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Career wise august 2009


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Career wise august 2009

  1. 1. In This Blue Edition: •Continuation Board •Extension •Post 9-11 GI Bill •NAVADMINS AUGUST 09 Vol. 36 36 •NCPACE schedule •Advancement CONTINUATION BOARD COUNTDOWN: Dates to Remember HOOYAH CHIEF SELECTS! HS6 • 17 August 2009: communication to the board by the eligible AMC (Sel) Chase, Stepfaney member must be postmarked by this date. Selection board packages provide candidates the opportunity to submit any AEC (Sel) Scanlan, Paul missing documents from the sections of their records that are VAQ-135 viewed by the selection boards. Only documents the member has verified as missing from their permanent personnel record AEC (Sel) Costin, Andrew may be submitted as a continuation selection board package. ADC (Sel) Cowan, Daniel • 1 September 2009: last day for board correspondence via ATC (Sel) Garcia, Jose message by the command. ATC (Sel) Shore, Paul • 21 September 2009: continuation board convenes. VAW-117 • November 2009: a list of enlisted personnel selected for AZC (Sel) Belt, Sean continuation will be published via NAVADMIN. A P4 to Commanding Officers will provide a list of those ADC (Sel) Cortez, Joyce members not selected for continuation. No later than seven working days after Commanding Officers receive the P4, ATC (Sel) Foster, Arthur command verification of sailor notification shall be submitted to VFA-14 pers-811/812 via official message. AMC (Sel) Adams, Walter • 15 January 2010: fleet reserve/retirement requests for members not selected for continuation must be received by VFA-41 pers-823 no later than this date. AZC (Sel) Edwards, Mark • 30 June 2010: last authorized effective date, except as noted AMEC (Sel) Evangelista, Eddy in para 4.G or para 7 of ref a, for members not selected for continuation to transition to fleet reserve or retire. ATC (Sel) Peterson, Charles AOC (Sel) Valdez, Alejandro Navy Annual Counselors Symposium Highlights ADC (Sel) Weese, Coy VFA-86 •For more CCC Symposium highlights, presentation and insider summary click: AEC (Sel) Bond, Sean ATC (Sel) Doherty, James Joseph ATC (Sel) Fann, Vincent CVW-11 Career Wise: What You Need to Know. We just “Sort it Out” for you from the FWD OVERLOAD. AOC (Sel) Mackie James Talk to your Command Career Counselors for details. VFA-97 AOC (Sel) Sartain, Jeremy AMC (Sel) Simmons, Richard
  2. 2. Shipmate, DID YOU KNOW THAT… You Can Apply Now: CMS Interactive Detailing Web CMS-ID is designed and used by Sailors, Command Career Counselors, Command, FTS, and Reserve Personnel. The Web-based system allows Sailors to view available jobs and make applications through their Command Career Counselor. Sailors can NOW view CMS-ID and APPLY through a secure website located at HTTPS://WWW.CMSID.NAVY.MIL or via NKO What’s New USMAP & NRTC Contact USMAP and NRTC have both now had a change to their Functional Email Addresses. The new Functional Email Addresses are as follows: USMAP: & NRTC: PERMISSIVE TEMPORARY DUTY (PTDY) FOR JOB/HOUSE HUNTING MILPERSMAN 1320-220 replaces NAVADMIN 109/92, NAVADMIN 123/93, and NAVADMIN 078/95. This article defines eligibility to use PTDY, the length of PTDY, and travel and limitations for members and their dependents performing PTDY. Refer to for the latest MILPERSMAN Articles. Career Wise AUGUST 2009 2
  3. 3. Re More On Post 9-11 GI Bill R Pos eviiew o Pos v ew o t n Biil t 9--11 n B ll ( 9 11 G (Par Part GII More Question Answered on Post 9-11 GI Bill t 3)) 3 Q: I received disapproval of my Post 9/11 GI BILL TEB request for my spouse/child. Why? A: The NAVADMIN outlining the TEB policy for Post 9/11 GI Bill is forthcoming. -The disapproval of the request is likely due to not meeting the pending OBLISERV requirements for TEB. -Only personnel that have 20 years or more of active duty service are receiving approvals as there is no additional OBLISERV requirement for this specific group. -Personnel that require additional OBLISERV must ensure the OBLISERV reflects in the Electronic Service Record (ESR) prior to receiving approval. Requirement: -Enlisted: OBLISERV must reflect in ESR for EAOS/Soft EAOS -Officers: