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Gamification and Marketing plan Template


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This is a Gamification and Marketing plan with all the basic informations and strategies you need to know if you are about to run a business.
Feel free to use it for your next business plan.

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Gamification and Marketing plan Template

  1. 1. TEMPLATE V1.0 Gamification & Marketing Plan
  2. 2. GAMIFICATION GOALS - Improve loyalty - Improve engagement - Improve hours spent within the app - The overall experience must be FUN Lever: Motivation Tools: PBL Framework, Social Mechanics MARKETING GOALS - Create the hype - Reach your target - Optimize your CPC, CPM, CPL & CPA - Increase the number of downloads - Keep your target up to date with your product - Turn Strangers into Fans, Fans into Players, Players into Promoters ADV Tools: Facebook Ads, Instagram, Newsletter BUSINESS MODEL - Hybrid
  3. 3. User Dashboard – In order to increase loyalty and engagement among your players, your players must experience the sense of improvement during their natural user journey. GAMIFICATION TOOLS - DASHBOARD
  4. 4. GAMIFICATION TOOLS - POINTS Visual Stats & Points – You can’t improve what you can’t track. - Tracking stats and displaying them visually, together with the related points, gives the player a sense of progression. This sense of progression will push the players to play more with your app. It will keep them from dropping when, by looking back at all the progresses, they will give value to the time spent with your product and will thus be more loyal and engaged.
  5. 5. Quests & Badges – Tell them what to do, and reward them properly for doing it. - Your app is just a tool, you have to tell them how to use this tool. It is your world, and you have to tell them how to have fun within your world. You have to tell them what they want to do and how to do it by giving them a goal or a task. This is what quests are all about. - Once they have completed a task, reward them with a badge, they’ll love it! GAMIFICATION TOOLS – QUESTS & BADGES
  6. 6. Leaderboards – It is more Fun if you do it with your friends! - Everyone likes to be the first every now and then, and it must not be just a dream for your players, they need to feel and to know they can do it to the top with the right effort. Allow your players to compare their journey with that of their friends using local and custom leaderboards. GAMIFICATION TOOLS – LEADERBOARDS
  7. 7. Social Mechanics – Let them share it! - People like to share their experiences with their friends. Facebook is the easiest tool to use and it’s also the most popular. Implement it for signing up and allow your players to share their achievements and progression and to compare them with those of their friends. GAMIFICATION TOOLS – SOCIAL MECHANICS
  8. 8. Media Coverage – People must read about your product. - Creating the hype is probably the most important task of the whole marketing thing. The sooner your target reads about your product, the better! You must charm their mind and capture their attention before they even realize you are talking about a product. - To do that, you need to get in touch with journalists and bloggers, pitch your project to them and let them try it; if they will like it, their will suppose their audience will like it too. Testimonials & Opinion Leaders – Look for those able to influence their followers. - If you are working on an app for cars fans and a famous pilot will say it is awesome, quite definitely your app will be downloaded by all the cars fans of the world. - It might sounds impossible to reach such an opinion leader, but it’s actually easier than you could expect, if you know how to do it. MARKETING - CREATING THE HYPE
  9. 9. Facebook Ads - Experts agree that Facebook Ads is 20 times more efficient than Google Adwords. These days it is the best tool to use if you want to reach you target. - CPC, CPM, CPL & CPA - When you setup your Facebook campaign budget, you need to choose between two-four pricing options. CPA is only available if you choose “Website Conversions” as your “Ad result” in the Ad creator on CPL is only available if you choose “Page Likes” as your “Ad result”. - CPC (cost-per-click) - If you use cost-per-click pricing, you only pay when someone clicks on your Facebook Ad. - CPM (cost-per-mille) - With cost-per-impression you pay when Facebook shows your ad 1000 times. (Impressions are the number of times your ad is shown to a user on Facebook). - CPA (cost-per-action) - This allows you to track and optimize how much you spend to get someone to take an action (or convert) on your website after clicking your ad. - CPL (cost-per-like) - This allows you to track and optimize how much you spend to get someone to “Like” your Facebook Page after clicking your ad. MARKETING - REACH YOUR TARGET
  10. 10. The Power of Facebook – Facebook is not only used to target your audience with advertisings but it is also used to let your target know about your product, to improve your Brand Awareness and Customers Loyalty. - Your Brand’s Page - Turn Strangers into Fans, Fans into Players, Players into Promoters - Customer care is crucial! Facebook pages are a very powerful tool and can, if managed properly, be a valid alternative to your website for your fans. They will look at your page and interact with your Brand on a daily basis. You’ll be able to control their behaviour within your world and move them to your website or app whenever you want them to do it! MARKETING - REACH YOUR TARGET
  11. 11. Keep your target up to date – Interacting with your Fans is important as well as showing them how cool is to be part of your world. - Instagram – This is how we do it! - People like to dream and to be away from their reality. With Instagram you can do just that. It is becoming more and more popular as a tool for branding and marketing. Furthermore, cars pictures are awesome, YOU SHOULD USE IT! - Newsletter – In case they forgot about you - Newsletters are a classical marketing tool. They are still very popular and a well designed opt-in page is crucial when you have to gather your audience before your product launch. MARKETING - REACH YOUR TARGET
  12. 12. Hybrid – Play it safe! - Best is to start with a mix between the classical in-app Purchase and Google Adwords impression-based. The monetization strategy would then be designed after a couple of months of data and some more forecasting based on the actual app performances. BUSINESS MODEL
  13. 13. Metrics & A-B Testing – You can’t develop a successful app without them - Metrics can be used to track all every single action of your users within your app. You could then analize your users’ behaviours and optimize their user journey and experience. Keep in mind that Metrics will tell you if there’s a problem, but won’t tell you how to solve it, you will need designers for that. - A-B Testing is very good when you are not sure about a solution, and you then want to implement two or more of them in order to check which one delivers the best. EXTRA TOOLS & BEST PRACTICES
  14. 14. Marco Tonetti Entrepreneur, Designer, Gamification Guru, Crowdfunding consultant, Marketing and Communication Expert, Founder of OnionSquire and @GearedNomad Be sure to get in touch with me if you want to talk about your business. TWITTER - MAIL This template is provided by Marco Tonetti, all rights reserved. ABOUT