The Neccissity Of Bcp For Contruction Company


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The Neccissity Of Bcp For Contruction Company

  1. 1. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 The Necessity of BCP for Construction Company 2007. 8. Prof. JI-HYEOB RYU Disaster Mitigation IT Research Institute Hanlyo University 1
  2. 2. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Cases on national infrastructure damages 2
  3. 3. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Background Cause of emergency is sudden change of environment and social structure. Private companies are damaged because of lack of prevention and preparedness. Advanced countries set up emergency management criteria to prepare for emergency. Construction company needs to adopt BCP as emergency management criteria for its emergency recovery. 3
  4. 4. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Contents Review on national emergency Needs of building and safety management system ⅰ up emergency Emergency management of management Korean companies ⅱ system for construction Trend of emergency management criteria in international community and ⅲ company advanced countries Needs of adopting BCP as emergency management criteria for construction ⅳ company 4
  5. 5. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Related regulations on emergency management Constitution 36.6 The country shall make efforts to prevent disaster and protect its people from danger. Fundamental law on Manmade emergency: emergency and safety Each department develops management stipulates own regulation. the basic principle of emergency prevention, Social emergency: preparedness, response, and recovery. Protection of national infrastructure system Law on dealing with manages guidelines of natural disaster stipulates national risk management. comprehensive management on typhoon, flood, earthquake, and others. 5
  6. 6. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Government organization structure NEMA, established on June 2004, is in charge of natural & man-made disasters. man- infra- However, emergency management on critical infra-structures is assigned to MOGAHA. 6
  7. 7. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Disaster management structure • The National Safety Management Committee(NSMC) managements, determines the critical policies on disaster & safety managements, including reviews of National Safety Management Basic & Implementation Plans. • Its chairman is Prime Minister and consists of relevant ministers ministers Security including chiefs of National Intelligence Service, National Security Council, Korea Meteorological Agency, Broadcasting Committee. • sub- There are 8 sub-committees, whose respective chairmen are the director- corresponding ministers and which consist of related director-general level officials. 7
  8. 8. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Disaster management structure • The National Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (NDSCH) is in charge of prevention and status control of necessary natural disasters, as well as recovery planning, and executes necessary measures related to such disasters. • Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs heads the NDSCH, while Administrator of the National Emergency Management Agency serves as its vice chiefs. • The National Emergency Rescue Control Group(NERCG) generally coordinates works between emergency rescue agencies and generally manage the emergency rescue activities. • The nominee by administrator of NEMA heads the NERCG and it has a steering committee with government officials as well as private experts. 8
  9. 9. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Safety and maintenance management Regulations on safety and maintenance of social infrastructure Safety management Safety and maintenance during construction management after construction Law on construction technology management- management- Special law on safety Safety management plans management of facilities- facilities- Basic plans of safety and maintenance management Law on industry safety and health- health-plans of preventing Fundamental law on hazard and danger emergency and safety management- management-Guidelines on choosing specific management facility 9
  10. 10. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Facility safety and maintenance system Government set up its safety management system in 1995. Fundamental law on emergency and safety management was enacted in 2004 Facility safety Special law on facility safety and and maintenance manages important facility. maintenance system By relying fundamental law on emergency and safety management, each emergency institution manages those facilities excluded from special law on facility safety and maintenance. 10
  11. 11. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Review on national emergency management system Setting up the NEMA, integration of preparedness and response, and comprehensive response system. Limits on each department’s emergency management Needs of adopting emergency management standard Needs of standardization on facility management system 11
  12. 12. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Damages types of Korean companies Emergency types of companies Multiple Public Private Unit purpose Sum Related facts company company facility Number of 11 43 16 70 Interviewed companies company Natural 11 43 5 59(84%) Typhoon, rain, earthquake, etc. disaster Manmade 7 23 12 42(60%) Pollution, fire, explosion, etc. emergency Infrastru Barriers in computer, communication, 4 21 1 26(37%) security, electric supply, energy cture supply, etc. Managemen Terror, death of CEO, financial loss, 6 27 7 40(57%) corporate image, and other issues. t risk 12
