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V. Goals and Objectives 2001-2005.doc

  1. 1. V. Goals and Objectives 2001-2005 Goals and Objectives Projected Notes, Comments Goal A: CORP will develop and facilitate delivery of an array of FT Staff Attorney and FT Project services to nonprofit organizations in order to affirmatively help Coordinator required them fulfill their mission and reach their goals, and in order to help prevent or reduce the probability of legal and non-legal crises. • Objective 1: Legal Audit: CORP will create and pilot a general legal Y1 - create and set Explore collaboration with law audit. numeric goals school clinical program to expand o A General Legal Audit will be created, piloted, revised, and End of Y1-Y5 outreach published in Year 1. implement o At the end of Year 1 numerical goals for delivery of this service will be set for Years 2-5. • Objective 2: Expert System: CORP will create and pilot a computer Collaboration with Wilson, Sonsini expert system. and Morrison & Foerster; o A computer expert system/diagnostic tool (JNANA) will be collaboration with the Public created, piloted, revised, published, and distributed in Year 1 Y1 – create Interest Clearing House (substantive legal areas under consideration include employment, incorporation, tax exemption, and real estate) o 8-12 nonprofit organizations will participate in Year 1; 12-18 in Year 2; 18-24 in each year of Years 3-5. Y1 8-12 o Feedback will be obtained from all involved organizations Y2 12-18 and from the pro bono attorneys who work with them. Y3 – Y5 18-24 o CORP will explore delivery of expert system through p/yr Requires resolution of licensing and support issues probono.net website. Collaboration with management • Objective 3: Training: CORP will provide workshops for nonprofit support organizations staff and board members on topics including incorporation, employment
  2. 2. law, negotiation of contracts, termination of employees, insurance, (CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, liability, fundraising law, etc. The Management Center, etc.) o 175+ nonprofit staff and board members attend training sessions in Year 1; 200+ in Year 2; and 225+ in each year of Y1 175+ Recruit legal experts to lead Years 3-5. Y2 200+ workshops o Topics will be reviewed annually with consideration of Y3-Y5 225+ p/yr emerging, growing, and declining needs. Annual surveys and ongoing evaluations will inform staff decisions. Annual review • Objective 4: Materials & Resources: CORP will create and update templates, newsletters, and website information for nonprofit staff and board members in the Bay Area. o Templates for contracts, employment manual and policies FT Staff Attorney and FT Project will be created and distributed through probono.net and by End Y1 set Coordinator required request. numeric goals Y2+ o Newsletters will be circulated via email, fax, and regular mail beginning in Year 2. Y2-Y5 o VLSP will deliver materials through probono.net website. Y2-Y5 Conditioned on firm approval Goal B: CORP will lead the effort to shift the “culture” of nonprofit FT Staff Attorney and FT Project organizations towards one in which organizations are aware of Coordinator required and value the use of legal resources to build stronger organizations, to anticipate and prevent legal problems and issues, and to provide better services. . • Objective 5: Education of Nonprofit Leaders and Board Members: CORP will create opportunities for nonprofit organizations to learn how Requires collaboration with to prevent legal crises and problems. funders and management support o Sessions and trainings will be presented at conferences where End of Y1 set organizations nonprofit leaders and board members are present. During the numeric goals for course of Year 1 numerical goals for this activity will be set Y2-Y5 for Years 2-5. o A conference or summit for nonprofit leaders and board Y2-Y5 members will be co-sponsored annually. Central themes
  3. 3. include using legal resources and preventing legal and non- legal crises. Y2-Y5 o Articles and success stories concerning both affirmative and preventative legal work will be written and distributed annually. By middle of Y1 o Site visits, or audit visits, will be conducted by CORP staff or set numeric goals Collaboration with law school volunteer attorneys to detect emerging problems, increase for Y2-Y5 clinical programs will be awareness of liability before a crisis occurs, and to check developed to expand outreach compliance with appropriate laws. capabilities Goal C: CORP will work with the nonprofit community to envision, FT Staff Attorney and FT Project understand, and implement options and opportunities for Coordinator required arrangements for office and services space, in response to the current space crisis. • Objective 6: Collaborations: CORP will coordinate meetings with key