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wowecoin presentation-english version2.0


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a ready business opportunity

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wowecoin presentation-english version2.0

  1. 1. A Ready Business Opportunity for Hundreds of Millions Dollars WoWecoin
  2. 2. What is MONEY ?
  3. 3. Shells Copper cash Ingot Bandar's note Modern currency Gold/silver Development of money
  4. 4. • ATM card • Credit card • Online transfer Evolved into a high-tech era Mankind crossing slowly into the world of virtual currency
  5. 5. Digital currency What is Digital Currency? is an alternative currency in an electronic state
  6. 6. • Voucher • Octopus card (electronic money) • Electronic points (aviation) • Credit card points Several examples of common life:
  7. 7. What will happen in a minute on the Chinese Internet?
  8. 8. The world's first government to use electronic currency - Ecuador Ireland's central bank has approved Facebook as an "electronic currency"
  9. 9. Internet era: the future of wealth belongs to digital currency! High Court of Korea: Virtual currency equivalent to physical currency
  10. 10. Currently one of the most extensively used electronic currency in European countries The most popular topic in global finance: Bitcoin – ‘the Digital Gold’
  11. 11. Bitcoin rose 40 thousand times in value in 4 years! Features: ● Decentralization ● Encryption ─ transaction cannot be forged ● Limited circulation ● Value and price are determined by market 0.03 US Dollars 2010年 11 US Dollars 2012年 250 US Dollars 2013年4月 1000 US Dollars 2013年11月19日 • ► ► ► Market evolution in recent years Virtual currencies appear in recent years Example: (Bitcoin)
  12. 12. Virtual currencies appear n recent years can roughly be divided into two categories: A) IT currency: The following four kinds as the representative 1. Bitcoin 2. Litecoin 3. Dogecoin 4. Darkcoin ► ► ► Market evolution in recent years Disadvantages: No marketing; pure hype
  13. 13. B) MLM currency: Common characteristics: ● an issuing center ● Unencrypted ─ transaction cannot be forged ● Unlimited Corporate currency: such as Mface coins, Utoken, Bigcoin, Abcoin, Kracoin Disadvantages: not strong in business management; lack of knowledge in capital operation
  14. 14. C) Corporate IT Currency: one and only – Wowecoin Features: An issuing center: value and price guaranteed Encryption: using the highest technology, authenticated by the Bitcoin protocol (counter party protocol) to ensure security and usable Limited circulation: growth potential Advantages: ● global limited circulation ● value during issue rises only ● docking to various products and services which can be traded by Wowecoin ● may exchange IPO shares of listed companies Benefits: ⑴ price only rises ⑵ Docking to business partners (online and offline) such as MFC coins and Bigcoin The total number of issue: 3 billion Estimated business value can go up to US$5/number = total US$15 billion Issue 1 million a day Start value from 0.1, rise 1% per day About 5 - 10 times annually (compounding)
  15. 15. Difference between Bitcoin and Wowecoin Bitcoin WoWecoin Worldwide offices / management Own online shopping stores Online and offline interactive O2O / M2M / P2P business concepts Other development projects / banking / oil fields / online shopping Emerging market: growth at an astounding rate How many times will Wowecoin go up in value? Virtual administration, no management No online products operating Online trading only Pure network technology No other business development / no actual business projects Slower growth for the first stage rose 4 times in value in 4 years
  16. 16. What factors determine the value of virtual currency? Strong encryption Market liquidity Future potential Collection value Reliability
  17. 17. o o Transaction Protocol(Counter Party Protocol) o (Block Chain) o 3 billion circulation Reliable The importance of encryption
  18. 18. Executive Chairman Mr Hu Chuan Chen NOW Chairman of Gideon Holding Inc. Director of World Mobile International (USA) PAST Executive Director of Systems & Technology Corp. Senior Consultant of Concord Capital Securities Limited Taiwan District Director of E.On Energy AG (Germany) Asia Director of British Trafalgar House PLC Taiwan District Director of The Corporation for Economic Development (South Africa) Reliability
  19. 19. Asia Pacific Marketing Director Ms Cathy Lau EMBA Director of Hong Kong's famous beauty group Prominent Financial Planner Eleven years experience in the insurance and financial sales marketing Professional Executive Team
  20. 20. Professional Executive Team North America Marketing Director Mr. John Barksdale President, John’s Computer Technology Company Senior Marketing Director, National Travel Club Senior Fundraising Director, Health & Wellness, Humanitarian Company President of marketing company and manufacturing company Marketing Consultant for various US publicly traded companies Established marketing teams in 103 countries for listed companies
