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  1. 1. Estate Planning General Representation Domestic Relations Probate Matters Guardianship/Conservatorship Business/Corporate Contracts Traffic Matters Real Estate Civil Litigation THE PEARMAN LAW FIRM, PC Criminal Defense Bankruptcy Attorneys Shaun Pearman Daniel Westhoff Planning for your future is a serious Rachel Anderson matter. At the Pearman Law Firm L. Frank Bergner, Jr., Of Counsel we consult with each client and carefully consider your particular needs and circumstances in order Lissa Young Office Manager THE PEARMAN LAW FIRM, PC to provide you with the best plan we can. Jill Murphy Legal Assistant We will assist you in your individual concerns and requirements to distribute your possessions and care for your loved ones after your death. THE PEARMAN LAW FIRM, PC Estate Planning We welcome the opportunity to 4195 WADSWORTH BOULEVARD assist you in this matter. WHEAT RIDGE, CO 80033 303-991-7600 303-991-7601 FAXwww.pearmanlawfirm.com
  2. 2. WILL LIVING TRUST PRICING A will is a simple document that designates which A living trust is a document that allows you to Document Price family members or others you want to have your transfer your property during your lifetime to single couple property, money, and sentimental objects, after provide for asset management in the event of your Simple Will Package $400 $500* your death. Without a will, state law determines incapacity as well as upon your death. Property (Will, General Durable POA, what happens to your possessions. In your will transferred to a living trust will not be subject to Medical POA, Living Will, Burial you choose who will be your representative and probate. Instructions) how your wishes will be carried out. (Joint Tenancy Agreement included with Couple’s package) You can alter your Living Trust anytime during A will also lets you name a guardian for your your lifetime and even revoke the entire trust if Simple Will Package $600 $800* minor children in the event of your death. Without you choose. with contingent trust for minors a will, the Court decides who will raise your (Will, General Durable POA, Medical POA, Living Will, Burial children. Instructions) You can revise your will at any time in the future GENERAL DURABLE Individual Documents: as your personal circumstances change. In POWER OF ATTORNEY Simple Will $350 $450* addition, a will is a personal document that is not filed with the county until the person’s death. By creating a General Durable Power of Attorney, Simple Will $550 $750* with contingent trust for minors you appoint someone as your agent who can A will does not: conduct your financial and business affairs on General Durable Power of $125.00 your behalf during your lifetime. This document Attorney g keep your estate from having to pay taxes g keep your estate out of probate court can be effective upon your incapacity or Medical Power of Attorney $125.00 g include your wishes regarding health and immediately as a matter of convenience for you. Living Will $125.00 life support g allow your representative to make decisions Burial Instructions No for you or conduct financial business for you LIVING WILL charge during your lifetime. Joint Tenancy Agreement $125.00 This document instructs your medical providers to (simple one, template based) MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY withdraw life sustaining measures in the event that Trusts: you are 1) in a coma; 2) unable to communicate for seven days or more; and 3) in a terminal Trust – probate avoidance, no $800 $1000* A Medical Power of Attorney allows you to appoint tax planning someone as your agent who can make medical condition that has been certified by two doctors. If (includes Pour Over Will, General decisions for you if you cannot do so. This you are only receiving artificial nutrition, you can Durable POA, Medical POA, Living document also gives that person (your agent) choose if you want to continue it and for how long. Will, Burial Instructions) access to your medical records. Note: to prepare funding documents - $265 per hour Tax Planning Trusts: quoted on a case by case basis. * Substantially identical documents