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Legal Ease

  1. 1. Legal Ease The Newsletter of the Moakley Law Library Volume 16, Issue 2 Blog Your Way to the Job of Your Dreams Diane D’Angelo, Reference Librarian Spring 2007 Whether you’re graduating in May or Legal blogs are often referred to as brary/about/newsletter/ returning to Suffolk in the fall, legal blawgs. Here are a few good ones blogs are sure to keep you informed that you should take a look at: about up-to-the minute news on vari- Moakley Law Library ous legal topics. They’re also great Massachusetts Law Updates: http:// 120 Tremont Street tools for networking and learning Boston, MA 02108 about potential job openings, clerk- html This blog is edited by librarians ships and internships. In this com- at the Massachusetts Trial Court Li- Reserve/Circulation: petitive job market, staying current braries. It’s a great resource for all (617) 573-8177 and being one of the first to learn Massachusetts breaking legal news. Reference: about cutting-edge legal issues as (617) 573-8516 they unfold is a huge advantage and Law Professor Blogs: http://www. will help you wow potential employ- This blog is ers at job interviews. Blogs are web cont. on page 7. journals that often present informa- tion in reverse chronological order. WIN $50 !!!! Bor- ders Gift Card Help Beyond the Bar See Back Cover Betsy McKenzie, Law Library Director and Professor of Law The Moakley Law Library has a available to you for free until you long tradition of supporting our law hear bar results. Check at the Refer- school students, even after gradua- ence Desk on the 6th floor for more In This Issue tion. Unlike many other law school information. libraries, we welcome our alumni as they return to research here. While More databases are accessible for Blog Your Way to the Job of many of the databases we can offer use if you can come into the library. Your Dreams...............1 you as students become too expensive You can use LoisLaw for free, and Help Beyond the Bar........1 to offer freely to our alumni, we make get free access to online Shepards by Must-Know Sources for every effort to negotiate licenses that coming into the library, and check- Associates....................2 allow as much access as possible. ing the computers near the Reference Practicing Law Means Doing You do have access to a lower-cost desk. If you work close enough to Legal Research...........3 option, using LoisLaw. While you take advantage of these resources, Legal Research on the are a law student, you can practice you can also check out books the Web.............................4 and explore this free alternative to same as when you were a student. Resources for Legal Westlaw and Lexis, and LoisLaw is Even materials on reserve can be Research.....................6 Trivia Challenge II...........8 cont. on page 7. 1
  2. 2. Massachusetts Must-Know Sources for Associates Susan Vaughn, Reference Librarian If you have landed a full-time Handbook is available on Lexis (Le- select Massachusetts’ trial court or summer gig with a law firm gal > States Legal - U.S. > Massa- and agency decisions. This paper in Massachusetts there are some chusetts > CLE Course Materials & is available weekly in print. If you basic sources that you might find Publications > Handbook of Legal are a law student, you can access helpful that you probably didn’t Research in Massachusetts) and the archives of the Massachu- learn about in law school. These in LoisLaw’s Massachusetts Con- setts Lawyers Weekly using the are more practical secondary tinuing Legal Education (MCLE) law school licensed databases at: sources used by working attorneys collection. and include research guides, hand- research/databases.cfm. Access is books, forms, directories, treatises, Massachusetts Practice available to alumni on-site at the legal encyclopedias and legal library. newspapers. Here are descrip- Massachusetts Practice is a state tions of just a few that could prove specific legal encyclopedia. It is to be invaluable. divided into over 40 topics, such as real estate and family law, and has a Handbook of Legal Research in two volume comprehensive in- Massachusetts dex. It provides brief explanations or summaries of legal doctrines, This handbook includes chap- footnotes to primary authority, ters including, but not limited to, including case citations, and some Statutes and Session Laws, Rules legal forms. It is also available via of Court, Administrative Law, Westlaw, or, if your Westlaw access Municipal Law, Electronic Legal is limited, at the cd-rom terminal on Research, and Selected Legal Re- the sixth floor of the library. search Resources. These chapters can give you an idea of the struc- Massachusetts Lawyers Diary & ture of a branch Manual of government and legal mate- This invaluable directory contains rial produced by contact information for Massachu- these branches. setts government officials, lawyers, For example, and judges. It has some interest- the administra- ing extras like amortization tables, tive law chapter filing fee schedules, and digests of discusses the the federal and Massachusetts rules history of ad- of civil procedure. It also has a ministrative law handy supplement