Require Page 13 agreement to OBLISERV - All personnel must check the ESR prior to submitting a TEB request. **Do not submit request if correct OBLISERV is not reflected in the ESR** Upon release of the NAVADMIN, NPC will update the website and distribute further guidance. Additional transferability reasons for disapproval: - Member did not annotate any months of benefits transferred to family members (i.e. zero months of benefit transferred). - Member did not have required OBLISERV (Enlisted: EAOS insufficient Officer: No Page 13 reflecting in ESR) - Member did not have 6 years of service on the date of request - Member has Fleet Reserve/Retirement date prior to 1 August 2009 Question on GI Bill •What about an E5 at HYT (14 years) and not retirement eligible, are they still eligible to transfer their Post 9-11 GI Bill? Sailors who cannot complete the full four year transferability obligation due to HYT are only required to serve until their HYT date to achieve transferability. They will be able to transfer their benefits to their dependents if they choose without completing the full obligation since Navy policy precludes them from remaining on active duty beyond HYT. Maximize the new GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program means your benefit could be worth more at private colleges When news spread of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, a new GI Bill provision pertaining to private colleges, Columbia’s students and university leadership recognized an opportunity. The new GI Bill’s basic benefit pays for tuition and fees up to a state’s highest in-state tuition at a public university, and there’s a housing stipend equal to the Basic Allowance for Housing for an E-5 with dependents in the school’s ZIP code. To help students who attend more costly private universities, legislators created the Yellow Ribbon Program, which says the Veterans Affairs Department will match any additional amount a school agrees to pay toward a vet’s full costs. By Amanda Miller - Military Times Career Wise Get the complete new GI Bill details at: AUGUST 2009 3
  4. 4. From the Bureau to the Counselor: Short Term Extension Keep in mind, if a Sailor is in an overmanned rating and the command is overmanned, it will likely be disapproved. Now if manning is an issue, the request should come to PERS-81 with the reason why an extension is more appropriate than reenlistment or separation. For instance, mbr is intending to separate at PRD or is undecided/wants to negotiate, and manning warrants an extension until a relief is onboard (state that in the request). Basically, extensions are no longer a career option for Sailors in overmanned ratings. Again, separation or reenlistment at EAOS is desired. The whole purpose of this NAVADMIN is to get commitments from Sailors who are career minded. If a Sailor is hanging out for possible career choices (extend to PRD to negotiate means retention only if the Sailor sees desirable orders), that is fine, but overmanned ratings do not have the career option to do a short term extension. Basically, if you are separating, NPC would like the separation at impending EAOS vice delay with a short term extension. This will open up billet's and advancement quota's for those looking to stay Navy and help us reach our manning goals. Again, NPC are not wanting Sailors to separate if they are career minded. As for FLTRES eligible Sailors, we want Sailors to reenlist (if able) or put in their FLTRES request. Once the FLTRES msg of intent is received, then they can extend with local approval to FLTRES date. Keep in mind, PER BUPERSINST 1430.16 Advancement Manual, when FLTRES is HYT date, Sailors are still selection board eligible. This is also stated in bold on our website, under selection boards. Lastly, putting all your personnel in for EAOS to PRD waivers is not desired for overmanned ratings. Encourage your Sailors to reenlist, or you might be causing a lot of unnecessary paperwork because most requests to PRD (if they can reenlist) are being denied. On the other side, encourage all your Sailors in ratings that are not overmanned to do extensions to PRD, in the event their rating becomes overmanned and then they will