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Finding Resources


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The slides from a workshop presentation to secondary school teachers about exploring the web and finding resources for use in the classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Finding Resources

  1. 1. FINDING RESOURCES ONLINE tips/tricks/ideas/TIME for finding resources useful for planning and lesson activities
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Tab Browsing!!!
  4. 4. KEY WORDS WHEN LESSON PLANNING Try adding these terms to your searches • k-12 (k-5 for low ability) • lesson plan
  5. 5. FIND READY-MADE POWERPOINT SLIDES • Add filetype:ppt to your Google search • Visit
  6. 6. SHOCKWAVE FLASH • Interactive animations • PLENTY have been developed for education • Easily found • Easily downloaded
  7. 7. Right Click
  8. 8. How to download videos from YouTube quickly and easily
  9. 9. • Explore the Google suite of tools • Search for resources on a topic adding k-12 to your search • Explore • Search for and download shockwave flash files adding filetype:swf to your search • Setup your Delicious account and start adding bookmarks • Check out for education bookmarks • Check out for resources sorted into subject area • Share your thinking and finding on your ethernet pad