor, pre-interview Sailors using local CDB checklist during check-in process or use. 4. Schedule an initial CDB within 30-45 days with the presence of the following: 1. CMC ANSWERS on 2. Mentor 5-8 e ges r 3. Sailor S ee Pa prepa to B 4. Supervisor w hat g to CD 5. ESO rin 6. Division Officer or b 7. Dept Head 8. XO &/or CO (Optional) 5. After reviewing the record and interviewing the personnel, create an agenda that will cater to the needs and requirements of the Sailors. 6. Few of the things to ask while preparing the agenda: 1. Did the Sailor have prior CDB? 2. Is member up for PTS? 3. Is EAOS match with the PRD? 4. What are the Sailors specific long /short term goals and intentions in the Navy? 5. How can I make these Sailors use all their potentials for themselves and the command? 7. Print out an interview sheet or checklist to guide all Think not of yourself as the architect of your those who will be present during the interview. You career but as the sculptor. Expect to have to may bring in: ICDP or CDB from CIMS, Division do a lot of hard hammering and chiselingand 3 scraping and polishing. ~ BC Forbes Record from FLTMPS, a local CDB or Service Record files.
  4. 4. CDB Tips for Career Counselors Topics covered are career Location or venue also plays an important factor. An intentions, long and short term environment that is well lit, clean and properly set up is goals, interest in special programs, conducive for open discussion and enhances the sailor’s commissioning programs, thought process. education opportunities (on and off, military and civilian). Other Topics to Discuss: •Advancement: E-6 who didn’t make the selection board or have made the selection board but was not advanced. Non selection for Limited Duty Officer or Warrant Officer Programs (Traditionally, advancement CDBs are held for personnel who have PNAd 3 times, or have scored lower than 40, or The Board should not be overly formal in conduct. It failed the exams) should provide the individual with confidence in •Commissioning programs – expressing their goals openly. The Sailor should be requests, applications or non encouraged to be comfortable acceptance. •Education programs – to include Navy Career Wise Facebook is doing a CDB Stand-down academic skills or basic skills and from August 8 -12. Join for discussion & dialogue. GED. 4 It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career. ~ Carlton Fisk
  5. 5. CSSN John Sailor 5 What to Bring During CDB (1 of 3): ICDP from CIMS/NSIPS
  6. 6. CDB when member is up for PTS is critical because of very important decision for a Sailor to make in terms of changing a rate or staying in the Navy and therefore should be mandatory. Use FLEETRIDE. What to Bring During CDB (2 of 3): Qualified Job List from FleetRide. A Must for PTS CDB. CSSN John Sailor 6
  7. 7. CDB should give a solid recommendation at the end of the session and must be documented and followed up. This sample checklist gives member to take some action & further guidance. What to Bring During CDB (3 of 3): Checklist, Agenda & Recommendation 7
  8. 8. CDB Questionnaire Initial CDB Worksheet RATE:_______ NAME:______________________ DIV:____________ DATE REP:____________ MENTOR:____________BEGIN DATE:__________ ADSD:___________ EAOS:________________ PRD: ___________ PRT STATUS: ____________ E4/5/6 ELIG DATE: _________ PTS: ________ BIBS FOR STUDY: YES / NO AFQT:___________ FUNC SKILL REC: YES/NO ASVAB RETAKE: YES / NO PREVIOUS COMMAND(S):________________________ HOMETOWN:____________ AGE/BD:______ MARITIAL STATUS:M / S / D SPOUSE:____________ / Age_____ HOMETOWN:____________________________ CHILD(REN):_______________ AGES:_____ / _____ / ______ ID CARDS /DEERS / Dental / TRICARE? SPOUSES FAMILY:__________________ Living On Board / Ashore: With _____________ MyPay Account: YES / NO Liberty Policy :Aware / Not Aware NKO Account: YES / NO Drinking Age in California: Aware / Not Aware MGIB: YES / NO Navy Cash Card: YES / NO Navy’s Drug Policy: Aware / Not Aware Navy’s Policy on Sexual Harassment: Aware / Not Aware Aware of Steps for Reporting Sexual Harassment/EO Behaviors: YES / NO