containing Mas- in Massachu- sachusetts court maps and judges’ setts and gives a description of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly biographies. major sources of administrative law such as the Code of Mas- This paper provides news about For more Massachusetts Resources sachusetts Regulations, Execu- lawyers and judges, recent court look at the guides prepared by the tive Orders, and Opinions of the decisions, proposed legislation, and law library reference librarians Attorney General. The chapter on other matters of interest to Massa- at Selected Legal Research Resourc- chusetts’ attorneys. It also contains brary/research/a-z/index.cfm, for es is particularly useful for finding job listings; and is one of the few example, the Massachusetts Legal looseleaf materials by topic. This places you can find summaries of Forms Guide. 2
  3. 3. Practicing Law Means Doing Legal Research Rick Buckingham, Reference Librarian As the spring semester begins to holdings. You’ll need a different you an overview of the topic and wind down, take a moment to think set of skills to be successful com- often lead you to relevant cases and about what you’ll be doing this pleting a legal research project. statutes. When researching Mas- summer or, if you’re graduating, When preparing for a law school sachusetts law, the Massachusetts this fall. Imagine your first day at exam, you usually have a limited Practice Series (in print and on the law firm, government office, or Westlaw) and MCLE materials (in courthouse where you’ll be work- print and select titles on Lexis, West- ing. Which of the following do law, and LoisLaw) can be great start- you think is most like the type of ing points. See p. 2 in this newsletter assignment you’ll be given on that for more on Massachusetts second- first day? ary sources. 1. You’re given a list of property Use Annotated Codes transactions (e.g., A conveys to If an issue involves statutory law, or B for life then to C) and asked if you’re not sure, use an annotated to determine the effect of the code (in print or on Lexis or West- Statute of Uses on each. law). If you don’t know a citation 2. You’re given a one-page sum- to a specific section of the code start mary of events that took place with the index. By using an anno- in the town of “Suffolk” and tated code you’ll get not just the text asked to identify all criminal of the statute itself, but also refer- acts, and possible defenses, and prescribed set of relevant ences to related cases and secondary under the Model Penal Code. materials to review (like the course sources. 3. You’re asked to do research on textbook and assigned readings). issues from a case in progress When it comes to legal research, Find Cases and present your results to the it’s up to you to find the relevant If you’re looking for cases, and supervising attorney or judge materials (like cases, statutes, regu- didn’t find any from an annotated in a memorandum. lations, etc.) Your research won’t code or secondary source, use a print be complete or reliable unless you digest or search a case law database Assignments 1 and 2 are likely find all the applicable materials on Lexis or Westlaw. Digests don’t to show up on law school exams, there are. have the full text of cases, but they but aren’t the kinds of tasks given organize issue summaries by subject to summer interns, law clerks, or There is no one right way to con- and give citations to where the full new attorneys. What you’re more duct legal research, and how you text can be found. likely to be asked to do is conduct proceed often depends on what research on legal issues and sum- resources are available. As law Don’t Forget Pocket Parts marize the results of the research in students you’ve had unlimited ac- Whenever you’re using print materi- a memorandum. cess to Westlaw and Lexis; that’s als like annotated codes and digests, often not something employers are don’t forget to update your research For many of your law classes able to offer. by looking in pocket parts and you’ve been judged by how well pamphlet supplements, which will you perform on examinations with Use Secondary Sources include cases decided and statutes questions like numbers 1 and 2 If you’re asked to do research in a passed after the bound volumes were above. As a result, you’ve devel- subject area that you’re not famil- published. oped skills in preparing for those iar with, you might begin with a kinds of questions; for example, secondary source like a treatise, Shepardize or KeyCite creating course outlines, studying legal encyclopedia, or law review Finally, don’t forget to Shepardize the textbook, and memorizing case article. These sources can give cont. on page 6. 3
