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Aalto DoD-group A


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Published in: Design, Self Improvement
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Aalto DoD-group A

  1. 1. CAKE IS NO PIZZA! Aalto University is just another bakery?
  2. 2. INGREDIENTS! Collaboration using the proven recipes.
  3. 3. DIVERSITY! Toppings in different quantities and proportions.
  4. 4. PLAY & IMPROVISATION! Put the pizza in the oven.
  5. 5. PLAY & IMPROVISATION! Playful environment catalyses creative synergy.
  6. 6. PLAY & IMPROVISATION! The fusion of confusion?
  7. 7. THE TRUTH IS... ... that collaborative work will be the foundation for future innovation, and will be most successful when this foundation can support an environment of spontaneity and creative freedom.