Favorite Pastime Activities: _____________simple or complicated – it is the CDB can be ______________ ___________ CCC’s choice but it must be catered to the Favorite Sport/other Team:________________ ______________ ___________ needs of the Sailor Short Term Goals_____________________________________________________ Long Term Goals _____________________________________________________ What else can you bring: FLTMPS _____________________________________________________________________ Sample (Optional) Division Record, JOIN results from _____________________________________________________________________ Actions Taken:_______________________________________________________ FleetRide, EDVR, Copies of Eval, Member’s Signature: ___________________ Profile Sheet 8
  9. 9. CDB Steps for CCC, CMC & Board Members Each CDB should function to anticipate the needs of a member rather than wait for the member to request assistance. CDBs are not designed to circumvent the chain of command but to function within the chain of command to give personnel accurate and up to date information and sound advice. 1. Get involved: Leadership involvement, primarily by the command senior enlisted leader (CMC/COB/CSC), the chief’s mess and the command career counselor (CCC), is critical to the success of every Sailor. CDBs are required within 30 days of a Sailor CDBs are important to the command’s reporting aboard, and again at 6 and 12 structure. They can serve as a catalyst to months. RC Sailors must have a CDB prior to motivate sailor and show them that their completion of their third drill weekend. You goals and aspirations are important to may review NAVADMIN 227/07 and the people they work for and work with. OPNAVINST 1040.11C via these links for additional information and situations to conduct a CDB. 2. Establish who will be in the Career Development Board. Membership should include but is not limited to the command senior enlisted leader, command career counselor, education services officer, department and division leading chief, department and division career counselor, division officer, leading petty officer, and most importantly, the Sailor. 3. An effective CDB can normally be completed in 20 to 30 minutes and should include information and discussion on watch and warfare qualifications, education, advancement, pay and financial management, family readiness, rating health, perform to serve process and considerations, command expectations, and defining the Sailors personal and professional goals. 4. CDBs are tracked and notes are recorded in the Career Information Management System (CIMS) to 9 ensure progress is monitored and can be reviewed by commands that Sailors may transfer to beyond their current command.
  10. 10. 5 CDB Steps for Sailors HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Jan. 6, 2010) Chief Navy Counselor Surgann Coker-Bello, right, from Florence, S.C., counsels Builder 2nd Class 1. Write down your long term and Scott Bryant, from Rochester, Ind., both are assigned to Naval Mobile short term goals and questions you Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74. Coker-Bello counsels all newly reported personnel to review their naval career and let them know what to expect from the may have that has to do with your battalion's retention team. (U.S. Navy photo ) career in the Navy and that would include: 1. Career Intentions 2. Educational Plans 3. Goals within 3 – 12 months 4. Goals within 5-10 years 5. Family, Financial and Educational plans. 6. Plan of action to succeed in the Navy and family. 7. What are my Command’s Vision? 2. Know your chain of command and talk to them about your desire for a CDB. 3. Talk to your CCC, Dept. CCC and Mentor about your present and future plans in the Navy. a "one stop" 4. Verify your records online and note place to go whenever service members or family all the discrepancy then bring these members need assistance with any kind of problem during the CDB session. and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 5. Listen and take notes during the CDB and ask for a solid 365 days a year. 10 recommendation.
