FOSS localisation in minorised languages


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Presentation given during tour in different academical institutions:

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FOSS localisation in minorised languages

  1. 1. FOSS localisation in minorised languages Toni Hermoso Pulido Softcatalà member Mozilla Europe member Mozilla l10n-ca
  2. 2. FOSS Free and Open Source Software Free ( gratuit ) vs Free ( liber ) Freedoms ( FSF definition ) : <ul><li>0: The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  3. 3. 1: The freedom to study and modify the program.
  4. 4. 2: The freedom to copy the program so you can help your neighbor.
  5. 5. 3: The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Localisation <ul><li>Internationalisation (i18n) vs localisation (l10n)
  7. 7. Localise: Translate + Adapt to local culture or needs
  8. 8. What to localise?
  9. 9. Program interface
  10. 10. Documentation ( )
  11. 11. Other user support (forums, chats, etc., ) </li></ul>
  12. 12. Minorised and minority languages Minority language: Language spoken by a minor(ity) group in the whole world, in a country or in a region. It may or may not minorised. It may or may not be official. <ul><li>Magyar and German in Romania
  13. 13. Aranese Occitan in Catalonia
  14. 14. Irish in Ireland </li></ul>Minorised language: Language which is not fully developed in all the possible situations it might develop, usually formal or even common life ones. It's common among minor languages, but not exclusively. It may occur both in official and not official languages.
  15. 15. Catalan language Romance language – around 9 milion speakers Mainly spoken: <ul><li>Andorra (official)
  16. 16. France (protected status in Roussillon region)
  17. 17. Italy (little protection in Alghero city – Sardinia)
  18. 18. Spain </li><ul><li>Aragon (barely protected)
  19. 19. Balearic Islands (coofficial with Spanish)
  20. 20. Catalonia (coofficial with Spanish)
  21. 21. Valencia (coofficial with Spanish, known as Valencian) </li></ul></ul>First kwnon written document: Homilíes d'Organyà (s. XI – latin script) Source: Wikipedia, CIEMEN
  22. 22. Romanian language Romance language – around 26 milion speakers Mainly spoken: <ul><li>Bulgaria (barely protected)
  23. 23. Republic of Moldava (official, known as Moldovan)
  24. 24. Romania (official)
  25. 25. Serbia </li><ul><li>Vojdovina (coofficial with Serbian)
  26. 26. Rest of Serbia (barely protected) </li></ul><li>Ukraine (barely protected) </li></ul>First known written document: Neacșu's letter. (around 1521 – cyrillic script) Source: Wikipedia
  27. 27. Other languages Source: Eurominority
  28. 28. Is Romanian a minority language? Is Romanian a minorised language? Please, comment.
  29. 29. Is Romanian a minority language? Is Romanian a minorised language?
  30. 30. Language presence in FOSS projects Hard to measure, some rough estimations can be drawn from:
  31. 31. Softcatalà <ul><li>Recently 10 years
  32. 32. No software localised into Catalan before – only available in Spanish, French or English
  33. 33. A group of friends, some who worked in computer l10n in Dublin, decided to translate Netscape Communicator into Catalan.
  34. 34. Almost from scratch, a terminolgy compendium and a style guide were created. Based upon references from journalism and other fields and adapted to computer's world.
  35. 35. Now Softcatalà collaborates with official terminological academies and several administrations.
  36. 36. Translation guidelines are a reference for professional translators. </li></ul>
  37. 37. Softcatalà <ul>Tools we use for communicating (work is mainly virtual) <li>Wiki
  38. 38. Mailing lists
  39. 39. IRC chats and IM
  40. 40. Translation tools and references
  41. 41. Specific software. Ex. PoEdit for Gettext translations or web interfaces
  42. 42. Translation memories from our projects </li><ul><li>Web based one: </li></ul><li>Reference documents (terminology and style guide) </li></ul>
  43. 43. Narro project Help Romanian presence in FOSS Ease translation through a web interface Romanian based project used by other localisations as well
  44. 44. Any doubt about Mozilla applications? You can be answered in your own language… You can help other Romanians to spread FOSS in your city. You can share knowledge and know many new things about Mozilla pioneering web technology
  45. 45. Do you think you are proficient enough in English and Romanian? Do you want to practise your language skills? Do you want to help your family and friends to use Internet? Do it by translating Firefox documentation into Romanian.