Y1-Y5 organizations within the local communities, with a focus on the issue of office and programmatic space. • Objective 7: Enabling Role: CORP will reach out proactively to enable Y1-Y5 new processes, arrangements, and efforts which result in implementation of new ideas for office space. • Objective 8: Pro Bono Counsel: CORP will provide nonprofit Y1 5-10 matters organizations with access to counsel for leases, purchases, or other real Y2-Y5 11-15 p/yr estate contracts. Goal D: CORP will provide direct legal services to nonprofit FT Staff Attorney and FT Project organizations working in low-income or disadvantaged Coordinator required communities. • Objective 9: Legal Services through Partnerships: CORP will Y1-Y5 provide, utilize and improve its existing “partnership” model, to provide a wide range of legal services to key nonprofit organizations over an
  4. 4. extended period of time. o See Objective 12 for details on the partnership model. • Objective 10: Legal Services for Discrete Matters: CORP will provide Y1-Y5 Work study students will be used discrete legal services to nonprofit organizations, in areas of law including real estate, finance, leases, general business contracts, labor and employment matters, taxation, corporate governance, insurance, liability and intellectual property. Priority in placement will be given to matters in the areas identified by nonprofit organizations in the strategic planning process. o Staff will evaluate the process and procedure of reviewing Y1 and placing cases. o CORP will achieve a level of 40-45 matters placed with Y1 40-45 volunteer attorneys in Year 1, 46-50 in Year 2, 51-55 in each Y2 46-50 year of Years 3-5. Y3-Y5 51-55 p/yr Goal E: CORP will identify specific low-income neighborhoods and key FT Staff Attorney and FT Project nonprofit organizations serving those neighborhoods. These Coordinator required organizations will then be partnered with law firms and corporate legal departments, to leverage the legal community’s resources for the maximum benefit of these low-income communities. • Objective 11: Legal Services through Partnerships: CORP will utilize Y1 8-10 total Recruitment Committee and improve its existing “partnership” model, to provide a wide range of active partnerships involvement required legal services to key nonprofit organizations over an extended period of Y2 10-12 time. Y3-Y5 12-14 each o CORP’s partnership model, in which key nonprofit Year Staff and community leaders will organizations are matched with law firms, teams of attorneys, identify and involve key or corporate legal departments for an extended period of time, One additional organizations in each targeted will be utilized, promoted, and enhanced. neighborhood/year community o One additional neighborhood will be incorporated into model per year, selected in response to emerging community needs
  5. 5. o Staff will monitor and promote utilization by nonprofit organizations of the pro bono resources in their partner firms. o Staff will achieve a renewal and/or new partnership level of 8-10 active partnerships in Year 1, 10-12 in Year 2, 12-14 in Year 3. o CORP will create a process for the successful acceptance of the legal provider in the targeted neighborhood. Goal F: CORP will ensure that the nonprofit community views CORP Y1-Y5 Requires involvement of as a valuable and accessible resource. development and publications staff • Objective 12: Marketing and Visibility: Staff will utilize a marketing Bi-annually and visibility plan, to be evaluated and revised at intervals. See appendix for Marketing Plan • Objective 13: Increased Demand for Services: Marketing and 10% increase/year visibility plan will lead to at least a 10% increase in queries from nonprofit organizations per year (primarily via phone and email). Goal G: CORP will continue to focus on anticipating, identifying, and helping to lead the response to emerging community needs. • Objective 14: Community Needs Assessment: CORP will participate Y1-Y5 on key taskforces and committees which assess community needs. • Objective 15: Regionalization: Through its regional collaborative, Y1-Y5 Feasibility conditioned on CORP will identify and meet the needs of the nonprofit community in participation of collaborative the greater Bay Area. partners o CORP will collaborate and coordinate services with the National Economic Development and Law Center, the East Collaboration will have separate Bay Community Law Center and the East Palo Alto funding Community Law Project. o CORP will work with the regional collaborative to develop a model for service delivery within Alameda County, San Francisco, and San Mateo County in Years 1-3, with