  11. 11. Required (Not just for CDB) Electronic Service Record (ESR) The ESR is an online version of your service record & replaces the paper record used in the past. Recommended Actions: Review ESR pages, then work with your personnel office to ensure data accurately reflects your personal and professional achievements. Take all necessary actions to ensure your ESR is current, accurate and complete. Once your account is created, scroll to the top of the page and look for a message announcing that your account was successfully created. Return to the NSIPS login page and log in to your ESR. Contact the NSIPS help desk Call 877-589-5991, Option 2 or DSN 647-5442, Option 2 Send email to NKO: Navy Knowledge Online The official one stop portal where you can access CMS-ID, BOL, e-Learning and other career enhancing tools that will set you up for success. Make this your regular website. Recommended Actions: Enroll on various e-Learning courses and verify if you have completed some of the required training. Your completed courses are posted on your ESR (Electronic Service Record) & ETJ (Electronics Training Jacket) Red Dashed means: NKO Accessible (No Need to go to a different Link) Career Management System/Interactive Detailing Web Enabled Record Review (WERR) (CMS/ID) (NKO Accessible) Click Web Enabled (NKO Accessible) Record Review. •CMS/ID provides you the ability to explore Navy job opportunities, •WERR allows review of documents in your official military identify career-enhancing jobs that meet your professional and personnel file (OMPF). These are the same documents reviewed by personal goals, identify the specific skills and abilities required to selection board members when considering candidates for perform the jobs you desire, and submit job applications when advancement and special programs. WERR also provides the ability ready. to download and print service-record documents for personal and professional use. Recommended Actions: Review personnel data. 18 months prior to your Projected Rotation Date (PRD), review information displayed Recommended Actions: Review WERR to verify your personnel file on the CMS/ID Personnel tab and on the Sailor History page. is accurate and complete. Ensure WERR does not include (Prospective commands will see this information when reviewing documents that belong to someone. Take all necessary actions to your job application, and Detailers will use this information to correct and/or update your files. Use correction procedures determine whether or not you are detailed to the job you desire.) identified via the WERR FAQ hyperlink. Send requests for Take all necessary actions to ensure your personnel and career 11 corrective actions and authoritative documents to mill_ompf- data is current, accurate and complete.
  12. 12. Education & PRT Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) (NKO Accessible) •SMART documents college courses, degrees and certifications completed on active duty through Tuition Assistance or the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE), and all other college courses completed at institutions accredited by a regional, national or professional accrediting agency recommended by the U.S. Department of Education. SMART provides recommended college credit for your military occupational experience and training. Recommendations are made by the American Council on Education (ACE). Recommended Actions: Review your SMART to verify data accurately reflects your training and education. Take all necessary actions to ensure your SMART is current, accurate and complete. Use correction procedures identified on the SMART Welcome page (see SMART Correction Procedure) ETA: Electronic Tuition Physical Readiness Information Management System Assistance (PRIMS) Log in to BUPERS OnLine (BOL) at Click The Tuition Assistance (TA) program PRIMS 2008 (NKO Accessible). operated by Navy College is going digital. By Jan. 1, 2010 Sailors will be •PRIMS allows you to view historical results of your semi-annual required to create and submit an Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). This is verified by the Selection application for Web Electronic Tuition Board. Assistance (Web ETA). After Sailors fill out an application request online and •Recommended Actions: Verify PRIMS data, which is reviewed as part their command approves the of the advancement, promotion, and detailing process. See your application, an electronic copy will be Command Fitness Leader to update PRIMS data. Contact the NPC sent to the servicing Navy College Customer Service Center: Call 866-827-5672 or DSN 882-5672 or Send Office. Once an account is created, email to Contact the PRIMS help desk: Call 901- Sailors can track the money they 874-2229, Option 2 (commercial) or DSN 882-2229, Option 2 or Send spend and how many classes they email to or Contact the BUPERS Online help desk take, which gives them responsibility Call 800-951-NAVY, Option 3 or Send email to and control in pursuit of a higher 12 education.