not have that career choice to do a short term extension. Some Undesignated Sailors May Convert Now Sailors desiring a rating outside of current career track may request conversion to the appropriate apprenticeship if quotas are available (eg. SN-FN, FN-AN). Sailors must receive approval for apprenticeship conversion prior to requesting rating designation in the new apprenticeship career path. With regards to the above paragraph, FOR THIS CYCLE ONLY, the ECM's in Air and Engineering are freeing up some billets for SN to go into those ratings. When using Fleet Ride to submit your applications, FOR THIS CYCLE ONLY, you can apply "out of designation" if the member does qualify for those ratings. After this cycle, apprenticeship conversions will be required to obtain a new career path. Here are some steps that may be required or Sailor can take the Navywide Exam this cycle: 1. If member is requesting an “A” School they must have completed 12 months time on board. 2. If member is requesting a Navy Wide Advancement Exam it CAN NOT be “A” School required. It has to be Approval Required. 3. All Sailors will use their Fleet Ride Qualification sheet to aide in making a decision. They must request a rate that has quotas available. 4. The Sailor has to be qualified for the rate that they are requesting. Requesting a rate that requires a waiver is not recommended. If they do choose a rate that requires a waiver, they can be denied and they will not participate in the NWAE. 5. All documents must be enclosed in request or it will not be processed. 6. The Sailor can request up to three choices and it can be a combination of NWAE and “A” School. Courtesy of Navy Times
  5. 5. C L I C: CNO’s Latest Information on Career (LATEST MUST READ ENLISTED NAVADMIN) Message # Subject Date 230/09 FY-10 ACTIVE-DUTY NAVY E7 SELECTION BOARD RESULTS 07/31/2009 229/09 CAREER TRANSITION OFFICE ESTABLISHMENT 07/30/2009 228/09 REVISION OF THE NAVY ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND CONTROL INSTRUCTION (OPNAVINST 5350.4D)07/30/2009 227/09 ADVANCEMENT EXAMINATION DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE SCHEDULE AND REQUEST FOR NOMINATION OF SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS 07/30/2009 226/09 NUCLEAR OFFICER INCENTIVE PAY 07/30/2009 223/09 BLUE TO GREEN ARMY INITIATIVE UPDATE 07/29/2009 222/09 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PERMANENT MILITARY PROFESSOR COMMUNITY 07/27/2009 221/09 FY-11 INACTIVE DUTY NAVY RESERVE LIMITED DUTY OFFICER AND CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER IN- SERVICE PROCUREMENT PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT BOARD 07/27/2009 220/09 FY-11 ACTIVE DUTY LIMITED DUTY OFFICER AND CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER IN-SERVICE PROCUREMENT BOARD07/27/2009 214/09 ANNOUNCEMENT OF ACTIVE AND RESERVE CAREER RECRUITER FORCE SELECTION BOARDS 07/23/2009 211/09 PERFORMANCE-BASED BOARD FOR CONTINUATION OF ENLISTED PERSONNEL WITH GREATER THAN 20 YEARS ACTIVE SERVICE-UPDATE TWO 07/20/2009 210/09 FY10 PROJECTED SHIP INACTIVATION SCHEDULE07/20/2009 209/09 CALL FOR COMMAND MASTER CHIEF AND COMMAND SENIOR CHIEF SELECTION BOARD APPLICATIONS 208/09 FY-10 NAVY RESERVE E7 SELECTION BOARD RESULTS07/16/2009 207/09 CALENDAR YEAR 2008 MARJORIE STERRETT BATTLESHIP AWARD RECIPIENTS 07/15/2009 203/09 POST 9-11 GI BILL, REAP, AND MGIB-SR TRANSFERABILITY POLICY AND INTERIM PROVISIONS FOR RETIREMENT ELIGIBLE MEMBERS 07/11/2009 200/09 SAILORS ENABLED TO SUBMIT THEIR OWN JOB APPLICATIONS USING THE CAREER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/INTERACTIVE DETAILING What else is news? ON CHANGE •Separation Pay Instruction •People can't live with change if there's not a OPNAVINST 1900.4 updated 26 Jun changeless core inside them. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what 09. you are about and what you value. - Stephen Covey, •Related question: A Chief not 7 Habits of Highly Effective People selected for continuation, is he eligible for separation pay? Answer •Although our inattention can contribute to our lack of total well-being, we also have the power to choose is NO, See para 5 POLICY and 9c. positive behaviors and responses. In that choice we Career Wise change our every experience of life! - Greg Anderson, AUGUST 2009 5 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness
