Africa how to plan an african safari vacation


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Africa how to plan an african safari vacation

  1. 1. AfricaHow to plan an AfricanSafari Vacation
  2. 2. Tonya Denmark is a writer,blogger and social media expert atLuxe Travel. Tonya lives in one ofthe most popular touristdestinations in the country andloves to travel, both to far awaylands and close to home. Followher on Twitter @travel_luxe!The Luxe Travel Team:Jamie Lemke is an awardwinning travel advisor, named oneof the Best of the Best TravelAgents and Travel Agent Central’sBest 30 agents under 30. Shespecializes in Mexico, theCaribbean, Disney and more!Email her at jamie@luxetravel.comJacque Salentine Busby is theowner and President of LuxeTravel. She has over 30 years oftravel experience traveling toplaces such as Tanzania, Dubai,France and Brazil. Connect withJacque on LinkedIn.
  3. 3. Choose a Country…………………………….….…4Pick a Guided Tour or Lodge...………………..10When to Go….…………….………………….…....16TABLE OF CONTENTS:
  4. 4. Most everyone has an African Safari trip on their dreamtravel list. Seeing elephants, lions, giraffes in theirnatural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.There are a number of countries in Africa, which one doyou choose? Do you want to maximize the sights of eachcountry, or maximize your time in one location?CHAPTER 1:Choose a CountryPage 4
  5. 5. Africa is a vast land and most travelers seeking African safaritrips center on the countries in the south eastern half of thecontinent. We’ve selected five of these countries based onwhat they offer for discerning travelers. Choosing what isimportant on your must-see list and where you want to see itwill help narrow down which lodge or tour to take. South Africa - South Africa is a popular choice for its size,location and the rich diversity of wildlife. Here you will findall the Big Five (Elephants, Lions, Cape Buffalo, leopardand rhinoceros) as well as wildebeest, giraffes, kudu,cheetahs, ostrich, zebra, and African wild dogs amongother animals. There are a number of national parks andreserves in South Africa and Kruger National Park in thenortheast corner is one of the largest, has a highconcentration of wildlife as well as a number of tentedcamps and lodges on site. Singita Lebombo Lodgeboasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the park; thearea is home to the majestic Mountain Pride of lions.AfricaPage 5
  6. 6.  Botswana, directly tothe north of South Africaalso boasts a home to theBig Five but it may bedifficult to spot rhinothese days as theirnumbers are dwindling inthis area. Chobe NationalPark in northeastBotswana has one of thelargest amounts of wildlifein any African country,especially elephants.Along the Savuti or SavuteRiver expect to findwarthogs, kudus, impalas,hyenas, wildebeests and ishome to the annualmigration of zebras andthe predators that follow.CHOBE NATIONAL PARKPage 6Africa
  7. 7.  Zimbabwe lies tothe north east ofBotswana. Here you’llfind yellow baboons,meerkats, zebras,elephants, African wilddogs, hippopotamus,Nile crocodiles,warthogs and more. Insoutheastern Zimbabwe,in Malilangwe WildlifeReserve is the SingitaPamushana Lodge,which is home to manyendangered speciessuch as the Roan andsable antelope, as wellas the black rhino.Page 7AfricaIn addition to the wildlife in Zimbabwe, one of the modernwonders of the world, Victoria Falls, is located in thenorthwestern corner of the country. Victoria Falls NationalPark contains sizable populations of elephant, buffalo,giraffe, zebra, Vervet monkeys, baboons and a variety ofantelope. Lion and leopard are only occasionally seen in thisarea, but are found in other parts of the country.
