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Lesson plan the atmosphere and ozone depletion-tonia bitar


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Lesson plan the atmosphere and ozone depletion-tonia bitar

  1. 1. Title: The Atmosphere and Ozone Depletion Stage: English for starters 11th (Scientific) Time :( 45 Ms) Teacher: Tonia Bitar Trainer (the English supervisor):Introduction: (5) Ms
  2. 2. I`ll show them some pictures on power point show and ask some questions: 1-Can you imagine your brain without skull? If so what may happen? 2-S0, Why do we have skulls?3-Can you imagine your body without skin? If so what may happen?4- So, why do we have skin?5-Does Earth have a skin or skull to protect it? What does it have?6-What may happen to the atmosphere if we don`t protect it?Aims:By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:1-Recognize the important role of the atmosphere in protecting Earth and living things.2- Deduce the causes of ozone depletion and its dangerous results.Activities:I`ll divide the class into 4 groups. Each group has (4-6) students. Each two groups will have the sameparagraph but answer some different questions (١٠) Ms. Then groups of atmosphere will discuss each otherand groups of ozone depletion will discuss each other within (24) Ms.-1st activity: (G1+G2)
  3. 3. Foundational knowledge:١-What protects Earth? The atmosphere٢-What does it consist of?٣-What enables it to protect the Earth?Questions :( G1)1- What is the weather?2-What is the atmosphere?3-How can we understand the relative size of the atmosphere?4- What does atmosphere make?5- What does the atmosphere contain?Questions :( G2)1- What is the relationship between living things and the atmosphere?2-What do living things need to?3- What does the atmosphere keep? How?4- What does the atmosphere protect living things from?5- What does the atmosphere protect Earth`s surface from?Evaluation :( G1+2)I-Choose the correct words between brackets:1-Earth`s atmosphere is the layer of (gases -ice-foam).2- Atmosphere makes conditions on Earth suitable for (humans- all living things-astronauts).3- Living things (don`t affect -affect) the atmosphere.II-Write the missing words:1- The atmosphere traps ----------------------from the sun.2- The atmosphere--------------------living things from dangerous radiation from the sun.3- The atmosphere------------------- Earth`s surface from being hit by meteoroids or rock from outer space.
  4. 4. Earth`s Atmosphere Contains Affect Many gases ts ec ot Pr Such as Nitrogen Oxygen Hydroge Argon Need to live Living things Need Warmth Liquid water-2nd activity :( G3+G4)
  5. 5. Foundational knowledge: (Have u ever heard about ozone hole????????)since ozone, which exists in the atmosphere, protects Earth and humans from danger that comes from theouter space and harmful radiation from the sun, let`s see what harms the ozone and the causes of ozonedepletion and hole?Questions :( G3)1-Where is ozone?2-What does ozone filter out?3-What created the ozone hole in the ozone layer?4- What is the main cause of ozone depletion?5-Where were CFCS used?Questions :( G4)1- How long can CFCS last for and where do they rise?2- What happen to the CFC molecules in the stratosphere?3- What does ozone block?4- What does a decrease in ozone mean?5-what can ultraviolet radiation cause to the human being?Evaluation :( G3+4)I-Choose the correct words between brackets:1-Ozone in the stratosphere filters out much of the (useful-harmful) ultraviolet radiation from the sun.2-Sientists noticed that ozone layer over the Antarctica was growing (thicker-thinner) each spring.3-By 1992, the area of thinner ozone was (more than-less than -the same) as large as the continentalUnited States.II-Write the missing words:1- Chemicals produced by --------------------- have been damaging the ozone layer.2- CFCs can last for --------------------------and rise all the way to the stratosphere.3- A decrease in the ozone means an -------------------- in the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches thesurface of Earth.
  6. 6. Stratosphere sts h exi hic chesChlorine WCompounds in h rea Ozone Whic(CFCs air Ultraviolet to d in s to ks se lea eache B loc Radiation Re r and u sed W ere Refrigerators s rm in Ha Conditions Humans d uc e Pro Spray CansFinal evaluation :( 6) Ms (10 marks)
  7. 7. I- Fill in the spaces with these words:(humans- dangerous- suitable- liquid- meteoroids)1-Earth`s atmosphere makes conditions on Earth------------------------ for living things.2-The atmosphere keeps most of Earth`s surface warmer enough for water to exist as a--------------------.3- The atmosphere protects living things from ------------------- radiation from the sun.4- The atmosphere prevents Earth`s surface from being hit by -------------------- from outer space.5-Chemicals produced by--------------------- have been damaging the ozone layer.II-Answer the following questions with false or true :( F-T)6-The main cause of ozone depletion is a group of chlorine compounds called CFCs.7- Chlorine compounds were used in air conditioners, refrigerators and in spry cans.8-Ozone doesn`t block ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun.9-A decrease in ozone means a decrease in the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the surface ofEarth.10- Ultraviolet radiation can cause eye damage and several kinds of skin cancer.Homework:Search in Google to find more information about reasons and results of ozone depletion in theatmosphere.