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Machinima in language education


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One of my contributions to the Dutch national conference on Virtual Worlds
on behalf of the CAMELOT project.

Published in: Education
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Machinima in language education

  1. 1. Ton Koenraad (TELLConsult) Nationale Conferentie Virtuele Werelden 13 november 2014, Tilburg Netherlands Machinima in Language Education. Virtual worlds as studios for the production of educational video materials.
  3. 3. Languaging while in DIFFERENT SCENARIOS
  4. 4. Immersive Training: AT THE AIRPORT
  6. 6. CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online Language Teaching and Learning CAMELOT Language Learning with Machinima
  7. 7. Project Consortium • University of Central Lancashire, UK • Istanbul University, TR • University of Western Bohemia, CZ • Polish ADL Partnership lab of National Defense University, PL • ICC The International Language Association, DE • let’s talk online sprl, BE • LinguaTV, DE • EduActive, PL • TELL Consult, NL
  8. 8. Aims and Objectives 1. Create, test & share machinima exploring the role of visual communication in language learning 2. Produce guidelines & training about how to create them 3. Promote teacher autonomy and blended learning 4. Create an online community of practice
  9. 9. Adaptable World variables 10
  10. 10. …variable perspectives (camera controls) 11
  11. 11. GENRES OF MACHINIMA Informative (Documentaries) Instructions (Tutorials) Demonstrations (Language use, Portfolio evidence) Humour /Jokes and Riddles Narratives (Storytelling) Role-plays Promotion (Book trailer)
  12. 12. MFL Pedagogical Functions • Introduce a new topic (Advance Organiser) • Introduce / review special / CLIL (language) content • Visualise (grammatical) meaning • Model language use • Promote extensive reading motivation • The eye • If I could fly… • Making a call • Professional skills training • Book trailer
  13. 13. MFL Pedagogical Functions • Provide context for tasks & projects • Telecollaborative projects • Subtitling, synchronous reporting processes, content presentation • Transmedia storytelling • Blended: 2D + 3D activities • Intercultural exchanges, What if …
  14. 14. Machinima as input for learning objects: with content processing scaffolds For blended learning & classroom flipping
  15. 15. Machinima as input for learning objects: Focus on form activities & comprehension assessment
  16. 16. MFL Pedagogical Functions • Learner generated video content for: – Telecollaborative projects – Feedback provision – Portfolio content Credits: Christel Schneider
  17. 17. More info on: - Practitioner reports - Camelot film productions - Training options - Joining the Camelot network CAMELOT Language Learning with Machinima
  18. 18. With special thanks to: Christel Schneider aka Letty Pienaar Thank you for your attention! Ton Koenraad