  21. 21. Reliability
  22. 22. Gold mine in Macedonia
  23. 23. Royal family of Swaziland and Minister of Economy Linne International, our subsidiary green enterprise, has signed a castor planting expansion agreement with the King of Swaziland Kingdom in April, 2015 Different parts of the castor can generate high economic value Seeds – ingredient of castor oil, lubricating oil, biodiesel and sebacic acid Leaves – food for silkworms, extracting silk proteins from cocoon and making of cosmetics and gauze from chrysalis Bark – containing hemp fibers to produce ropes, papers and boards Stem – extracting the raw ingredients of ADS drugs Other parts – re-extracting castor proteins and producing organic fertilizers or animal feed Castor oil Cosmetics made from castor Castor beans Ophiocordyceps sinensis Silk Linne International Trade Co(Proprietary)Limited
  24. 24. World Mobile Holdings International is a leading global customization system integration business, listed In USA OTC emerging stock market. The transactioncode for OTC: WMHI. multi-media broadcasting system - established in 2009 - Marketing department established in California in 2014 - Assembly plant of Lithium iron phosphate battery opened in 2015 mobile device transaction technology World Mobile Holdings Inc. Advantages of World Mobile Holdings Inc - low cost in production - - customized systems integration - Lithium iron battery systems integration - B to B business mode
  25. 25. Asia Pacific Zhi Xin (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd Asia Pacific Zhi Xin (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd its focuses its business on IC card microchip and development and sales of mobile device transaction tool, authenticated by EMV and GP, JAVA COS under PBOC2,0 and QPBOC standard. It has developed mobile transaction tools based on the platform IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Mainly used in finance, communications, public transport and E-commerce. Main business: - Production of I-Phone NFC Cover - card reader and smart cards - technology in RF Secure displayed in Micro SD cards - business partners: Samsung, Infineon and UnionPay
  26. 26. Investment environment After the election in Nov 2010, the government started its reform in economic, political and social aspects. Western countries have eased their sanction and expanded trading and investment with Myanmar. The country now has resumed collaborations with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank. Shallow Well Petroleum Extracting Myanmar’s shallow wells have high value and potentials. - Located on oil pools, extraction can only be conducted down to 100 - 150 metres by water well equipment and the location has to be changed afterwards - The oil extracted from 100 - 150 metres is in good colour, with low water content and in good quality, which can be used directly in generator - Standard oil extracting facilities are suggested to use down to 800 metres on original 12 wells in which oil has been found from 100 - 150 metres Oil Well Development Plan in Myanmar
  27. 27. Genesis is an exploration company committed to the creation of shareholder value through successful mineral exploration and development. Genesis aims to discover economic mineral reserves through cost efficient exploration and joint ventures with reputable partners with the ultimate goal of discovering and developing mineral reserves and becoming an established mining company. Genesis owns seven exploration licences ("Exploration Licence" or "Project") covering more than 1,877 km2 in Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia and a joint venture agreement giving the Company the right to earn the majority position in two highly prospective gold and copper projects in Macedonia. Acquisition of Genesis Australia
  28. 28. On 11th April 2015, the management of WOW paid a visit to Indonesia organized by the Ministry of Tourism. The main objectives of the trip were to attend a meeting with the local government and signing off a deal acquiring 40% shares of an Internet bank BMT, main businesses of which are loans and salary payments to Indonesia villages, small and medium enterprises. In addition, WOW also acquired 100% shares of a software services provider for banks. These two deals mark the milestones of WOW’s business development in Indonesia Newspaper in Indonesia Business Development in Indonesia
  29. 29. WOW School of Excellence acts as agent for various colleges EMBA, EPHD, BBA : 1. Fudan University 2. SouthWest International University ( SWIU ) 3. University of California 4. School of Cryptocurrency Member Of Our Group