  13. 13. Verify you Awards & Obtain Certifications Certification Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line • Navy COOL explains how you can meet civilian certification and licensure requirements related to your rating, job, designator and occupation. Navy COOL provides the ability to accomplish the following: Get background information about civilian licensure and certification. Learn how to fill gaps between Navy training and experience and civilian credentialing requirements. Learn about resources available that can help you gain civilian job credentials. Identify resources available to fund for credentialing exams, such as the Navy-funded credentialing program, GI Bill, and DANTES. Recommended Actions: Identify and earn national certification, and/or federal and state licensure. Identify apprenticeship trades related to your rating, then enroll in USMAP to earn a nationally recognized “Certificate of Completion” from the U.S. Department of Labor. For help contact the Global Distance Support Center: 877-418-6824, Option 3, Option 0. Call DSN 510-428-6824, Option 3, Option 0 or send email to or contact the Credentialing Program Office at 850-452-6683 tio n ti fica STAYNAVY: One Stop for all the Tools Cer USMAP: Apprenticeship The StayNAVY website is a career resource provided by the Navy •A training system by which active duty service Personnel Command's Center for Career Development (CCD). members can earn certification for skills learned Information and hands-on tools are available to assist you with through documented work experience (On-The- Job- your career planning and development. This site contains content Training) and related technical instruction. The USMAP relevant to active duty, reservists, and family members. On the left- allows for registered certification of the service member's hand side you will find links to StayNAVY's various career resources. military training and work experience to achieve For personalized career information select the Career Tools link. recognition equal to his / her civilian counterpart. Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) CANTRAC: Navy School Listing Conduct Personal Awards Query to verify all your awards are present. Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) contains Conduct Unit Awards Query to identify unit awards you may have information on all formal Navy Schools. Location, NEC, received. Take all necessary actions to ensure NDAWS is current, Schedules and other pertinent information on “A” school to “C” accurate and complete. Use correction procedures provided. Go to School are described in details on this CAC-PKI only access NDAWS. Under REFERENCE ITEMS heading, click Updating Personal secured website Awards. 13
  14. 14. Things to Ask During CDB Earl y Engagement PAY Checklist on CDB: Thoughts for MYPAY: Command Leadership Orientation ( ) YES ( ) NO Teams to consider: TRAVEL: 1) Is your CCC providing ( ) GOOD ( ) ISSUES you a monthly report NAVYCASH: with updates on the Career Development ( ) YES ( ) NO programs that they are Boards executing in support of BONUS: your Sailors to include ( )YES ( ) NO CDB progress? GI Bill: 2) How often is an Plan Evaluation ( ) YES ( ) NO internal assessment with the CCC completed TSP: to ensure program ( ) YES ( ) NO growth and progress? Transfer Separation Retirement DEERS / TRICARE: 3) Is Perform-To-Serve AC or RC ( ) SINGLE (PTS) important to you ( ) YES ( ) NO and your Sailors? How ISSUES: often do you review the ( ) E-MAIL ( ) TSP data and advise your ( )GI Bill Sailors on options to ( ) MYPAY consider (other ratings, ( )NAVYCASH reserve affiliation, etc.) in the CDB? 14