  6. 6. possibility of expansion in Years 3-5 to Contra Costa, Santa Clara and Marin Counties. Goal H: VLSP will work with all sectors of the legal community, Pro Bono Summit convened in including the State and Federal courts, The Bar Association of 2000 San Francisco, law firm leaders, Power of Attorney, The Pro Bono Initiative, Bay Area law schools, The California State Bar To date, Pro Bono Pledge signed Association, and The American Bar Association, to preserve the by 15 firms health and encourage the growth of pro bono work. • Objective 16: Pro Bono Commitment in Law Firms: VLSP’s efforts Y1-Y5 and activities will have an impact on the organization and treatment of pro bono efforts in law firms. o VLSP will spearhead the effort in convening a pro bono summit where key members of the legal community discuss attorney and firm involvement in and commitment to pro bono work. o VLSP will convene an ongoing group to monitor pro bono participation and pledges. o VLSP will help create an ongoing taskforce to promote the Requires involvement of involvement of volunteers at all levels of law firms in VLSP’s recruitment committee and FT programs. Staff attorney o VLSP will encourage corporate general counsel to promote pro bono work within firms. • Objective 17: Increasing the Visibility of Pro Bono: CORP will Y1-Y5 increase the visibility of pro bono in firms and corporate legal departments. o Staff will write and submit success stories on a regular basis Requires FT Staff Attorney, FT to the Recorder, SF Attorney Journal, The California Law Project Coordinator and Business Journal, American Lawyer, The Daily Journal, and Publications Department staff other legal publications. o CORP will present success stories, which illustrate the impact
  7. 7. of pro bono work on a community and the benefits for attorneys and firms, at BASF meetings, State Bar Panels, National Bar Panels, etc. o CORP will collaborate with Power of Attorney to publicize and provide greater visibility to pro bono work in the nonprofit sector on a national level. Goal I: CORP will work with corporate legal departments to develop and expand their pro bono infrastructure. • Objective 18: Developing an Action Plan: CORP will work with Y2 corporate legal departments on a plan for facilitating their involvement in pro bono services to the nonprofit sector. o CORP and corporate legal departments will develop an action plan. o CORP and corporate legal departments will develop implementation activities, templates, and new policies in order to facilitate pro bono involvement. • Objective 19: Implementing the Plan and Recruiting Corporate Y2 – 2 depts. Legal Departments: Staff will prepare two (2) corporate legal Y2 – establish departments to become successfully involved in pro bono work in Year numeric goals for 2, and will establish numeric goals for Years 3-5. Y3-Y5 o Materials about the value and benefits of pro bono services will be circulated via email, fax, mail, conferences, lunches and other meetings. o Existing law firm gatherings, lunches, and other meetings will be heavily utilized as presentation and recruitment Y1-Y5 Requires FT Staff Attorney, FT opportunities for CORP. Project Coordinator and o Closer relationships will be developed with recruitment involvement of Recruitment committees, professional development staff, marketing/public Committee relations departments, and others to educate them on the recruitment, career development and retention benefits of pro
  8. 8. bono projects. o Staff and volunteer attorneys will give presentations at meetings of the Association of Legal Administrators, Paralegal Association, and other groups who can be Requires involvement of greater intermediaries and recruit volunteers. VLSP staff o Staff will utilize probono.net as a recruitment tool. o Staff will recruit non-attorneys within firms to assist organizations, including paralegals, marketing professionals, information systems personnel, and other firm administrators. o Staff will focus on meeting the needs and preferences of volunteers, to encourage their participation in pro bono work. Requires FT Staff Attorney Goal K: CORP will be aware of and utilize the preferences of its volunteer attorneys and firms. • Objective 21: Sensitivity to Expressed Preferences: Pro bono Y1-Y5 Advisory Committee involved via opportunities will be structured and presented with consideration for firm email on a regular basis and attorney preferences. o Information will be regularly gathered from attorneys and firms concerning their criteria and preferences through interviews, surveys, and the input of the Business Law Advisory Committee. o Information will be obtained from participating attorneys and Extensive use of probono.net firms concerning how they prefer to interact with VLSP (communication, processes, procedures) through interviews, surveys, and the input of the Business Law Advisory Committee. Goal L: CORP will package and present pro bono matters for attorneys and firms in a concise, clear, and helpful manner. • Objective 22: Staff will rigorously screen client organizations, gather Y1-Y5 Firm commitment required to