  30. 30. Professor Dr. Tan Seng Huat • Principal Consultant, GB Global Investment Singapore • Investment Consultant, Singapore green industry • MBA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University • DBA, European University of Ireland • Visiting Professor, Economic Management Institute, Shanghai Fudan University President of WOW School of Excellence Founder of School of Future Currency Mr. Yang Zhihong • Visiting Professor, MBA program, Edinburgh Business School (Singapore campus) • Senior Research Analyst in various banks and securities investment companies in PRC • Ministry of Education (MOE) qualified lecturer, instructor of MBA programs at various business schools, including Singapore AASM School of Management and SGP International Management Academy . Visiting Professo, Edinburgh Business School, University of Wales & Kolej Universitiy Teknologi & Pengurusan, Malaysia . Trainer for Citibank, Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission and FAW Group Corporation Professional consulting teams
  31. 31. o more than 10,000 docking business partners expected in 2015 o Our business partners will be distributed in Hong Kong / Taiwan / Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore / Korea / Japan Market liquidity Blackness Studio Workshop Find your styles of classic black frame glasses, trendy sunglasses and funny glasses at Blackness Studio Workshop 1A Fitness Experience the fun of Muay Thai build up a healthy life for yourself Chiba Beauty Spa Soothe your body and soul with our premium health care menus Tian Xiang Yun Shi (Fujian) Tea Limited Providing different products of Chinese tea
  32. 32. Body Architect Body Architect offers a selection of beauty treatments, ranging from facial, body treatments, massages and lymphatic drainage to meet your needs for daily care 貴州茅台股份有限公司 The authentic moutai brewer in China Star&星泓電訊用品公司Star & 星泓 Tel: +852 2393 2118 Address: F90A, 1/F, Sin Tat Plaza, Mong Kok, Hong Kong Unpolluted, pH7.77 mineral water from natural springs 美樂飲 美思優康 The authentic moutai brewer in China Synergy Biotechnology Enterprises Limited Having been actively engaged in research into human cells, genetic science, molecular structures, bio-engineering and genetic engineering to combatageing since 1956 Partnering Merchants
  33. 33. Lets Go Travel 旅行社 創新旅程 Various types of travel products, including group and individual travel packages air ticket and hotel booking for every traveler in need 陸源香業 地址:廣州市天河燕路123號7樓 電話:86-15728766070 德真私房菜 地址:台北市民生東路三段130巷7弄15號 電話:886-25465655 黃鶴樓餐廳英雄餐啓店 地址:高雄市五福三路145號 電話:886-7-282-6281 吳神父足體養生館 地址:高雄市苓雅區自強三路58號 電話:886-7-269-1577 創新旅程 地址:深圳市羅湖區新園路3號職旅大樓二樓218 電話:86-755-82227284 房地通 地址:高雄市鳥松區本館路3號之1 電話:886-7-976-9696 德真私房菜 地址:台北市民生東路三段130巷7弄15號(分行) 電話:886-2546-5655 Partnering Merchants
  34. 34. Real estate projects in South Korea Shares of listed companies / IPO Online shopping Cruise Travel Market liquidity Casino Resort Online games
  35. 35. 印度尼西亞網上銀行 BMT Agitsna 史瓦濟南國中央銀行 Banks in cooperation
  36. 36. - Gold mine in Macedonia - Acquisition of Indonesian banking business - Resorts in Swaziland and Indonesia Future potentials
  37. 37. Hsu Ya-fen Taiwanese Opera Troupe Wow Digital Development Limited is committed to promoting art and cultural treasure, and Taiwan was chosen as the first step of our path Founded in August 2003 by Hsu Ya-fen, the cognominal Taiwanese Opera Troupe unites a number of traditional artists to develop, carry on and promote the traditional and only local opera genre in Taiwan. Besides, creating new pieces, the troupe spares no effort in promoting the art form through education, training, touring and publishing albums. The troupe has only one dream in mind - they hope the Taiwanese opera can root in the hearts of local people and make it the signature art form of Taiwan. Opera works by the troupe were shortlisted for two consecutive years for Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, such as Samadhi Water Repentance and The Good Official Meets The God of Kitchen for Best Chinese Opera Album and Best Traditional Musical Interpretation Award in 2009 and 2010 respectively Sponsored And Charity ProgramsWOW Digital Development Limited
  38. 38. Thailand Royal Asian Movie Awards Carefully selected, Wow Digital Development Limited will become a sponsor of the first Royal Asian Movie Awards (RAMA) held in Bangkok, Thailand. Dubbed the “Oscar in Asia”, it is a long-awaited event for Asian’s film industry. This star-studded event will gather 47 countries in the region, with participating superstars such as Jacky Chan, Donald Chow, Andy Lau, as well as Hollywood charity ambassadors John Travolta and Angelina Jolie Sponsored And Charity ProgramsWOW Digital Development Limited
  39. 39. Charity Program in Swaziland At Christmas Eve 2014, Linne International Trade co. (Proprietary) Limited held a warm and sweet Christmas party for 350 orphans in Mndobandoba, Kingdom of Swaziland in southern Africa. The participating kids had lunch with the company management were given blankets, trousers, toothbrushes and mugs as Christmas gifts. Every little act of caring in this corporate social responsibility program could mean a world to the kids who are living in adversity The king of Swaziland and his mother Reported on the official website of Embassy of Taiwan Sponsored And Charity ProgramsWOW Digital Development Limited
  40. 40. 3/10/15
  41. 41. Interview of Mr Hu Chuan Chen “Setting Off the Currency Revolution”