We have the biggest audience of videogamers in the world.
We've been in business for 14 years.
Lean Startup wasn't necessarily looking for us, but we found the MVP.
Or are we?
IGN Lessons learned. So far.
Project Mesa User Generated Code What is the MVP?
Build a platform? Not enough M.
Build a feature rich sample site to show off? Not enough M.
Create landing pages that market example products? Not enough M.
Write a blog post? Not enough V.
Write a blog post with an actionable opt-in? Ding!
In the beginning we did not understand lean startup
Lean Startup  !=  Agile ++
IGN Cheats Product. 3.5 Million Monthly referrals from Google.
Most BigCo. Projects: Problem and Customer Validated. Product Undefined.
Plenty of Lean Startup practices make sense. We have been implementing many of them.
Scalable Startup Scalable Startup Scalable Startup
A Large Company is...
A portfolio of established business models and searches for new ones
A factory that makes startups, funded by an established business model
A bet factory
Lean Startup... with a paycheck
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BigCo. Lessons Learned at IGN


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Applying Lean Startup in a large established company.

More on CodeFoo: go.ign.com/CodeFoo

The prezi for this deck is here: http://prezi.com/-lerxxksmoql/bigco-lessons-learned/

More on 5 whys here: http://www.slideshare.net/tony4d/tech-talk-thefivewhys20110301public

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