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Understanding Green


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Understanding Green

  1. 1. Parallell Societies Hidden Competence Identity of Education Price of Migration Domestic Temporality Understanding Green/City as Biotope by Tone Berge
  2. 2. Collaborative partners The greening of Rosengård Svensk Lantbruksuniversität Permakultur i Sverige Malmö Högskolan ...hundereds of other individuals and organisations. Malmø/Rosengård m 1:100000 0 1 km 2 km 3 km 4 km 5 km 10 km
  3. 3. The Forest Garden: A forest design imitating the ecological systems in nature. An organism in itself -sycling nutrience. Climax forest -the canopy. Understory trees -in the shade of the climax forest. Shrubs and bushes -woody plants who generally don't have a trunk. Herbatious plants, none woody plants. Ground cover plants woody or none woody. Climbers -the vertical layer in the garden. Domestic Temporality
  4. 4. 2-4 years 4-6 years 4-6 years 4-6 years 6-10 years Depleated soil. Strategy forStep one: Plant the climax Step two: Plant shrubs Step three: Plant fruit Step four: Plant ground- Step five: Plant flowers regaining elasticity: A 1oforest and mulch with and shade flowers near bearing vines near the covers, e.g. Comfrey that will attract butterflies year prosess of establishingcompost to refertalize the base of the trees. trees and shrubs. and Dandelions. This is and fertilizers. a Forest Garden. the soil. repeated through several stages. A Forest Garden is much more efficient and elastic than traditional agriculture. A Forest Garden maintains itself -no ploughing, no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Traditional Agriculture Forest Garden
  5. 5. One way of looking upon it: Districts, scools, typologies and the original Herregården. Persborg Törnrosen Emilstorp Västra Kattarp Örtagården Apelgården Ö Kyrkogården Rosengård C Herregården Kryddgården .........or another: Elasticity reservoir in Rosengård. Area avaliable for instant gardening. 1 hectare Private gardens Public park Neighbourhood Liminal zones Allotments
  6. 6. School Garden Demo Calculation The white strokes defines the area of a garden which is sufficient in size to give every student and staff at the school one meal every day during the school year. 100 meter
  7. 7. Planner’s view: Maximum light, surrounded by air, no backyards, no rear sides. The aerial view makes it comprehensible. Million Programme 1965-1974 Aimed at 1 million new dwellings within the period of 10 years. Most of the apartments were of the “standard three room apartment” type of 75 m², planned for a model family of two adults and two children.
  8. 8. Traces of human wear.
  9. 9. How can the lesson the ecologi gives direct how to act with the buildings?
  10. 10. inhabitants 4878 inhabitants under age 24: 57% area: 47 he/116 ac households: 1375 9 buildings/9 floors/880 sqm 71280 sqm 15 buildings/6 floors/632 sqm 56880 sqm 7 buildings/4 floors/ 770sqm 21560 sqm total 149720 sqm area per person 30,7 sqm 5 buildings/6floors7632 sqm 18969 sqm Increase the population by modernist means? 7.9 % increase 387 new inhabitants
  11. 11. A secondary structure in Rosengård that combines dwellings Ground cover -a strategy to establish a forestgarden. with forest garden property or other commercial activity.
  12. 12. needed area 60 22 5 for black- Rainwater Greywater Vattenverket Vacuum toilet water cell: 288 m2 Blackwater required area 0 for grey- 63 14 water cell: 5 07 7 1108 m2 13 9 97 06 Constructed Wet- Filtrate 48 16 37 88 0 wetland composting treatment 11 07 0 7 avaliable 00 77 surface in Aqueduct and 0 22 Percolation 46 greenhouse: subsurface Biowaste Soil improver on site irrigation 826 m2 water cycle the buidling as part of the cycle 183 litre/person/day 151,5 litre/person/day 13 10 10 3,5 35 13 other use 65 personal hygiene 35 green house laundry black water compost dishwashing 65 grey water filtration 35 water closet solar pv food and drink 25 outlet air filter 25 vacuum toilet In order to use the grey water from the buildings in Rosengård as a resource for the com- munity and the forest garden it is necessary to deal with the water as a seperated source: Greywater and Blackwater. For an easier treatment of the Blackwater in site, vacuum toi- lets are introduced to all apartments and with this a dual plumbing system to separate grey from black.
  13. 13. Fan Air filter: technical principles Air intake turf/barch 3m3/h Level control Outlet air is Foam control odor free. Outlet air Returnflow control Biomass outlet Sludge separator Greywater inlet Biomass inlet Safety valve Fat separator Perforated Surface Pipe Turf/Barch 30 cm Gravel 60 cm Outlet/Surface water
  14. 14. dense, light, leading water, leading light
  15. 15. Existing green typologies public park liminal zones neighbourhood garden private gardens allotment gardens The Greening of Rosengård public park with educational purpose -the park is a connected walk from the trainstation Persborg to Herregården, the educational centre of “The Greening”. school garden soil preparation site homes for urban farmers A new understanding of the garden neighbourhood gardens with grey water cells