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Developments on Interaction and Interactivity presented at Nevsehi University, Turkey


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Developments on Interaction and Interactivity presented at Nevsehi University, Turkey

  1. 1. Information & Communication Technology and Language (Teacher) Education Innovation Some reflections on developments, challenges and personal experiences Invited presentation at Nevsehir University, Faculty of Education Turkey, 2013 Ton Koenraad
  2. 2. Overview • ICT developments • Implications for Teacher Education • Focus: Introduction of Interactive Whiteboards • Use cases for Modern Languages • Presentation of related EU projects
  3. 3. Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, NL Faculty of Education 1990 - 2011 MFL methodology, in-service training e-Projects manager, ICT-Coordinator 2005 2009 / 2013 ICT-e Competences for prospective teachers
  4. 4. TELLConsult
  5. 5. Innovation in Teacher Ed. to prepare professionals to teach our next generation 6
  6. 6. Web 2.5 • • • • • • Discussion lists, blogs, wikis, social networking Chat rooms & VideoConferencing Virtual Worlds Podcasting Social bookmarking Etc….
  7. 7. Which technologies for which activities? Instant messenger SYNCHRONOUS Community platforms VoIP Conference rooms webcam MUVE 3D Worlds PEER TO PEER WEBCAST folksonomies Mailing lists vlogs foaf CMS photoblogs blogs email podcasts ASYNCHRONOUS PLE forums wikis Credits: B.Dieu
  8. 8. Open Educational Resources (OER) LINGUA@NET
  9. 9. Simulations for practice and assessment of oral skills Chatterdale
  10. 10. Portfolio & Testing systems
  11. 11. Telecollaboration
  12. 12. Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  13. 13. Personal Learning Network (PLN): Sharing Interests & Resource Finds
  14. 14. My project experiences: ICT-Tools, Activity design, Teacher Ed., Research, CoP E-CLIL Telecollaboration LanguageQuest 3D & MFL: ViTAAL, NIFLAR , EUROVERSITY Classroom Tech
  15. 15. Interactive Technologies In Language Teaching: The IWB in the language classroom EU Project – LLP Programme 2011-2013
  16. 16. Supporting Continuous Professional Development of VET teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards • EU-Project Leonardo programme 2011-2013
  17. 17. Classroom technologies. Focus on IWB Seen them being used?
  18. 18. More info here 21
  19. 19. Access: IWBs are found across Europe at most levels, with approximately 100 students to each IWB at all grades.
  20. 20. Vocational & Grade 4
  21. 21. Fatih project
  22. 22. A literature review Koenraad (2008) • More chances for interaction, collaboration and discussion, particularly in comparison with other ICT-use. • Attention focus (cinema-effect) enhances motivation, also because of improved lesson pace…. • - and this better pace offers more opportunities for repetition, more detailed explanation & test preparation.
  23. 23. Lit. review (2) •  pupils can cope with more complex concepts by actually handling related objects • Handling + concurrent thinking aloud supports verbalising thinking and insight development • increased chances for learning style matches thanks to multi-modal and haptic affordances Koenraad, A.L.M. (2008c). Interactive Whiteboards in educational practice: the research literature reviewed. Downnload: elearningEuropa
  24. 24. The TPACK model, source: Koehler & Mishra (2006) 27
  25. 25. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge: Knowing how ICT affects subject teaching methodologies Technological Content Knowledge: Realising how ICT influences how subject matter can be acquired. Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Know-how about subject specific pedagogy & methodologies
  26. 26. improbability deconstructiveness inconsistentcy Let’s see how an IWB can help when looking at word formation in EFL
  27. 27. Training Free Materials Training Materials
  28. 28. Comenius/Grundtvig Courses
  29. 29. Exploitation Courses offered in 2013 in …. & ….? July, week 29, Spain August, week 33, Portugal More info here
  30. 30. Thank you for your attention! Any questions? Ton Koenraad TELLConsult