  15. 15. Leadership on CDB & CDT E M ENGAGE AND The foundation for success in any command can be attributed P CHALLENGE YOUR to this major component of the Brilliant on the Basics upon O SAILORS… Easy which every successful career is sustained. Leadership acronym (SAILOR) for through Career Development Boards (CDB) can encourage an W leadership to remember environment of teamwork and training that ensures mission E the “Brilliant on the success and the professional and personal growth of all R Basics” Sailors while enabling our Sailors to achieve their dreams. •Sponsorship/First 72 hrs Ensuring the S •Assign a reliable mentor (key to mentoring success) counseling of Sailors A through the CDB I •Indoctrination (schedule/include spouse) process to enable L •Leadership involvement (DIVO/LCPO/LPO) personal and O professional success R •Ombudsman Program (Introduce to ALL Sailors) contributes to a positive •Recognition Program (Rewarding Sailors) command climate. OPNAVINST 1040.11C states: Commanding Officers will ensure command career development team (CDT) meetings are conducted quarterly, at a minimum. Team composition will include CO, XO, CMC/COB/SEL, CCC/unit CC, department heads and department leading chief petty officers. It is recommended that COs invite the command ombudsman to participate as a team member. Additional members are encouraged to attend, as appropriate. Ask yourself, when in the last time I conducted this meeting and did this meeting include a review of the status of the Perform-To-Serve (PTS) application status of each Sailor awaiting a response? 15
  16. 16. All the news you need to know from July-Aug 2010 Digested for You Latest on Programs & Tools, College & Education, NAVADMIN, Advancement & Special Programs, CMS-ID, CREO Mandatory use of Electronic Leave via NSIPS (Electronic Service Record) • Effective July 31st and fully utilized by October 31st, 2010: All shore commands will use E-Leave to request, track and manage leave once their Command Leave Administrator (CLA) completes initial setup within the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) application. The Navy requires all PSDs, CSDs and shore commands to be fully using E-Leave by Oct. 31. Sailors, reviewers and approvers can access E-Leave through NSIPS at Integration and delivery on all BUPERS Messages All unclassified message traffic from BUPERS and NPC, including permanent change of station orders, will be sent via command e-mail through the Official Information Exchange (OIX) effective August 1st. This change is a result of Navy ending support for the Defense Messaging System (DMS). For details read NAVADMIN 249/10: /NR/rdonlyres/52525881-5BE8-4B4F-8443- 522EB49CF06B/0/NAV10249.txt NSIPS Help Desk Contact Information: Toll Free: 877-589-5991, Comm: 504-697-5442, DSN: 647- 5442, Fax: Comm: 504-697-3007/0342, DSN: 647-3007/0342, e-mail: 16
  17. 17. College & Education Apply for TA on the Web Fax Your Grades! Sailors should apply for Tuition Assistance (TA) through the Web Tuition Assistance As spring semester comes to a close you (WebTA) system. should fax your grade report to WebTA eliminates paper TA applications by allowing Sailors to apply for TA electronically. WebTA In a Nutshell Pensacola if you used Navy Tuition 1) Go to Navy College homepage to access WebTA via MyEducation. Assistance (TA). The Navy holds each 2) Fill out online application and email to your CO or By Direction Authority for approval. Sailor responsible for submitting a grade 3) CO approves application with electronic signature and forwards to Navy College. report. After you fax your grade report 4) Navy College approves TA request by electronic signature and forwards authorization to check MyEducation to see if the grade student's WebTA account. 5) Student logs on to his WebTA account, prints TA authorization and submits to school. was posted to your TA account. Call Sailors must follow these rules to use WebTA: NCO if your grade is not posted within 7 1) Remain on active Duty for duration of course. days. The fax number to Pensacola is 2) Receive academic advisement & TA policy counseling with Navy College within the past (850) 452-1149. Be sure your grade year . report is a clean, bold copy containing 3) No outstanding TA Waivers or missing/overdue grades. d your name and the last four of your SSN. 4) Must not owe money to the Navy for previously funded courses. Reposte 5) Must not be maxed out on fiscal year TA quota