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The definiition of ozone and its location


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The definiition of ozone and its location

  1. 1. Ozone definitionOzone is a poisonous gas, transparent and tends to blue.The molecule is composed of three atoms of oxygen. Theozone is seen in the two layers of the atmosphere thelower troposphere and the upper atmosphere thestratosphere. Stratosphere Ozone is formed in the loweratmosphere of pollutants emitted by transportation orsome vehicles that contain hydrocarbons (ferine, which isfound in refrigerators and air conditioning, and manyother industries). In this case, ozone is a component ofthe serious human health because the breathing is little ofit happens in the respiratory tract irritation and may causedeath. In Ozone in the upper atmosphere is composed ofthe interaction of oxygen molecules with free oxygen,which results from the fission of these molecules by .UVO3t Ultra Violet O2 + O
  2. 2. It is created by God to make it a layer of ozone in theStratosphere operates as a shield or a protective filter thatprotects the Earth from harmful UV rays and does notallow passage of only a fraction of these rays. If theozone layer weren’t existed, there wouldnt be a life onthe globe. With the beginning of the seventies attentionbegan to persistent of human activity on the ozone layerhas been found that nitrogen oxides, ozone molecules break NO2 + O2 NO + O3NO + O2 NO2 + OThus, nitrogen oxide backs to its original state to restorethe session again and this happens the natural balance.And also they found that CFCs (Some are known anindustrially with Feryone) the fragmentation of the ozonemolecule. Due to the increased use of these compounds inmany industries such as scent sprays and abrasive to thesmell of sweat and called the aerosol in the form of fluidin the refrigeration and air conditioning , electronicindustries from computers and TVs , receivers and to.send and so onCLO + O2 UVCL + O3The danger of this article is emitted into the air and itsascent to the upper atmosphere where the liberatedchlorine by the ultraviolet rays of the CFCs and thechlorine is working on the destruction of the ozone holeis one of the causes of the ozone layer and reduces theproportion of ozone in the atmosphere. Chlorine atom +molecule ozone ultraviolet chlorine oxide + oxygenmolecule CLO + O2 UVCL + O3
  3. 3. It should be noted that the CFC gas has a long life mayextend centuries or more than 75 to 100 years old. Thereis also a gas other than chlorine has a devastating impacton the ozone such as hydrogen and nitrogen. There is alsoan exhaust jet and supersonic aircraft, including release ofnitrogen from exhaust driven forward and lead topollution of the other. Space rocket burn a large amountof liquid fuel or steel, so leave tons of harmful gases, theozone layer. It was reported in the statistical process thatall the Russian launch rocket (space shuttle) Palmyramillion tons of ozone gas. It also proved to be the firstminutes of the launch of Shuttle T burn a U.S. rocketbooster during which primary fuel is dry, whichrepresents the first phase of the carrier rockets for theshuttle resulting in 187 tones of chlorine and its.compounds, 17 tons of aluminum oxide Ozone placeOzone occurs naturally in the stratosphere due itsexistence to a series of interactions between the oxygenpartial and atomic and does not stay the ozone formed
  4. 4. only for a brief period and then fall apart due to sunlightto oxygen partial then consists in the end. We get theform always remains on a layer of ozone in thestratosphere balanced. This balance depends on the speedof its composition and when there is a bug either inincreasing the concentration of ozone, or vice versa,.which helps to remove ozone from the stratosphere Prepared by: Rahaf Badawi Second scientific class- Al Kods School Supervisor: Tonia Bittar- teacher of English Translated by: Aia Bai Second Secondary class – Al Qassam School Under supervision: Hassan Al Mohammad