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  1. 1. News letter The ozone The results of theThe ozone &ozone hole ozone hole How do we The effects The protect the of the ozone causes of ozone? layer the ozone hole Teamwork
  2. 2. The ozone and ozone hole holeWhat is the ozone?Ozone (o3) exists in the stratosphere, whichis one layer of the atmosphere. Ozonefilters out much of the harmful ultravioletradiation from the sun, so it protects livingthings from the harmful radiation. It ismade up of oxygen atoms.What is the ozone hole?Changing in the atmosphere involvesThe ozone layer. The ozone layer over Antarcticwas growing thinner each spring. Up
  3. 3. . The effects of the ozone holeHow does the ozone layer protect us?It makes condition on earth suitable for living things,traps energy from the sun, keeps earth warm, andprotects living things from dangerous radiation thatcomes from the sun. Up
  4. 4. The causes of the ozone holeWhat are causes the ozone hole?The main cause of ozone hole is chlorine compoundsCFCs which come from human activities like (greenhouse, spray cans, air condition, and fridges),burning, and natural factories). Up
  5. 5. The results the ozone holeAnd now can you image what is resultsthe ozone hole?The increase in the atmosphere of ultravioletradiation that reaches the surface of Earth,which can cause eye damage and several kindsof skin cancer, disappear a lot of lands becauseof rising the temperature. Up
  6. 6. How do we protect the ozone???Do you know how do we protect theozone layer?We can protect the ozone layer when westop using the spray cans, green houses,reduce the natural factories like burningand use the bicycle more than the car. Up
  7. 7. Resourcrs 1- Rogina KadahDesigner: Rahaf BadawiPublisher: Jessica Klour & Alia Dweko Alkods High School/Grade: Second secondaryscientificSupervisor: Mrs. Tonia Up