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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Are you male or female? We decided to let 5 males and 5 females take part in our questionnaire so that we could get an even number of each gender to give a valid opinion when completing our questionnaire. This has enabled us to see if males and females have different opinions and if that would affect the size of the audience that would watch our music video. In my opinion, I feel that there may be slightly different opinions from each gender but generally, they will like the same things if they are in the same age range due to being in the same generation. What age range do you fall into? This question was helpful to the team as it gave us a vague idea for the questions to come next as we were able to assume that for example, the people in the age range 18 and under were probably more likely to listen to pop music stereotypically. As we can see from the questionnaire results, half the people that completed the
  2. 2. questionnaire were in the ’18 and under’ category, 30% were aged ’19-25’, 20% were aged ’26-35’ and none of the people that completed the questionnaire we over 35. As we posted this questionnaire on a ‘poll website’, we came to the decision that there was nobody over 35 that completed our questionnaire because most people over this age may not be interested in taking a questionnaire about music. This also showed to us that we need to target our audience towards our age range as we can relate to them more than the older generation. What is your occupation? We decided to ask this question, to see which people tend to listen to music and watch music videos. As you can see from the graph, the results showed that majority of the people that answered the questionnaire are students. I thought this was because people with part time or full time jobs usually don’t have enough time to sit and watch music videos in between working or at work. However, students such as sixth formers have ‘free study periods’ where they can watch music videos. Also, when at home or working they may have the television on or you tube, to watch new music videos. This allows them to feel some sort of belonging within friendship groups and within society.
  3. 3. What genre of music do you listen to the most? This question was very helpful to us as we also used it in the last questionnaire that we created as well. It allowed us to choose a specific genre to base our music video on, and also pick a song that was suitable for our audience. As you can see from the graph, ‘pop’ was the most popular genre that the people listened to the most. I feel this is because on TV’s they play mostly ‘chart music’ which is mainly pop music. In my opinion, l feel that the people that were 18 or under have chosen the pop genre and the dance genre, and then the older people have chosen the other genres. I feel this has helped us to decide what genre to choose for our music video as we think that the best audience to aim for is our age range (18 and under). What devises to you use to watch music videos? As the graph shows, mobile phones were the most popular option to watch music videos on. This was surprising to me in a way, as I would have thought older people
  4. 4. would watch them on the television when watching music channels. I also felt that however, teenagers would be the main use of watching music videos on their phone as they may watch them when they are out, on the bus, at school etc. so this wasn’t surprising. We asked this question to see which devise people would watch music videos on more as we thought people would pay a lot more attention to detail if it was on a bigger screen such as a TV. If most people watched it on their mobile phones, they may not see as much detail within a music video. However, people may recognise more aspects if they were to watch it on a bigger screen. Students like us that are currently analysing videos, would need to have a lot of detail to analyse and so there needs to be a lot of detail involved even if the audience were watching it on a big screen. I was surprised that TV wasn’t more popular than it was, as I would have thought people would watch music channels a lot. What type of narrative/story do you like to see in music videos? 1 4 2 3 We thought this was a really helpful question for us to include within the survey, and we have kept this question from the previous questionnaire. We found this helpful as it meant that we could see what was the best ‘scenery’ for us to use within the music video, and what would get the best reaction. As we can see from the pie chart, ‘summer/holidays’ was the audiences favourite type of music video to see. We also found that on the comments of the poll, someone had wrote, “I think that you should do a „holidays‟ kind of theme e.g. Christmas, as people will remember it more if the video is associated with a certain theme.” In my opinion, this was a really good point from the anonymous person as I do think the audience will remember it more if it is associated with a certain theme. The person that chose other didn’t actually specify what other choice they would pick, however there are a range of other themes we could choose for the music video.