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The Power of SharePoint Mobile Web Solutions

In this session I will show how SharePoint 2013 can be used to deliver Mobile web solutions for a wide range of use case scenarios:
-Retail data collection
-Emergency/Disaster relief service
-On-Site inspection
-Time sheets
-Help Desk
I will go through how the mobile web solutions work, what considerations have been made and what value has been provided when building these mobile web solutions using SharePoint 2013. I hope every attendee walks away with an expanded horizon of what they could do with mobile web solutions in their SharePoint environment.

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The Power of SharePoint Mobile Web Solutions

  1. 1. Anthony Pham Product Support Manager KWizCom @spappcenter
  2. 2. KWizCom Corporation • Founded in 2005 • Headquartered in Toronto • Global vendor of SharePoint Add-Ons • 5000+ customers worldwide
  3. 3. How Mobile Solutions Deliver Value • Reduce paperwork and overhead • Real-time information and business insight • Keep employees connected to the enterprise anywhere, anytime.
  4. 4. What’s new for mobile devices in SharePoint 2013?  Optimized mobile browser experience  Device channels  SharePoint Mobile Apps  Push notifications  Location field type  Business intelligence services  Office Web Apps  Yammer App
  5. 5. Classic viewFull screen UI
  6. 6. Contemporary view  Renders in HTML5  Optimized for touch  Supported by all major browsers  Activate “Mobile Browser View”  Differences between device resolutions can be problematic
  7. 7.  Publishing sites only  One site, many designs  Requires customizations (Master page, layouts, CSS) Device Channels
  8. 8. Building your SharePoint Mobile Solution
  9. 9. Mobile Apps for SharePoint Pros  SharePoint Apps developed for specific mobile device  Runs as fast as the mobile device can support  Interactive user interface  Office Online and App store Cons  Development  Expensive  Distribution/Approval through App or SharePoint store
  10. 10. Mobile Web for SharePoint Pros  Easier to update and deploy  Works in all the major browsers on your mobile devices  Less Expensive  No need to create different version for every platform Cons  Need connection  Access to device features
  11. 11. Helpdesk Timesheets Site Inspection Emergency Services Warehouse/Retail Inventory
  12. 12. Use Case 1: Effective timesheet reporting
  13. 13. Timesheets Repeating Rows Signature Log tracking
  14. 14. Use Case 2:Managing Oil & Gas site inspections
  15. 15. Site Inspection Geo-Tagging Image Annotation Offline
  16. 16. Use Case 3: Warehouse/Retail Inventory
  17. 17. Warehouse & Retail Inventory Barcode Scan Inventory Lookup Add & Edit Items
  18. 18. Use Case 4: Emergency/Relief Services
  19. 19. Emergency & Aid Services Speech to Text Offline Previous Features
  20. 20. Help Desk Content sensitive design Task oriented design No coding
  21. 21. Task-Oriented Focused Interface Less is Better! The exact Actions that I Need!
  22. 22. 1
  23. 23. 2
  24. 24. 3
  25. 25. 4
  26. 26. 5
  27. 27. 6
  28. 28. What if we had a “Close Task” action? Single click!
  29. 29. KPI’s Actions Lists
  30. 30. Task-Oriented Less is Better!
  31. 31. Focused Interface Context-Sensitive Different Menus Different Fields Different Permissions Behave differently according to the current situation (context)
  32. 32. 34 At the office I can enjoy the “portal experience”
  33. 33. But when I am out of the office.. I don’t need our entire portal inside my smartphone!
  34. 34. I don’t need a long list of all the libraries and lists in my site!
  35. 35. I do Not need a Portal while I am on the road!
  36. 36. This challenge is not new.. Information Overload vs. Limited display size Limited time A “non-office” environment
  37. 37. Different menus based on situation
  38. 38. This field is disabled and I cannot edit it because I am not the task owner
  39. 39. Task-Oriented Easy to Use! Context -Sensitive +
  40. 40. Task-Oriented What mobile users need Context-Sensitive Less is Better! The exact Actions that I Need! Different Menus Different Fields Different Permissions
  41. 41. Security Mobile device management (MDM) software can address security concerns by protecting your data with a comprehensive set of access control and data protection capabilities.
  42. 42. Key Takeaways  How Mobile solutions deliver value? – real-time information and business insight, reduce paperwork/overhead, and keep employees connected to the enterprise anywhere, anytime.  What features do SharePoint Mobile Web solutions offer? – Offline, Repeating Rows, Barcode scanning, Image Annotation, Geotagging, Speech to Text, Inventory, Task Oriented and Content sensitive UI and No coding  SharePoint Mobile Web Solutions – Helpdesk, Timesheets, Emergency/Relief services, Site inspection, Warehouse Inventory and more!  Security – Mobile device management (MDM) software can address security concerns
  43. 43. Key Takeaways Task-Oriented Easy to Use! Context -Sensitive +
  44. 44. Resources  SharePoint 2013 Mobile features  Responsive Frameworks for SharePoint  Mobile device management  Task Oriented & Content sensitive Mobile interface
  45. 45. Anthony Pham Product Support Manager KWizCom @spappcenter
  46. 46. GOLD Thank You Sponsors! RAFFLESILVER PLATINUM
  47. 47. Thank you! Toronto Enterprise Collaboration User Group Change Management, Governance, SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, PowerBI, etc Toronto SharePoint Business Users Group Saturday July 9, 2016 See you next year!