  9. 9. all key information from client organizations, to fully prepare the effect change volunteer attorney, and streamline process to facilitate attorney involvement, reduce time to get approval from firm, and accelerate the conflicts-check process. o Criteria and priorities will be established and reviewed periodically with input from advisory committees. Goal M: CORP will develop and utilize a variety of recognition Y1-Y5 Requires involvement of awards activities to give visibility to attorneys and firms who do pro and recognition VLSP staff bono work. • Objective 23: Recognition of Volunteers: o CORP will get volunteers recognized at the local, state or national level through articles and formal awards. o CORP will recognize volunteers through informal efforts such as a volunteer appreciation dinner, phone calls, thank you cards, etc. Goal N: CORP will provide abundant resources, support, and training for attorneys who commit to pro bono projects and partnerships. • Objective 24: Resources: CORP will develop and update written Y2-Y5 Incorporation training manual materials, manuals, and training videos for use by pro bono attorneys and recently updated; additional advocates. training topics to be determined • Objective 25: CORP will add to its cadre of experts to serve as Y1-Y5 Relevant areas of expertise to be mentors. determined in Y1 • Objective 26: Website: CORP staff will develop, monitor, update and Y1-Y5 FT Staff Attorney and FT Project enhance its probono.net website Coordinator required o Staff will post materials, monitor and update the Library page on a daily basis, and ensure that these materials are helpful to volunteer attorneys. o Staff will monitor, screen and respond to messages on a daily
  10. 10. basis on the Message Board. o Staff will monitor the News page and post relevant and timely articles. o Staff will post pro bono opportunities on an ongoing basis and daily monitor the New Matters page. o Staff will update and monitor the Calendar page with trainings, conferences, and other events. o Staff will monitor the Roster page on a daily basis, and immediately respond to new volunteer attorneys. Goal O: CORP will have a development strategy with an emphasis on Requires involvement of VLSP diversifying its revenue sources for continued financial viability. Institutional Grant Development Director and VLSP Director • Objective 27: Diversification and development Activities: VLSP staff Y2 – 3 new will develop three (3) new sources of revenue by Year 2, and two (2) funding sources Quarterly meetings between CORP additional sources of revenue by Year 3. Program staff will regularly Y3 – 2 new and Development staff to review confer with Development staff to maximize effectiveness of fund-raising funding sources fundraising strategy efforts. Goal P: CORP will prioritize long-term, multi-year sources of funding Requires involvement of VLSP for development efforts. Director and the Institutional Grant Development Director • Objective 28: Education of Foundation and Other Funding Officers: Y1-Y5 o Presentations at conferences where these individuals are present will emphasize how pro bono legal services protect the foundation’s investment in the supported organizations. o Staff will schedule opportunities to meet with foundation staff and other funders. o Staff will work to increase funders’ understanding of the value of legal assistance, technical assistance, and the prevention of costly legal crises. • Objective 29: Alliances with funders: VLSP director will take a lead role in building an alliance between funders and legal services programs.
  11. 11. Goal Q: CORP will recruit and retain staff with key skills to insure the success of the project. • Objective 30: Staffing Needs: CORP will develop staff size and skill Y1 requirements, experience, expertise and continuing education needs. Goal R: CORP will develop and maintain systems for collecting, recording, aggregating, and analyzing all data important and relevant to its mission. • Objective 31: CORP will develop and maintain systems for Y1 CORP may retain consultant to collecting all data important and relevant to its mission. assist in the development of o CORP will analyze its current information gathering needs. this data collection system o CORP will develop a comprehensive data collection system. • Objective 32: CORP will use this information appropriately. Y1-Y5 o CORP will use this data to analyze its staffing and resource requirements, as well as the effectiveness of its services. o CORP will share this information with current funders, and use this data to apply for new sources of funding. o CORP will use this data for publicity, recognition, and recruitment of new volunteer resources. o CORP will share this data with other groups who may benefit from this knowledge, including POA.