  13. 13. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Corporate damages by natural disaster Because conglomerate corporations do not have supporting system for natural disaster, related information is not available. Damages of medium and small sized corporation reached up to 120 billion Won and 600 billion won during typhoon. Years/Sum 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Comp Com Compa Compa Compa Compa Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum any pany ny ny ny ny 1,067 1,161 12,390 12,074 1,527 1,019 1,486 2,094 7,020 5,735 1,290 1,255 (932) (1,057) 13
  14. 14. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 System of corporate emergency preparedness Law on supporting corporate autonomy for emergency mitigation Developing BCP for typhoon, rain, earthquake, etc. Corporate do not have their compensation and supporting for natural disaster. Corporate Supporting Setting up Infrastruct certificate of good emergency ure of excellency in corporate management disaster ➡ ➡ ➡ disaster on disaster criteria mitigation mitigation mitigation 14
  15. 15. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Emergency management criteria in international community Some advanced countries play a major role in emergency management criteria (ISO/TC 223 Societal Security) 2001, It was set up. 2005, Secretariat was moved from Russia to Sweden. 2006, The 1st conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden. May, 2007, The 3rd conference was in in Orlando, Florida. Nov. 2007, The 4th conference will be held in Netherlands. 15
  16. 16. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Emergency management criteria in other countries Countries U.S.A B.K. Japan Australia Israel Criteria NFPA 1600 BS 25999-1 Not available HB 221 HS2-0142 No. Applying Crisis/emergency scope management, BCP BCP BCP Security system BCP Enacting NFPA BSI JISC SA SII institution Enacting ‘04년(2nd Ed.) PAS 56:2003 Date =>'07 (3rd Ed.) =>BS 25999-1 in Feb. ‘06 ‘04(2nd Ed.) Feb. ‘06 ‘06 In the process of proposing White paper Types ANSI criteria From PAS to BS international Handbook criteria Stipulating Stipulating general Criteria on recommendation principle on Stipulating BCP Stipulating facts on Major crisis/emergency and evaluation organization BCP process in terms of security and its contents management, and criteria on BCP management. risk management. system. BCP as EMA process, principle, terms, etc. 16
  17. 17. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 영국 BS 25999-1 Code of Practice The BCM Lifecycle - Good Practice Guidelines 17
  18. 18. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 ISO/PAS IPOCM의 공통요 소 Incident Preparedness and Operational Continuity Management 18
  19. 19. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Korean activities in emergency management criteria ◆ Domestic activities - BCP consulting by relying on advanced countries’ criteria - Publicizing emergency management criteria by Korea BCP Association - Attending ISO/TC 223 by NEMA and other institutions - Setting up KSSS in Jan., 2007 ◆ International activities - April, 2006 IWA attendance by NSC, KSA, KATS, etc. - June, 2006 Attending 1st Conferernce - Nov. 2006 Attending 2nd Conference by NEMA, KATS, KBCP - May 2007 Attending 3rd Conference by NEMA, KBCP, KSSS 19
  20. 20. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 BCP effects Some job levels come to Job levels are disturbed by massive over 100% by the response due to last restarts of job. supports of outside Job institutions. perfo rman ce level retfa eve boJ retfa eve boJ retfa llllevellll boJ retfa eve boJ (quali gniiiitnemellllpmiiii gn tneme pm gn tneme pm gn tneme pm suoiverP PCB PCB ty llllevellll bojjjj eve bo eve bo eve bo and quant ity) Shortening job restarting time Improving job performance level after disaster Disaster About 2 weeks About 1 month Time Figure 1. Effects of implementing BCP 20
  21. 21. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Roles of construction company during disaster ◆ The role of construction company is influential over society and nation. - Company tries to minimize damages by emergency mitigation. - Company prepares for safety management plans. - Company needs to adopt BCP as its emergency management criteria. ◆ The role of construction company during disaster - Company recovers infrastructure. - Company prevents related disaster in construction site. - Company supports recovery activities. 21
  22. 22. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Features of construction company and related factors ◆ Features of construction company - pyramid organization, several major business areas, etc. - Intensive labor, always utilizing construction machines, etc. - Possible construction stops during construction, owning disaster prevention technology, etc. ◆ Related factors - Cooperating with related companies - Obtaining transportation media - Dispatching emergency recovery team and others 22
  23. 23. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Guidelines on Japan’s construction BCP 계획 1. 검토대상이 되는 재해의 특정 2. 영향도의 평가 (1)정지기간과 대응력의 견적 (2)중요업무의 결정 (3)목표복구시간의 설정 건설BCP 계획 사 3. 중요업무가 받는 피해의 상정 5. 사업계속계획의 책정 업 4. 중요요소의 추출 (1) 지휘명령계통의 명확화 계 5. 사업계속계획의 책정 (2) 본사등중요업무거점의 기능확보 속 (1) 지휘명령계통의 명확화 (3) 대외적인 정보발언 및 정보제공 을 (2) 본사등 중요업무 거점의 기능확보 (4) 정보시스템의 백업 위 (3) 대외적인 정보발언 및 정보제공 추가 (5) 협력회사와의 연대 한 (4) 정보시스템의 백업 대체 (6) 인프라 복구공사에의 대응 시 (5) 제품•서비스의 공급관계 (7) 시공현장에의 대응 책 (8) 준공물건에의 대응 23
  24. 24. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Conclusion Comprehensive emergency management via setting up the NEMA. While many supports are related to manmade emergency, there are not supporting system for natural disaster. International community, starting nations will have Predominant advantages. Construction companies need to set up advanced emergency & safety management system by adopting BCP. 24
  25. 25. 연안침식모니터링체계구축 Thank you 25