credits. tion 6) Not in STA-21, GEV, AEV programs Informa Command Endorsement After filling out the WebTA application Sailors must email it to the CO or by direction authority for approval via electronic signature. Commanding officers & OICs need to identify the email address of their unit's endorsing TA authority and provide this information to its WebTA applicants. Changes on Tuition Assistance funding effective October 1st: Per NAVADMIN 245/10, funding for TA will be allocated quarterly based on historic usage rates and remaining available funds. When this allocation is reached, no further TA applications will be processed for the remainder of that quarter. Click NAVADMIN for details NCCM Laura Paquian and NC1 Bradly listen to a Sailor talk about his Navy career goals during a career 17 development session aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). U.S. Navy photo
  18. 18. NPC’s Latest Information on Career T M US D EST E LAT ENLIST ck RE AD IN . Cli ADM nk NAV Hyperli th e •Message # Subject Date •265/10 Navy Uniform Update - Navy Working Uniform Type Iii08/06/2010 •263/10 Enlisted Applications For Assignment To Uss Constitution 08/06/2010 •258/10 Announcement Of Learning And Development Roadmaps For Enlisted Sailors08/06/2010 •256/10 Revision To The 12-minute Stationary Bike Physical Readiness Test 08/05/2010 •252/10 Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System Electronic Leave Plan Requirements07/27/2010 •249/10 Command Responsibilities During Bupers Message Delivery System Transition07/26/2010 •247/10 Annual Cyber Federal Executive Fellowship 2011-2012 Selection Board 07/23/2010 •246/10 Continued Focus On Post-deployment Health Re-assessments07/23/2010 •245/10 Change To Fy11 Tuition Assistance Policy Implementing Quarterly Allocation07/22/2010 •244/10 Call For Command Master Chief And Senior Chief Selection Board Applications07/21/2010 •242/10 Fy11 Junior Permanent Military Professor Program07/19/2010 •241/10 Calendar Year 2009 Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy Award Recipients07/19/2010 •240/10 Calendar Year 2009 Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Award Recipients07/19/2010 •239/10 Fy-11 Navy Reserve E8 And E9 Selection Boards' Results - Updated07/17/2010 •238/10 Fy-11 Active-duty Navy E9 Selection Board Results - Updated07/17/2010 •233/10 Performance Evaluation And Counseling System Software Navfit98a Deployment07/15/2010 •231/10 Changes To Defense Activity For Non-traditional Education Support Policy07/12/2010 18 •230/10 Special Duty Assignment Pay07/12/2010
  19. 19. Advancement & Special Programs •Advancement - Helpful study guide for the upcoming September exam: . In this site you will find an up to date Bib (2010) for your Sailors respective advancement exam which will be linked to many files for both PMK and Rating, saving you the time and effort of looking all of it up yourself. There are also notes on standard scores and Profile sheets to help you plan and study better for the exam and advancement. Navywide Exam will be held on Sept 2 (E6), Sept 9 (E5) & Sept 16. • FY12 LDO/CWO: Now seeking E6 to E9 applicants. Applications must be postmarked nlt 1 October 2010. For details go to: Http://Www.Npc.Navy.Mil/Boards/Administrative/Ldocwo.Htm • Billets are now open for CS, BM, LS, YN, PS, BM, DC and any PO3 or PO2 for the next 9 months. For details go to: B3EF8DA3F60A/0/NAV10263.txt. • Learning and Development Roadmaps or LaDR are tools for Sailors to guide them and be successful in their particular rating. For details contact (850) 452-7271/DSN 922 or E-mail Thomas.A.Smith4@Navy.Mil • NAVADMIN 256: Changes on use of Stationary Bikes during PRT. For details read:!/note.php?note_id=10150242430680109 • New CPO Evaluation Form is now available effective August 1, 2010 19 Share & Empower the Knowledge, Level with Them: Navy Career Wise