  4. 4. Legal Research on the Web Ellen Delaney, Reference Librarian There are many reliable sources htm?sid=121) for online legal research. These Includes selected opinions from web sites and Law Library data- 2005 to the present. bases offer an alternative to the fee-based services of Lexis and Massachusetts General Laws Westlaw. ( gis.htm) For federal case law, statutes, Includes links to the General administrative, and executive Laws, the Massachusetts Con- resources, see the following web stitution, current legislation, and sites. other legislative information. individually. The List of Sections Af- A concise legislative history Supreme Court Decisions fected (LSA) (http://www.gpoaccess. research guide is published by the Findlaw (http://www.findlaw. gov/lsa/index.html) from 1997 to the State Library of Massachusetts at com/casecode/supreme.html) has present updates the CFR. ( decisions from 1893 to the pres- trace.htm). ent. This database is browsable by Federal Register year and U.S. Reports volume and ( Mass Administrative Law can be searched by citation, case html) Coverage is from 1994 to the The Social Law Library Massachu- title or full text. present. setts Administrative Law Library database ( Courts of Appeals Decisions Administrative Decisions edu/library/research/databases.cfm) ( For federal agency decisions of the includes the Code of Massachusetts eral/opinions.html#appeals) Executive Branch, see the link from Regulations and decisions of Massa- The database is searchable by GPO Access (http://www.lib.lsu. chusetts administrative agencies. For opinion or case number, title and edu/cgi-bin/search.cgi). offsite access, go to (http://library. keyword. You may search for decisions from all the circuits or For Massachusetts case law, statutes, a selected circuit. See this page administrative, and executive resourc- For links to agencies of the Execu- for decisions from district, bank- es, see the following web sites. tive Branch, see ruptcy courts and courts of special ( jurisdiction. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (http://www.malawyersweekly. Massachusetts Trial Court Librar- United States Code com/masjc.cfm) ies ( The Office of Law Revision Coun- Includes slip opinions from 1997 to provide links to Massachusetts sel publishes the U.S. Code (http:// the present. Search full text or browse cases, regulations, Executive Orders, This web site by month/year. federal and laws of other states. includes searchable versions of the Patrons have on site access to Lexis current and some older versions of Massachusetts Appeals Court and Westlaw at a number of county the Code. ( law libraries (http://www.lawlib. cfm) You Code of Federal Regulations Includes slip opinions from 1999 to can also get a trial court i.d. which ( the present. Search full text or browse brings with it privileges such as dex.html) Coverage is from 1996 by month/year. remote access to HeinOnline and to the present. The CFR is search- LoisLaw (including select MCLE able by citation and keyword. Massachusetts Superior Courts treatises). You may also browse CFR titles ( cont. on next page. 4
  5. 5. Legal Research on the Web Cont. from previous page. Summer Resources Working at a law firm this summer? An internship? Worried about the where and how’s of legal research? Fret not, for the library can help you. Other States Resources For a list of states, linked to Lexis resources including cases, codes, statutes, libraries, courts, and Lexis is available for educational use throughout the summer (which research guides, see (http://www. includes unpaid internships and non-profits). Most firms will have some form of access to either Lexis or Westlaw, though smaller firms will have very limited access. You will have to register before full-access is cut off Other Free Online Databases on June 1st, 2007. LexisONE (http://www.lexisone. Westlaw com/caselaw/freecaselaw) provides access to state and federal cases A student’s access will be curtailed to two hours in June, and two hours in for the past five years and the U.S. July, unless you fit into one of the following categories:- i) taking a sum- Supreme Court from 1790 to the mer class, ii) for law review/journal/moot court work, iii) working as a present. research assistant to a professor, or iv) working at an internship or extern- ship. Once you sign into Westlaw, there is a link to enable extension of Loislaw (http://www.lois- your term-time package into the summer. Be warned, Westlaw “reserves offers students free the right to collect from users all Westlaw charges incurred through the access to Loislaw. The database use of the law school password for purposes other than educational pur- includes state and federal law, poses at the then-current commercial Westlaw rates.” treatises in several subject areas, and public records information. See Shepardizing a reference librarian for the access code. If you do not have access to Lexis or Westlaw to update a case, we have two terminals in the library (to the left of the reference desk as you face Law Reviews Online it). The computer terminals only allow you to Shepardize, but if you have a citation fairly on point it may allow you find other similar cases or Hein Online secondary sources. ( CD ROMs =journals). This database is acces- sible to Suffolk Law students, fac- To the right of the reference desk (as you face it), there is one computer ulty and staff. For off site access, that has CD ROMS. Use this to access ALRs, Massachusetts Practice, go to ( MCLE, CFR, American Jurisprudence and MGLA. edu/screens/lawdb.html). LoisLaw See a reference librarian for a free access code, and then go to http://www. to sign up. Loislaw gives you access to State & Federal Codes, cases and other information. Though not as complete as Westlaw or Lexis, it can provide a valid alternative. Students have free unfettered access throughout summer and up to six months following graduation. 5
