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The ozone


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The ozone

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER :THE OZONE Ozone layerThe ozone layer It is mainly lo- and Henriis a layer of cated in the Buisson.Earth’s atmos- lower portion of Its propertiesphere which the strato- were exploredcontains sphere from 20 in detail by thehigh concentra- to 30 kilometers British meteor-tions of ozone above Earth. ologist G.M.B(O3). This layer The ozone layer Dobson, whoabsorbs was discovered developedthe suns ultra- in 1913 by the a simpleviolet light, French physi- spectrophotomwhich damages cists eterlife on Earth. Charles Fairythat could be and 1958 sta- continue toused to meas- tions, Dobson operate to thisure strato- established a day.spheric ozone worldwidefrom the network ofground. Be- ozone moni-tween 1928 toring which
  2. 2. Page 2 THE OZONE Ultraviolet light and ozone The ozone (UV) categories is radiation based on important coming its to life from the wavelengt because it sun. UV h: absorbs radiation UV-A (400 harmful is divided –315 nm), ultraviolet into three UV-B (315 Ultraviolet light and ozone UV-B cause of in radiation sunburn , problems can be it also such as harmful to causes skin the skin genetic cancer. and is the damage, main resulting Ultraviolet light and ozone The ozone with a atmosphere layer is wavelength is 350 very of 290 nm. million effective at the times examine UV intensity at stronger -B; for the top of than at the radiation the Earth`s
  3. 3. THE OZONE page3 Ozone depletionThe ozone nitrous atomiclayer can oxide brominebe (N2O), (Br). Whiledepleted hydroxyl there areby CFCs, (OH), naturalnitric atomic sourcesoxide chlorine for all of(NO), (Cl), and theseand quantities (CFCs)bromine of man- andhave made bromofluoincreased organ rocarbonsmarkedly halogen .in recent compoun Theseyears due ds, compounto the especially ds rise torelease of chlorofluo thelarge rocarbons.These breaks ultravioletcompoun down them radiation.ds rise to into Thus,the molecules dangeroustratosph These sere, where molecules ultravioletthe become -Bradiation unable to radiation absorb
  4. 4. THE OZONE page4 Fixing the problem In 1979, many countries, including the U.S., banned CFCs from being made or used. This was a big step toward fixing the problem. Today, no spray cans contain CFCs. Other chemicals are gradually replacing the CFCs in air conditioners. But the CFCs already in the atmosphere can take up to 50 years to reach the stratosphere. Once there, they hang around in the stratosphere for many years, doing damage. Also, the products that still contain CFCs need to be treated with care. One example of this is a car air conditioner. When the air conditioner breaks, or the car is taken to a junkyard, the CFCs need to be carefully taken out and recycled or stored so that they dont leak into the air. TeamworkEditor: Afaf Alkhalil ResourcesDesigner :Batool Ab-deen http://Publisher :Alia Marwa Attar products/audio/Alkods High School ozone/Grade: second sec-ondary scientificSupervisor:Mrs. http://Tonia Bitar