  20. 20. Family, Veterans & Benefits DOD TO RESUME RESTRUCTURED MILITARY SPOUSE CAREER PROGRAM Military spouse career advancement account program - MyCAA, program will be available to spouses of service members in the pay grades of E1-E5, W1-W2 and O1-O2 beginning October 25 at 8 a.m. EDT. Eligible spouses will receive a total of $4,000 in DoD-funded financial aid, with an annual cap of $2,000 per fiscal year. Funding must be used within a three-year time period from the start date of the first class and must be used to obtain an associates' degree, licensure or certification. A waiver may be granted when fees for licensure or certification require an up-front fee greater than $2,000 and up to the total maximum assistance of $4,000. More information can be found on the MyCAA Web site: Operation Purple® Family Retreats Designed to allow families to reconnect after experiencing the stresses surrounding a deployment. They are a great opportunity to spend time outdoors, try new things, make friends, and enjoy quality time together as a family. For details go to Reposted Information FREE Online Tutor help 24/7 WHERE: Once you sign in to Navy Knowledge Online, look for links in the following sections under the REFERENCE tab. WHO: All U.S. Navy active duty members, Navy Reservists on active duty, Navy Retirees, their families have free DoD Civilians, unlimited access to HOW: Access is through Navy Knowledge Online [NKO]; once the family member account is established [DEERS is the verification source] Fleet & Family Support The Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) provides unified, customer-focused, consistent, and efficient FFSP programs and services to support sustained mission and Navy readiness. Here you get information on Sponsorship, TAP Class, Spouse assistance, relocation & other family assistance. TURBOTAP: One Source for Transitioning Personnel Visit for 24/7 access to helpful pre-separation and transition guides, employment, education, relocation and benefits checklists and more. Establish your TurboTAP life-long account today so you can access your online personalized transition assistance planning tool and receive update 20 Submit your input, ideas & questions at or search Facebook: Navy Career Wise
  21. 21. PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing, CREO & Perform To Serve AUGUST 2010 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1530 1630 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (CST) (CST) 0000 0000 1700 1800 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 (CST) (CST) (CST) (CST) 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 0500 0500 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 (CST) (CST) 29 30 31 APPLICATION RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE BEGINNING AT 1630 (CST) ON THE DAY THE DETAILER SELECTION ENDS AND REMAINS POSTED UNTIL THE NEXT MONTHS REQUISITION SCRUB CMS-ID DOWN FOR REQ LOAD CMS-ID REQUISITION SCRUB CMS-ID DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE CMS-ID AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATIONS DETAILERS MAKE SELECTIONS CMS-ID COMMAND COMMENTS ONLY (No Applications allowed) SEPTEMBER 2010 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESD AY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Regarding the OSA (Overseas FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 Contingency 3 1530 (CST) 1630 (CST) Operations) 4 Support Assignment Program: 0000 0000 HOLIDAY 1700 1800 5 6 7 8 -Program 9 is only for enlisted Sailors, with CMCs 10 11 (CST) (CST) (CST) (CST) being the only exception. CMCs must go thru GSA process as well as Officers. 12 13 14 15 16 17 -Sailors interested in going IA will be eligible to 18 apply via CMS/ID from months 12-9 of PRD. 19 20 21 0500 0500 22 Once Sailor applies, PERS 4013 will contact 25 23 24 (CST) (CST) them and give them 3 choices of IA available. If to IA departure, they must negotiate between 9-7 26 27 Change not the mass 28 29 but change the in theater.of your own month window once fabric 30 21 soul and your own visions, and you change all – V. Lindsay NPC Notes: Due to funding constraints, the ARGUS survey is no longer available
