Awl 12 2 meeting 2


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2nd Meeting for the "Week in the Life" Project for 3-5th Graders. Flat Classroom Project

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  • Remind them to run their Audio Setup Wizard. Make sure timer is turned on. Should we do music?
  • Awl 12 2 meeting 2

    1. 1. ‘A Week in the Life…’ 2012-1A Flat Classroom® Project for Elementary School students Grades 3-5, age 8-10 While you are waiting, please go to “Tools”, “Audio” to test the “Audio Setup Wizard”
    2. 2. Insert a picture, your name and where you are fromIntroductions
    3. 3. Already DoneLast Meeting Check list Fill in the Teacher admin doc. Post a pre-project teacher reflection on the teacher blog Join Edmodo as a teacher Group: FCP AWL 12-1 Code: fbijrm Create a separate group for your class (optional) Do not add students yet!
    4. 4. Blog over the next week pre-project ideas and organization challenges an introduction to you and your class. Login and PW are on the admin doc. remember to add your name as a Category
    5. 5. Forms for PermissionParent Information LetterPhoto Permission Slip
    6. 6. Edmodo/Handshakes • If you have not yet done your classroom handshake, review the ones already posted in Edmodo. • Create a comment as a class for the handshake you watch. • Brainstorm ways you can make your own handshake. • Create your own handshake. • Model Good Use of Edmodo as a Class • Don’t want students using Edmodo until Teams Grids are finalized so most of the work will be in the SubGroup
    7. 7. Ideas for HandshakesFive Unique Things at Your School, ie special days,classes, foods, places or favorite tech project360 View of your WorldStudents telling three things about themselves in aparagraph, slideshow or video
    8. 8. Avatar•Students need to add avatar unless they havepermission to use photo.•Avatars are fun to teach because you can teachthat they should keep their identity private.•What avatar ideas do you have?
    9. 9. Appropriate Usage of Edmodo Avatar should be school dress code. What happens if you see something that is not appropriate? Take a snapshot Delete the post Alert the teachers What is “not appropriate”? If a student asks “is this appropriate?” I always say no. In some cultures other things will be offensive.
    10. 10. Putting Students and Teachers onto Team Grid
    11. 11. Essential QuestionsFood & Celebrations Housing & Transportation Leisure Time What are the similarities and differences among children around the world? How can we connect with each other through our commonalities? How does your geography where you live impact your topic?Environment School Time Clothing & Language
    12. 12. Start the DiscussionFood & Celebrations Housing & Transportation Leisure Time What does this category mean to you? What do you want to know about this category from a student that is in your group? How does your geography where you live impact your category?Environment School Time Clothing & Language
    13. 13. Work For TeachersWork on a Classroom Handshake to share on EdmodoFill in Team Grids with teachers and studentsReview the Calendar
    14. 14. Working on WITH STUDENTSWork on a Classroom Handshake to share on EdmodoAvatar or Photo for use on EdmodoStart Discussions about CategoriesClassroom to Classroom Handshake Skype: or Eyejot:
    15. 15. Q and A