  6. 6. Resources for Legal Research Ellen Beckworth, Reference Librarian Here is a listing of online materi- mat, and shepardizing cases and Zimmerman’s Research Guide als that may be of help as you do statutes. Also included here are (available for free at: http://www. legal research this summer. Refer- detailed listings of paper treatises ence librarians here at Suffolk are by topic that can be found within man). available if you need assistance. In the Suffolk Law Library. addition to desk hours, we are also accessible by telephone and email: II. The Cornell Legal Information Institute is a great resource when NEWSFLASH – The Blue- 617-573-8516, doing legal research (http://www. book is not as hard as you I. Suffolk University Law Library It includes full- think. maintains both a webpage of sub- text versions of federal and state Having trouble Bluebooking? scription legal research databases law, as well as similar materials for Feel like burning it? Don’t fret and an “A – Z List” of materials many countries of the world. Topi- – the library has recently posted arranged by legal subject. Both of cal research for many areas of law a new Bluebook Guide. This these resources can be accessed by is also included at the Cornell site resource provides a basic guide going to the Suffolk Law Library ( for law students, along with an webpage ( index.php/Category:Overview). index and FAQ. See http://www. edu/library/), then clicking on “Le- gal Research” on the navigational III. Other law school libraries can bluebook/. bar to the right. also be excellent sources of legal guides. Some of these materi- A. The subscription databases are als may be located by searching Research - Cont. from page 3. available on campus, and many are formalized websites that gather also available via user name and legal resources by topic, such as (on Lexis or in print) or KeyCite student ID from off-campus. These LLRX ( and (on Westlaw) your cases. Shepa- include Hein Online, which is a Law Scout (http://lawscout.uakron. rd’s and KeyCite should be used to great source for law review articles edu). These searches can lead you both make sure that a case is still that are too old to be on Lexis or to well-done websites like Saint good law and as a research tool to Westlaw; the Social Law Adminis- Louis University’s “The Elder Law find additional cases and second- trative Databases, which include Source” ( ary sources on the issues addressed full-text versions of harder-to-lo- research/elderlaw.htm). in the case. cate decisions from specialized courts in Massachusetts such as IV. Using search engines to locate Ask for Help the Housing Court; and, the valu- specific research guides is often As you transition from studying able but somewhat difficult to use very successful. For example, this for exams to doing legal research, United Nations Treaty Collection. Google search works well for find- you may need help getting reac- ing state legislative material: “li- quainted with the research pro- B. The “A - Z List” is a compila- brary research guide state legisla- cess. So if you’re not sure how to tion of resources for a wide range tive history.” Located at the top of begin a project, or if you hit a dead of legal subjects, organized into the results list is an excellent guide end, ask a Suffolk Law School research guides and webogra- to state legislative history avail- Library reference librarian for phies. Sample research guides and able at Indiana University’s Law help. Stop by the reference desk webographies include bankruptcy, Library ( on the 6th floor of the library, give copyright, health, and immigration edu/library/services/sta_leg.shtml). us a call (617-573-8516), or send law. There are also useful “how- us an e-mail ( to” research guides for locating V. A legal encyclopedia that pro- federal administrative law, citing vides entry to many different law according to the Bluebook for- and law-related topics is Andrew 6
  7. 7. Blog Your Way to the Job of Your Dreams Help Beyond the Bar Cont. from page 1. Cont. from page 1. edited by professors at law schools Harvard, NYU, Stanford, UCLA, can be used by alumni, though, throughout the U.S. While geared UT Austin, Yale and the Universi- just as when you were a student, towards law professors, the blogs ties of Chicago, Michigan, and these books must remain inside the listed on Law Professor Blogs deal Virginia who were “concerned library. with a host of legal topics that law about the rates at which women opt students and recent grads will find out of the legal profession, the lack We try to collect books that may incredibly helpful. From the Law of representation of women in the help you learn how to manage your Professor Blogs site you can link highest courts and echelons of the law practice as well. We maintain to more than 45 subject specific legal community, and the role of a list of the items we buy, which blogs like the Civil Procedure Pro- gender in the progression of many you can check out. The list is long fessor Blog, Contracts