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Google Glasses in Retail


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The world in a blink, how Google Glass will change the Retail World

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Google Glasses in Retail

  1. 1. GOOGLE GLASSES –THE WORLD IN A BLINKUse case of Google Glasses in Retail
  2. 2. When you’re entering a store to buy a pairof dress, what information do you require?• Styles which are available• Where is it located• Colours and Sizes• The price• Who else is selling the product• How does it lookWhat does the store operations team lookfor• What quantities are on the shop floor• What are the inventory levels in theBOH• Visual Merchandising checks• Pulling up Customer Record• Shelves are stocked upCUSTOMER RETAILER
  3. 3. Google Glasses – World in a BlinkGoogle Glasses are going to change the worldGoogle Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, batteryand microphone built into spectacle framesOverlaying data into your vision has benefits:- Directions become more intuitive- Real-time translations or transcriptions of what isbeing said- Scroll through and reply to messages - all on the fly- Messages / Offers / Adverts can be sent real time tothe wearer
  4. 4. Google Glasses – World in a BlinkGPS could be used for way finding or to alert shoppersto offers when they are near certain stores.Google Glasses can be used as another vehicle forlocation-based marketingThe glasses could also facilitate a real-time sale,where customers dont even need to be in the store topurchase somethingRetailers can track customer movement in store andthe eye movements to understand their behaviourManagers can could chat with employees while theyboth view a virtual checklist instead of doing live Audits
  5. 5. Google Glasses – The Shopping InABlinkAdd products to your Virtual CartLink your Loyalty Programs, Debit / Credit Cards,Paypal to Google AccountLook up product information, pricing real timeGet real time offers for products / servicesAdd products to your Virtual Cart by scanning themKeep a running total of your purchasesGo to Self Check OutAuto paymentsAuto debit / credit loyalty cards with pointsAlerts on vouchers for next shopping trips based onreal time customer basket analysis
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