  8. 8.  Tanzania, midway along the south eastern Africancoastline, is home to the vast Serengeti plains and Africa’shighest mountain, Kilimanjaro. See lions and other Big Five inthe Serengeti National Park along with hippos, Thomsons andGrants gazelles, elands, waterbucks, hyenas, baboons,impalas, African wild dogs, and giraffes.Page 8AfricaKnow when totravel with ourFree TravelCalendar
  9. 9.  Kenya is the furthestnorth of our chosencountries, and lies on theequator. Kenya offers avariety of eco-systemsfrom the warm IndianOcean beaches tosavannah grasslands andeven snow capped peaksof Mount Kenya.Page 9AfricaHere you’ll find the great Migration of wildebeest and Zebraas well as the Big Five, giraffe, elands, antelopes, hipposand crocodiles in the Mara River, crowned cranes, ostrich,hornbills and hundreds more species of birds and wildlife.We recommend staying at ol Donyo Lodge while in Kenya,where you can sleep out under the stars, safely perchedabove your accommodations in a rooftop star bed.PHOTOCOURTESYOF OLDONYOLODGE
  10. 10. Once you’ve decided where to go, there’s still a myriad ofoptions to choose. Each affords the opportunity to get upclose and personal with wildlife on your African Safari trip.Decide first if you want to maximize the sights you see in thecountry by spending a few days in multiple locations with atour company, or if you want to balance your time spent ongame drives with spa treatments, and relaxing down timetogether, just the two of you at an African lodge.CHAPTER 2:Tour or Lodge?Page 10
  11. 11. If you chose a touroperator traveling fromarea to area, some ofyour time will be spentin the luxe AfricanLodges that dot thereserves. A touroperator’s costs willinclude transportationfrom lodge to lodge,game drives and more.Choose a tour operatorsuch as Artisans ofLeisure, Abercrombie& Kent or MicatoSafaris to explore thevaried countries inmultiple locations.Additionally,Amawaterways offersunique river cruisesallowing you toexperience the Africanplains while leisurelyfloating down a river,only unpacking once.Photos courtesy of Sunset KeyCottagesPage 11AfricaPHOTO COURTESY OF MICATOSAFARIS
  12. 12. Micato Safaris are a Travel & Leisure winner nine years running. Run bygenerations of the Pinto family who’ve resided in Africa for nearly 50years, a safari is simply a way of life.The Micato difference is that they are truly an all-inclusive touroperator. Included in your safari are all meals, including soft drinks,wine and beer at most lodges, all transportation, including flightsbetween countries if needed, binoculars for every guest, stays at thefinest Fairmont or Singita properties and at least one stay in a tentedbush camp and all gratuities.PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICATO SAFARISPage 12Africa
  13. 13. Page 13AfricaAbercrombie & Kent is a leader in African Safari Trips,offering nearly a dozen local offices. A&K’s decades ofexperience and long standing arrangements with areareserves get you into the most desirable locations. Frommobile camping safaris or signature lodges, attentiveservice, the great migrations to picnics in the bush, youwill experience Africa through an authentic immersioninto the sights and sounds of the vast wilderness.
  14. 14. The Artisans of Leisureoffers tours in South Africa,Botswana, Kenya andTanzania. In addition togame drives and boatexcursions, tours may alsoinclude visits toarchaeological sites, accessto museums, historic homesor vineyards, walking safarisand visits with indigenousresidents to learn theirlifestyle. Artisans of Leisureprovides a private,personalized itinerary,expert guides and advice.Many of your stays on anArtisan tour are at theSingita family of lodges.Page 14AfricaRead More aboutour choice of SafariTour operators
  15. 15. If you want to stay in one lodge your entire visit, the lodgesalso offer daily game drives, delicious meals and even theopportunity to get in a spa visit in your down time. Thestunning vistas, relaxed atmosphere, turn of the century luxuryand daily game drives are all available at Singita Lodges,&Beyond or Ol Donyo lodges.Page 15Africa&BEYOND NGORONGORO CRATER LODGE OL DONYO LODGE
  16. 16. CHAPTER 3:When to GoDepending on what you want to see in Africa willdetermine when you should go.Page 16
  17. 17. Some would say you can never visit Africa too many times and notenough times to fill a lifetime. When you’re going for the firsttime, what you want to experience will help you determine whento go.The great migrations between Tanzania and Kenya occur from Julyto October, with early September as optimal viewing. Keep inmind, these countries are on or south of the equator and seasonsare opposite of what we have in the US. The further south you go,the cooler it will be, which can make for a more enjoyable safaritrip.If you only visit twocontinents in yourlifetime, visit Africa -twice" ~ R. Elliot.Page 17Africa
  18. 18. Dry Season finds animals moving in thicker numbers aroundwatering holes such as permanent lakes and rivers. The grassand foliage is not as lush, also making it easier to spot the landanimals. Dry seasons in each country: Kenya - January through March and July through October Tanzania – January through March, June to November Zimbabwe – July to October Botswana – June to September South Africa – June to SeptemberPage 18Africa
  19. 19. Wet Season is prime viewing for bird lovers. However, wetseason is just that; wet, hot and humid. Comfort levelsshould be considered if you plan on traveling outside of themonths mentioned above.Victoria Falls will run more torrential in March and Apriltowards the end of wet season and may be more difficult toview in its entirety due to thick spray. The shoulder seasonsof April and October can lend to some better deals with thetour operators and lodges, however rains are beginning tomove in during these months and vegetation becomes fuller.Page 19Africa
  20. 20. If you’re interested in planning your custom AfricaSafari tour, request a free Vacation Quote for oneof these tours or lodges. We will quote you theright price the first time and provide exclusiveextras you can’t get on your own.Luxe Travel Advisors provide the best vacations withdeluxe accommodations, luxury cruises, authenticcuisine and VIP treatment for you all over the world– it’s not just what we know, it’s who we know.REQUEST A FREEVACATION QUOTE