  6. 6. INQUIRY & ADVICE Questions / Answers Regarding EXTENSION OVERMANNED RATINGS/ZONES Q. Please explain the sentence in paragraph 2 which states “Conditional extensions are authorized for all service members”. A: Conditional extensions are authorized for all service members provided they meet the requirements of current policies. As announced in this message, commanding officers shall not authorize short term extensions of Sailors in overmanned rating zones without a waiver from NAVPERSCOM (PERS-811 foractive/PERS-812 for FTS AGR and CANREC). Q: How long will my waiver request take to process? A: 2 to 3 weeks upon receipt. Waiver requests will be processed as received, with attention given to requests with short-fused EAOS’. Q: How early can I submit my request? A: Nine months prior to EAOS as extended (SEAOS). Q: What if my rate is not on the NAVADMIN? A: If your rate is not on the NAVADMIN, you do not require an NPC waiver. If your rate becomes overmanned, it will be listed on future updates to the list of overmanned ratings and zones which will be posted on the NPC website. At that time you will need an NPC waiver. Q. If I am in an overmanned zone, can I extend my PRD? A: Yes, with your detailer’s approval. This NAVADMIN is addressing conditional extensions of active obligated service and is not related to PRDs. Q: Do I need PTS approval to extend? A: You must have PTS approval (if required by PTS guidelines) prior to submitting your request. Requests submitted without PTS approval will be disapproved. Q: If my waiver is disapproved by NPC then later my rating zone is no longer overmanned, can I extend? A: Yes. You can execute an extension with CO approval. Q: If my waiver is disapproved, am I entitled to involuntary separation entitlements (i.e, PTDY, Sep pay)? A: No. Since you can reenlist and you choose to separate, it is not an involuntary separation Q: Can I extend to my High Year Tenure (HYT)? A: An NPC waiver is required to extend to HYT limits. Q: Does an approved extension waiver also constitute an HYT waiver? A: No, requests for extensions which exceed HYT limits and do not have prior HYT waiver approval will be disapproved. Q: If I am on an IA do I need a waiver? A: Yes. The OBLISERV for your IA orders can be approved by your CO, however additional extensions will require waivers. Q: Can I extend for cruise/deployment? A: No. Per MPM 1160-040, Sailors can extend “To complete a scheduled cruise or deployment, provided the member’s relief is not on board or en route and a projected rotation date (PRD) adjustment has been authorized by the appropriate assignment control authority (ACA).” Your detailer can adjust your PRD to complete a cruise/deployment, then your extension reason will be to match EAOS to PRD. You should also explain why a waiver is appropriate as opposed to reenlisting. Your request “to extend for cruise/deployment” will be returned if your PRD has not been adjusted to coincide with the end of the cruise/deployment. now CC are AIR WING C03-175-1-Q l at ia locatedUSS Nimitz J-D a onb oard Hours 6 Career Wise AUGUST 2009 pen 24 r 6364. O e last page fo Day. Se . details
  7. 7. The principles you live College News by create the world you live in; if you change the principles you live by, you will change your NCPACE – Instructor Lead onboard USS Nimitz world. - Blaine Lee , The TERM 1 – 3 OPENINGS Power Principle: ENROLL NOW. SEATS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED. Influence with Honor CVN-68 IL Term I nt Days Times Course Name/ Course Title Section OPENINGS llme Number Number W/F 1900-2100 PSMA 0101 Crime inor E nro Academic Skills Math Sec 2 7 US d f loseHistory II T/TH/S 1900-2100 CJSA 1312 America Sec 2 9 PSYC 2301 C W/F 2000-2300 HIST 1302 Sec 3 14 – m1 T/S 2000-2300 General Psychology Sec 3 11 Ter CVN-68 IL Term 2 Days Times Course Name/ Course Title Section OPENINGS Number Number T/TH/S 1900-2100 CJSA1342 Criminal Investigation Sec 1 8 W/F 1900-2100 BUSI 1307 Personal Finance Sec 1 20 M/W/F 1030-1230 HIST 1302 US History II Sec 1 5 M/W/F 0830-1030 PHIL 1316 History