Prelim of Computer Fundamentals and Keyboarding


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it is all about DiningRoom and Banquet management. Hope you like it!!

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Prelim of Computer Fundamentals and Keyboarding

  1. 1. Sta. Elena (Camarines Norte) College Inc. Pob. Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte Dining Room & Banquet Management Prelim Examination
  2. 2. TEST I.DIRECTION. Write “R” if the statement is true and “A” if the statement is wrong. (2pts each) 1. All guest wants to be & appreciate being pampered. 2. The one difference that will make a restaurant stand out is the service. 3. Guests are not enjoy talking about their experiences at a restaurant. 4. Historically, excellent service has been the biggest complaint about
  3. 3. 5. Word of Mouth has more effect on business at a restaurant or banquet house than any factor. 6. By the power of word of mouth, 1,070 people will believe taht your restaurant is poor. This is the impact of positive word of mouth. 7. The restaurant that succeed & prosper are those owners take the time to pay attention to details & make their guest feel welcome in
  4. 4. 8. Service is defined by two words – excellence and friendliness. 9. Competence service occurs when guests in a restaurant never have to ask for anything. 10. The most important ingredient in successful service is the human element, that is the concern for the guests.
  5. 5. 12. The cuisine of Russia was greatly influenced by the French. 13. It takes longer to serve gusts using French service. 14. The restaurant must employ highly skilled service staff, knowledgeable in cooking aswell as service. 15. French service, is the showy and elegant service.
  6. 6. 16. Spoon is the oldest of all eating utensils, it is also the simplest. 17. Attention to details, especially in regard to table settings, is critical for a guest’s first impression of your establishment. 18. Dining in America was
  7. 7. 19. Whatever type of tablecloths, placemats & napkins are used in a restaurant, they should be attractive, clean & appropriate to the restaurants style. 20. American service is characterized by portioning all the food on the dinner plate in
  8. 8. Test II. Identification. Provide a blank for the answer of the following
  9. 9. 1. It is also called plate service or German service. 2. is a meal where all the food has been preselected by the host before the guests enter the room. 3. It is the most elegant of banquet services.
  10. 10. 5. Is characterized by the guests obtaining either their whole meal or parts of the meal from food that is displayed in the dining room. 6. A buffet where the tables are set with utensils and guests are served coffee & perhaps desert, by the waiter. 7. A buffet where the guests are served the first & second course,
  11. 11. 8. The first restaurant opened in Paris, France. 9. In French Service, they are the waiter. 10. It is the act or manner of serving food and drinks.
  13. 13. KINDLY ELABORATE THE FOLLOWING. 1. UBIQUITOS 2. Excellent service 3. Sanitation 4. Consumer orientation 5. utensils
  14. 14. KINDLY ELABORATE THE FOLLOWING. 6. Place setting 7. knives 8. Commis de rang 9. Gueridon 10. Chef de rang.
  15. 15. GOOD LUCK!!!
  16. 16. 1. American Service 2. Banquet 3. Russian banquet service 4. Buffet service 5. Modified deluxe buffet 6. Deluxe buffet