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aftermarket car parts

  1. 1. Any vehicle part not sourcedfrom the cars maker is called anaftermarket part. Used as directreplacement parts, aftermarket carparts (or after market auto parts)do not void a cars warranty unlessstated otherwise.
  2. 2. Many companies produce carparts that are designed to functionas well, if not better, than the carsoriginal manufactured parts. Thereare a number of advantages anddisadvantages of using aftermarketcar parts in the Negara BruneiDarussalam.
  3. 3. (1) Cost: Generally aftermarket carparts are not as expensive as originalparts. The amount of money that canbe saved will vary between brands andits a good idea to shop around.Knowing how much a car part typicallycosts is important. If the cost of a partseems unusually low then its qualitymay be questionable.
  4. 4. (2) Variety: Aftermarket parts aremade by numerous companies sothere is a lot of choice and thishelps to keep prices competitive.Some companies only specializein one or two car parts, whilstothers will produce almost anypart possible.
  5. 5. (3) Accessibility: Unlike original parts,aftermarket auto parts can be easilysourced from the local mechanic, gasstation or auto parts store (e.g. GoldenWheels Company). There is no need towait for lengthy shipping delays whilstwaiting for original parts. Also, thisprovides more flexibility in choosingwhere to service a vehicle.
  6. 6. (4) Quality: The quality of afterparts can be just as good asthe original manufactured part.In some case the parts caneven be better because afterpart companies can improvedesigns.
  7. 7. (1) Huge Selection: Theoverwhelming choice ofaftermarket car parts can bedaunting, especially if the buyer isunfamiliar with the differentbrands. This can lead to poorchoices.
  8. 8. Even simple parts such as aspark plug, can be produced bynumerous companies and come inmany variations. Its a good ideato consult a mechanic whenuncertain of what to select.
  9. 9. (2) Variable Quality: In associationso many aftermarket brandscomes inconsistent quality. Someparts are inferior and made withpoor quality materials.
  10. 10. Try to select brands that arerecommended by mechanics, evenif they are slightly moreexpensive. In most cases you getwhat you pay for, so higher pricedparts are generally better quality.
  11. 11. Deciding to use or not to useaftermarket car parts can bedifficult. If youre someone thatworks on your own car and yourefamiliar with the different brandsavailable, then it is possible tosave a lot of money usingaftermarket parts.
  12. 12. Alternatively, if youreuncomfortable selecting aftermarketcar parts and dont have a mechanicyou can ask for advice, then it maybe best to stick with the originalmanufacturers parts. In this case allworks would need to be done at aauto dealership in BruneiDarussalam and it will cost extra forthe peace of mind.