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Tagauayan island, cuyo, magsaysay, palawan


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Island properties for sale, joint ventures for development.

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Tagauayan island, cuyo, magsaysay, palawan

  2. 2. Property Location Tagauayan Island is part of the Cuyo Group of Islands scattered in northern Sulu Sea, between Palawan and Panay Island. Tagauayan, also known as Pan de Azucar during the Spanish era, is a U-shaped, 400 hectare and seemingly two adjacent islands but it’s not. One can actually walk from one “island” to the other during low tide. Tagauayan is under barangay Cocoro - which is also the name of its neighbouring island. Cuyo, the name of the biggest island in the group has an airport that can accommodate chartered flights and private planes. The Cuyo Group also includes Pamalican Island which is known for its luxurious and world renowned Amanpulo Resort. All of the Cuyo Islands are within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Magsaysay, province of Palawan.
  3. 3. Property Description Tagauayan’s main island is about 350 hectares where the highest peak at 490 feet above sea level is situated. It’s northern and southern edges are mostly rocky, but it’s inland portions are made of loam soil where agriculture can thrive. On the otherhand, the “small island” is about 50 hectares where 70% is Tagauayan Island is formed like a rocky and 30% is sandy beach. The seemingly two U-shape. The opening that fronts adjacent islands are actually one which becomes northeast is the entrance to evident during low tides. Coconuts, citrus, bananas Tagauayan Bay which is the and other vegetations abound through out the island. safest and most appropriate berthing area that could accommodate even large steelhulled vessels. The wide beach along the bay also serves as landing site for helicopters. It may also be possible to build an air strip on this side of the island. The tidal “Land bridge” connecting the small island to the main island.
  4. 4. Property Description There are a few families living in Tagauayan where sufficient potable fresh water sources are available. There is no electricity and no existing roads. There are no established resorts and only a couple of stores are operating in the island. The island boasts of two white sand beaches: a 600-meter northeastern beachfront, and a 900-meter long beach in its southeastern front. Both beaches extends to about 250280 meters seaward. There’s also a marine sanctuary in the island where one can swim and snorkel to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Tagauayan with its unsullied environment takes pride in its alluring natural beauty, pristine white sand beaches and abundant marine life.
  5. 5. How to get there? There are several ways to get to Tagauayan Island : From Manila take a 1-hour flight to Iloilo City in Panay Island. From Iloilo, board the ship for a 12-hour trip to Cuyo Island. In Cuyo town, take the 30-minute tricycle ride to Magsaysay town where a motorized boat can be rented for a 45-minute trip to Tagauayan Island. Another option is via Puerto Princesa City (also an hour’s flight from Manila). At Puerto Princesa, ride a ship bound for Cuyo port (1416 hours trip). Then, take the same motorcycle and motorized boat rides to Tagauayan. The fastest option is taking a chartered flight directly to Magsaysay town, one of two towns in Cuyo Island. From the airport, its just a short motorcycle ride to the wharfs - for the boat ride to Tagauayan. Cuyo Airport in Magsaysay town is well suited for chartered flights and private planes. It is regularly being used by planes delivering fresh seafood to Manila.
  6. 6. Behold, Nature’s Treasures Tagauayan Island - Bare, Unspoiled, and Beautiful. A hidden and tranquil paradise away from all the hustles & bustles of city life. Ideal for eco-tourism and exclusive resort projects. The property is legally titled under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and all inquiries/negotiations may be coursed thru it’s consultants – Tierra De Oro Realty & Development Co.,Inc. ( email: or Mr. E.L. Salas (email: ). The property is open for sale, lease, joint venture or other forms of cooperative agreements, partially or fully. The many exciting possibilities on the property makes it an ideal project for foreign investors or conglomerates who can handle large scale developments.