of Religions I Sec 1 14 M/W/F 1800-2000 SOCI 2301 Marriage & Family Sec 2 7 CVN-68 IL Term 3 Days Times Course Name/ Course Title Section OPENINGS Number Number T/TH/S 1900-2100 CJSA2300 Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement Sec 1 5 W/F 1900-2100 BUSI 1307 Personal Finance Sec 1 15 M/TH 1700-2000 DSWR 0304 Fundementals of Writing II Sec 2 10 M/W/F 1030-1230 GOVT 2302 American Government II Sec 1 12 T/F 1800-2100 GOVT 2302 American Government II Sec 2 12 M/W/F 0830-1030 PHIL 1317 History of Religions II Sec 2 15 Check with Nimitz ESO J-5045 for more updated schedule. TERM 1 STARTS 3 AUGUST Accreditation & TA For Specialized Training The DoD requires your school to be accredited if you want to receive Tuition Assistance (TA). The accrediting body must be recognized by the Department of Education (DoE). There are training companies that provide specialized training in many different fields including information technology (IT). These companies offer courses that prepare students for a variety of professional IT certification exams. Many of these companies don't qualify for TA because they're not accredited. This doesn't mean the companies are dishonest or the training is ineffective. There are many non-accredited programs that offer good training. Try this web site if you're interested in getting TA for a program but are not sure if it's properly accredited: Want to do an Independent Course online? USE Tuition Assistance Navy Tuition Assistance (TA) funds lower or upper level college courses as well as other courses leading to degrees and certifications, regardless of previous educational achievements. To learn more about education opportunities, visit Career Wise AUGUST 2009 7
  8. 8. Career Counselors: We’re Here to Listen & Help Good Dates to Remember •NCPACE class AIRWING CCC •NCPACE class starts 3 AUGUST @ starts 3 AUGUST @ USS Nimitz SOME of the services offered by our Highly Trained Career Counselors USS Nimitz onboard USS Nimitz: •CPO Indoc 19-23 Latest Navy Instructions that affects your Career. •CPO Indoc 19-23 Conduct Career Development Board. August 2009 Communicating with your Detailer and getting a sponsor. August 2009 Processing your reenlistment and Perform To Serve packages. •Advancement Receiving an Indoctrination on your new command. •Advancement Exam: September Processing your Separation, Retirement and TAP class. Exam: September 3 (E6), 10 (E5),17 How to Use Online Resources such as JOIN, FLTMPS, BOL, ESR, or NSIPS. 3 (E6), 10 (E5),17 Special Programs like: Conversion of Rate, Officers Program, (E4) credentialing (COOL & USMAP) and Bonus (SRB) (E4) Educational Benefits (TA, NCPACE, GI Bill). Veteran Benefits. Making any decision on how to have a great career during and after your enlistment. For more details contact your AIRWING CCC onboard Nimitz: • NC1 Lewis (VAQ-135) • NC1 Buquo (VFA-41) • NC1 Jordan (VFA-14) • NC1 Nicholson (VFA-97) • MA1 Robbins (VAW-117) • NC1 Wilson (HS-6) • NC1 Craig (VFA-86) • NCC Astro (CVW-11) Now located at 03-175-1-Q onboard USS Nimitz J- Dial 6364. Day & Night Shift service available Courtesy of Navy Times to all squadron personnel Advancement Exam Strategies Stop final exam fear in its tracks with these sure-fire tips from Bob Kizlik, a former college professor and developer of the ADPRIMA instructional system and Web site. • A little reconnaissance is a good thing. See what you can do to find out — legally and ethically — what’s on the final exam. What’s past is prologue. Ask the professor if you can see copies of previous final exams. • Be consistent in how you study. • Don’t waste your time. If you don’t function well in study groups, for example, don’t join one to study for your final exam. • Be positive. Your feelings about how you’re going to do on the final actually affect how you do. Don’t go in with fear and trepidation. • Get a good night’s sleep. Pulling an all-nighter before the test is ineffective. • Two final things: Apricot juice and bananas. Kizlik firmly believes that partaking of one these two high- potassium foods just before the exam will give you an edge. By Jessica Lawson - Special to Military Times Send your inputs, corrections or suggestions on CAREER WISE to