  22. 22. E-4 E-5 E-6 CTI(4) 1 3 3 LSgrp1 2 2 2 CREO Rating Manning as of July 17 CREO 3) & complete list for PTS & Conversion is updated monthly via: NPC Website: CREO 3 and some ratings require STE approval from NPC. Career Matrix (including ABE 2 2 2 CTI(5) 1 2 2 LSgrp2 2 2 2 ABF 2 2 2 CTI(6) 1 2 1 MA 3 3 3 OR BOL: Via CAC Login and click on "Rate Manning Management" from the main menu ABH 2 2 3 CTM 1 1 2 MC 1 3 2 AC 3 2 2 CTN 1 1 2 MM 3 2 3 AD 3 2 2 CTR 1 1 2 MME 2 2 3 AE 2 2 2 CTT 1 1 3 MMW 1 2 2 AG 2 2 2 DC 2 2 3 MN 1 2 2 AM 3 2 3 EA 2 3 3 MR 3 3 3 AME 3 2 2 EM 3 2 2 MT 1 2 2 AO 2 2 3 EN 2 2 2 MU 1 3 3 AS 2 3 3 EO 2 2 3 NCC 2 2 1 AT 2 2 2 EOD 1 2 2 NCR 2 2 1 AWF 1 1 2 ET 1 2 2 ND 1 3 1 AWO 1 1 2 ET Radio 1 1 1 OS 2 2 2 AWR 3 2 3 ETV 1 2 2 PR 2 3 2 AWS 1 3 2 FCgrp1 1 2 2 PS 3 3 3 AWV 1 2 2 FCgrp2 1 2 2 QM 3 3 3 AZ 2 3 2 FT 2 2 2 RP 2 3 2 BM 2 2 2 GM 2 3 2 SB 1 2 1 BU 2 2 2 GSE 2 2 3 SH 3 2 3 CE 2 2 3 GSM 2 3 2 SO 1 2 1 CM 2 2 2 HM 2 2 2 STG 2 2 3 CSgrp1 2 2 2 HT 2 2 3 STS 1 2 3 CSgrp2 2 2 3 IC 2 3 2 SW 2 2 2 CTI(1) 1 1 1 IS 1 2 2 UT 2 1 2 CTI(2) 1 1 1 IT 1 2 2 YN grp 1 1 2 2 22 CTI(3) 1 2 3 LN 2 2 3 YN grp 2 2 3 2
  23. 23. e o urc icial S on: r Off rmati l You f Info vy .mi o w .np ww Did you read Career Wise today? ord 10 Tips To Successful Navy Career by NCC Astro tW Las •Get A Mentor. They can assist you in ways you may not be aware of and they can give you some of the unwritten rules for success. •Use all the Navy Career Tools. Navy is definitely going online with many of the services that can help you have a squared away career. Check all few of them identified in this Career Wise edition. •Develop a Plan. Find out what is your short and long term plan and write it down. This will give you a visual map to attain your goal. •Set up a Career Development Board (CDB). This will create an accountability of what you need to do by having your LPO, LCPO, CMC & CCC be aware of how far you have been and where you are going in the future. •Use Tuition Assistance or NCPACE to get you prepared in case you separate. Many Sailors have completed their Bachelors Degree without even using their GI Bill. Save up your GI Bill by using your TA benefits. •Attend a TAP Class – If you are undecided and unsure if the Navy is the right career for you. • Prepare yourself for the job of the leader at the next higher rank, volunteer to take on challenging tasks and be open to learning. •Develop a Financial Plan. If you have a poor financial health, it affects your job and ability to focus in your work. Setup a budget or talk to your Command Financial Specialist. •Be Involved with your Community, this will expand your horizon and get you time-off, away from military obligations and have that self-fulfillment that you really have contributed something to the society. It’s an added bullet for your evaluations too. •Train yourself in other Jobs. With PTS requirements some of you may be forced to convert to another rate, so be prepared. Talk to your Career Counselors to get more successful Navy career ideas. 23 Submit your input, ideas & questions at or search Facebook: Navy Career Wise
  24. 24. Ask for 2010 Career Wise back issues: •August – Career Development Board •July – Post 9-11 GI Bill updated edition •June – Family edition •May – Deployment edition •April – Detailers edition •March - Career Guide •February – Career Tools Online •December – Post 9-11 GI Bill Navy Career Wise, CVW-11 Team & Contributors •NCC(AW/SW/SCW) Astro – CVW11, Editor •NC1(AW) Buquo – VFA41 Thanks to our Regular Contributors •NC1(SW/AW) Craig – VFA86 •NCCM Maclean – COMNAVAIRFOR •NC1(SW) Gagnon – VAW117 •NCCM Sullivan – USFF •NC1(AW/SW) Jordan – VFA14 •Ms. Ann Hunter – VOLED / NPC •NC1(AW/SW) Lewis – VAQ135 •NPC & Navy Advancement Center •NC1(AW/SW) Nicholson – VFA97 •NC1(AW/SW) Wilson – HS6 NCW Facebook Administrators •OSCS(SW/AW) Demers – CDS14 •NCC(AW/SW) Meeker - VAQ129 •NC1(AW) DuFault – VFA125 (Under Instruction / UI): •NC1(AW) McClintic – VFA147 (UI) Navy Career Wise •NC1(AW/SW) Taylor – VFA137 (UI) Since 2005 To contribute or comment post it at our Wall at Join the CDB dialogue at Facebook 24 on 8-12 August.