Professor women’s legal careers.” enough to require two files for easier Blog, Environmental Law Profes- downloading. Look at the lists at sor Blog, Health Law Professor Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites: http:// Blog, Securities Professor Blog & research/a-z/resguides/lawyering- Torts Professor Blog. New Blogs Ambrogi is the author of the book books1.pdf and are always being added so if you The Essential Guide to the Best don’t find one that deals with your (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web. research/a-z/resguides/lawyering- area of interest, check back. His blog tracks new and intriguing books2.pdf web sites for the legal profession. SCOTUSblog: http://www.sco- You can also use the assistance of This Suffolk Law Library Blog: http:// our reference librarians. The refer- blog covers all news and issues ence desk is staffed Monday – Fri- coming out of the U.S. Supreme Reference librarians post all kinds day, 9 AM – 9 PM, and on week- Court including new filings, orders of useful information to this blog ends, from 9 AM - 5 PM. You can and opinions & commentary and like news of new databases and call the Reference Desk at 617- 573- analysis. other resources that are available 8516, or E-mail to law students, faculty and staff. Jurist: Alums are encouraged to use the You can see what the library has by Jurist is edited by law faculty library after graduation. There are checking the online catalog: http:// and students at the University of a number of databases and other re- You Pittsburgh School of Law. This sources that are available to alums can also see links for recommended comprehensive blog is updated too and reference librarians post materials and free websites at http:// throughout the day as legal news about these resources regularly. and issues break. Users can read source/ and blog entries in reverse chronologi- Suffolk Law School Faculty Aware- cal order or can select the topics ness Blog: http://sufab.wordpress. research/a-z/index.cfm link at the top of the screen to com/ While geared towards Suffolk view blog entries on their particu- Law faculty, students and alum are Your success is our success. Be sure lar area of interest. encouraged to check out this blog. to stop by and see us in the library You can review entries in reversed after you graduate. We will do our Blawg chronological order or click on best to help you, both while you are Blawg is an index to various legal the topical index at the top of the a student, and after! blogs that deal with all kinds of screen for posts that cover your legal subject areas from solo prac- specific practice area. This blog is tice and in-house counsel to law also rich with information on law students & legal writing. conferences and calls for papers. Ms. JD This blog focuses on issues that effect women in the legal profession. It was started by a group of female law students from Boalt Hall (UC Berkeley), Cornell, Georgetown, 7
  8. 8. Suffolk Trivia Challenge II Scott Akehurst-Moore, Reference Librarian Law Library 120 Tremont Street The first place winner will receive 2) If a law is not incorporated into a $50 gift card to Borders. All a code in Massachusetts, where Boston, MA 02108 law students are eligible to win. would you be able to find it? Reserve/Circulation: Entries should be dropped off at the (617) 573-8177 reference desk on the 6th floor of the Law Reference: Library by May 15, 2007. The Library (617) 573-8516 will randomly draw entries the next day. Fax: The student whose (617) 723-3164 entry is drawn first with all the correct answers will be our E-mail: grand-prize winner. If no one answers all the questions 3) What is the Westlaw database correctly, the law student who for finding cases from the Euro- submits the most right answers will pean Court of Human Rights? be our winner. brary/ 4) True or False: Every person 1) Terms and Connectors are used admitted to the Massachusetts bar to formulate searches in Westlaw has to create an IOLTA account? Editors: and Lexis. What is one difference between Westlaw and Lexis’ Terms 5) What free website provides Susan Vaughn and Connectors? links to sections of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations on? Diane D’Angelo Answers to Trivia Challenge I 4. What floor of the library contains the Federal Rules Deci- Library Hours: 1. What company is the sions reporter set? Sixth Monday - Friday: principle publisher of English and 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Welsh statutes? Butterworths 5. Does an international student who received a law degree Saturday & Sunday: 2. Provide the name, address from abroad need only to complete and phone number of the Chief an L.L.M. to take the Mass. bar? 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM Justice of the Supreme Court of An non-US trained lawyer can petition Idaho. Chief Justice Schroeder, 451 the SJC for permission to take the bar Holidays and Study Peri- if they have substantial practice in a West State Street, Boise 83702, phone ods, check: 208-334-3324 common law jurisdiction, else they have to possess a J.D. brary/about/hours.cfm 3. Which of the following are not federal statutory compilations? b. U.S.C.C. 8