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Duty of care and travel risk management: Occupational Security


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Duty of care and travel risk management: Occupational Security

  1. 1. CHAPTER TWO Occupational Security
  2. 2. Duty of Care: A Buyer’s Guide to Travel Health, Safety and Security The discussion around duty of care invariably includes the subject of security. While there is significant overlap between safety and security when it comes to travel [with safety duties incorporating security obligation], occupational security laws are very limited in terms of legal obligations. This means that for travel and risk management professionals/planners, legal obligations relating to employee travel security, are largely governed by the existing health and safety laws or regulations. Not the other way around. Prevailing  Laws:  In  order  to  effec,vely  deliver  or  ensure  a  risk   management  process  for  travel,  understanding  and  compliance   to  the  legal  obliga,ons  is  mandatory.  Occupa,onal  security  laws   are  subordinate  to  health  and  safety  laws,  for  now.   Page 4
  3. 3. If you’re interested in understanding how to instantly evaluate, educate and monitor the risk for every single traveller and business trip as part of your travel health, safety, security and risk management “ What begins as a workplace extension, ends in a business anywhere opportunity ” -­‐  Tony  Ridley  CEO  Intelligent  Travel