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Russia handout


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Russia handout

  1. 1. 6th European Conference in Positive Psychology Moscow 2012 Positive Psychology Goes to School ‘helping young people be resilient’ Professor Toni Noble Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education, ACU Email: Website: increasing numbers of young people are struggling through life withemotional and social needs that challenge schools and welfare agencies andadversely affect their learning. This workshop refers to Bounce Back! An Award-winning Wellbeing & Resilience Program published by Pearson Education. BounceBack offers practical and engaging classroom resources to help children andyoung people function well at school and in life.Skills to enhance Student Wellbeing & ResilienceBounce Back FeaturesClassroom Resources for each level with a Teacher’s Handbook in onevolume. The three levels are for Lower primary (5-7 years), Middle Primary (8-10 years) and Upper Primary-Junior Secondary (11-14 years).
  2. 2. Nine curriculum units on student resilience:1. Core Values: Developing positive and pro-social values2. People Bouncing Back: Developing strategies for coping and bouncing back3. Courage: Finding courage in both everyday life and difficult circumstances4. Look on Bright Side:Optimistic thinking and looking on the bright side5. Emotions: Amplifying positive emotions and managing negative emotions6. Relationships: Making & keeping friends, conflict resolution7. No Bullying: Skills for countering bullying8. Humour: using humour as tool for coping and connecting9. Success: Skills and attitudes for being successfulEach curriculum unit uses Circle Time activities based on Key Points, supportedby extensive resources including good children’s literature and follow-up activitiesincluding strategies for cooperative learning and thinking skills.Bounce Back units easily ‘tap into’ coursework that teachers are alreadydelivering. It is particularly well-suited to English, Social Studies, Health andPastoral Care. Bounce Back is very teacher-friendly. Teachers need no specialtraining to deliver Bounce Back.The Teacher’s Handbook explores the theory, rationale and new researchdirections in social-emotional learning and positive education; cognitive behaviourtheory and outlines teaching strategies for program delivery.Free online component with over 170 IWB activities and games; extensiveresource lists featuring current literature, songs, websites and movies; newinformation for teachers to give to parents; an additional curriculum unit andmore than 200 worksheets and assessment tools.Community AwardsSilver Medal for a Community Based Project
 in ScotlandThe Bounce Back program was awarded a Silver Medal in 2010 for the Perth andKinross Council Awards for a community-based project.See for the Report on Bounce Back in 16 Schools inPerth and KinrossBest Teacher Resource 2011 awarded by the Australian Educational PublishersAssociationCommunity Psychology Award by Australian Psychological SocietyAwarded the Robin Winkler Award by APS for an applied community psychologyprogram in 2003.Most popular social and emotional learning program chosen by KidsMatterSchools in Australia (an Australian Government Health Promoting SchoolsInitiative).Chosen in 2010 for Schools in Bushfire-affected Regions by VictorianDepartment of EducationORDER FROM Order from Pearson Europe: Phone: 08453136666Bounce Back! Years K-2 ISBN-978 1 4425 3462 9Bounce Back! Years 3 & 4 ISBN-978 1 4425 3463 6
  3. 3. Bounce Back! Years 5-8 ISBN-978 1 4425 3464 3