Toastmasters Speech #9 - Find Your Learning Style


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Toastmasters Speech #9 - Find Your Learning Style

  1. 1. Find Your Learning Style Speech 9, Project 8 Tonia Hamilton Mprovmasters
  2. 2. Most Common Learning Styles
  3. 3. Visual Learners O Like using pictures, colors, maps, graphs, charts, and tables to organize information O Possess good spatial sense O Like to draw diagrams to explain things
  4. 4. Strategies for Visual Learners O Use poignant imagery, written repetition, or flash cards O Use Post-It notes, to-do lists, and other reminders O Underline or highlight material
  5. 5. Aural (Auditory) Learners O Learn best by hearing things O Good at explaining things and following spoken directions O Do not mind reading out loud and speaking in front of others
  6. 6. Strategies for Aural (Auditory) Learners O Record lectures O Listen to tutorials O Discuss key concepts and discoveries with other people
  7. 7. Kinesthetic (Tactile, “Hands- On”) Learners O Learn by doing, taking action O Use their body and sense of touch to explore the world around them O Enjoy participating in sports and exercise and other physical activities (i.e. gardening, woodworking)
  8. 8. Strategies for Kinesthetic (Tactile, “Hands-On”) Learners O Keep verbal explanations short and concise O Provide simulations and live demonstrations when possible
  9. 9. Read/Write Learners O Acquire information by reading material and writing notes O Gravitate towards articulate teachers
  10. 10. Strategies for Read/Write Learners O Use a combination of handouts, textbooks, technology, and lecture notes O Encourage them to make lists O Show them how to convert visual materials into words and statements
  11. 11. Tonia’s VARK Learning Style Inventory Scores O Read/Write: 16 O Kinesthetic: 10 O Visual: 9 O Aural: 8
  12. 12. In Conclusion…
  13. 13. Resources