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Better Business Newsletter-May 2011


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Tips, advice and tutorials on better business solutions.

Published in: Business
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Better Business Newsletter-May 2011

  1. 1. BETTER BUSINESS NEWSLETTER MAY 2011 Welcome to the May 2011 edition of the newsletter Profitability, Efficiency and Safety Welcome Following recent discussion with numerous clients and industry professionals, I am still surprised by the lack of understanding and THIS MONTH application of social media. At the end of the day it is a tool like any ARTICLES other business option but businesses are really missing the boat when How the 2011 Thailand elections it comes to business intelligence such as travel, safety, security, will affect business and travellers marketing and operations. This month I have included a section on Risk analysis: How to value your how to use Google Docs as part of an entry solution but will have human capital even more in the next newsletters following a number of requests. The travel health and safety mistake that could cost your Articles company thousands $$$$ How the 2011 Thailand elections will affect How the killing of Osama Bin business and travellers. Laden will affect business travel The long-running disruptions and political tensions in VIDEOS Asia Pacific business travel: Taxi Thailand have more than just risk index and decision tool a few businesses nervous about the recently announced Outsourcing made easy general election. This article Why most risk assessments are covers all the major issues and wrong and dangerous provides advice and guidance for those with exposure or concerns. More Better risk assessments, management, metrics and tools Risk Analysis: How to value your human capital Google Docs for business intelligence: Marketing, travel , Too many businesses fail to safety, security & operations adequately identify and value their assets correctly. The NEXT EDITION subsequent result is wastage and How to write the best crisis vulnerable risk exposure. Here I management plan for your business show you how to value what could be your most valuable asset and other areas for consideration. MoreHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  2. 2. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER MAY 2011 The travel health and safety mistake that could cost your company thousands $$$$ Workplace health and safety has become commonplace for most companies globally. However, the same basic standards and compliance are conspicuously absent for those whose workplace includes travel. If you want to know more about this mistake that could cost your business thousands if not rectified, then read on. More How the killing of Osama Bin Laden will affect business travel The death of Osama Bin Laden does not conclude the global threat of terrorism but in many instances it will trigger a new wave or business travel threats. If you want to know more on how the killing of Osama Bin Laden will affect business travel then you need to read this article. More Videos Asia Pacific Business Travel: Taxi risk index and decision tool Learn how to measure and manage the risks and threats of taxi travel within Asia Pacific when travelling for business. Most companies overlook one of the most common factors to any business travel when considering threats, that is the journey from the airport to the hotel, office or meeting and back again. This video looks a how to measure and manage that risk MoreHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  3. 3. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER MAY 2011Outsourcing made easyIf you’re like me you are on complete informationoverload. With today’s technology, there are manyways to build, manage, direct, monitor and marketyour business. There is something new every day.LinkedIn, Squidoo, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook,Articles, Blogging, Email Marketing, and the listgoes on and on. More Why most risk assessments are wrong and dangerous Why the use of threat and risk matrix based tools are wrong and dangerous to companies. Despite many popular assessments and professionals using simplified charts and graphs, find out why the most popular is wrong and misleading MoreGoogle Docs for businessintelligence: marketing, travel,safety, security, crisis andoperationsGoogle Docs for business intelligence:Security, Crisis, Travel, Safety, Operationsand Marketing will show you how to use thefree offerings from Google to make yourbusiness more efficient and productive. MoreHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  4. 4. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER MAY 2011Better risk assessments,management, metrics and toolsVideo tutorial for professionals on how to developBetter Risk Assessments, Management, Tools andMetrics with source material and calculations takenfrom a variety of disciplines such as engineering,mathematics, security, finance and more. MoreAdviceWhen was the last time you stopped to consider if the way you are currently doing a business process isstill the most efficient and effective? Many companies and business leaders get into a “groove” and adoptthe philosophy “if it isn’t broke, why fix it?”. The reality is, we are constantly surrounded with historicalpractices that will benefit from renewed consideration or technology has evolved and now offersalternatives to the solution. Sometimes the greatest opportunities for efficiency and productivityimprovements are staring us in the face but we first need to be willing to see them in the first instance.Tony RidleyConsultant, Speaker, Author & AdvisorAustraliaOffice: +61 3 9016 4280Mobile: +61 401798004Fax: +61 3 99996742Mail: PO Box 24238, Melbourne, VIC 3001, AustraliaSingaporeMobile: +65 82052136Email: tony@tony-ridley.comEmail: tony.ridley@gmail.comWebsite: profiles: LinkedIn Twitter SlideShare Tungle.meHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER