Forms Management, OP 60-08


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Forms Management, OP 60-08

  1. 1. vumc policies Forms Management, OP 60-08 manual: Operations Policy Manual categories Support Services section: Support Services review responsibility: Operations Policy Committee effective date: January, 1988 last revised date: April, 2003 team members performing: none listed guidelines applicable to: VUH, VMG *, VCH, PHV Exceptions: none listed (*VMG includes satellite sites unless otherwise noted) specific education none listed requirements: Physician Order requirements: none listed Forms Management I. Purpose: To provide a systematic approach to the development, evaluation, and standardization of Vanderbilt University Hospital and Vanderbilt Medical Group (VUH/VMG) forms. II. Policy: The Forms Committee is vested by VUH/VMG with the authority to oversee and set policy for VUH/VMG forms. Membership shall consist of representatives from the following areas: q Forms Management q Informatics Center q Purchasing q Financial Management q Patient Care Centers q VMG Administration q Laboratories q Medical Information Services (1 of 4)9/1/2004 10:55:16 AM
  2. 2. vumc policies Other departments may be invited to send a representative at the Committee's discretion. The Chair of the Committee is the Director of the Copy Center and Forms Management. The Forms Management Section of the Copy Center (FORMS MGMT) shall be agent charged with implementation of this policy. Oversight of the Medical Center's forms is conducted in such a manner as shall: r maximize standardization r eliminate unnecessary forms r control cost of recording, storing, and retrieving information r adequately address all legal, patient care, financial, and other issues that forms may involve. III. Special Instructions: A. Forms which must be submitted to FORMS MGMT for review and approval are: 1. Patient related 2. Billing related 3. Insurance related 4. Consent forms 5. Forms involving the transferring of monies 6. Forms which will go into Medical Records 7. Forms which involve and/or are used by more than one department. B. Information required on all forms 1. Each form approved bears a form number, the assignment of which is coordinated by FORMS MGMT, and a revision date. Each form is identified by department and title if at all possible. 2. VUH/VMG forms are identified by one of the approved VUH/VMG logos as illustrated in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Graphic Standards Manual unless space forbids. Approved departmental logos are permissible where appropriate. C. Copyright 1. Copyright items in general will not be reproduced without proper permission from the copyright holder. Certain limited expectations to this rule may be permissable under copyright law, but the burden of proof that the intended use is proper rests with the ordering department. FORMS MGMT shall, however, reserve the right to seek legal advice and to refuse (2 of 4)9/1/2004 10:55:16 AM
  3. 3. vumc policies the request if it deems necessary. D. Form files, stock and returns 1. Form files maintained by the Copy Center are VUH/VMG property. Original forms, approval documentation, artwork, and other materials necessary to the operation of the Copy Center and FORMS MGMT will not be released to anyone within or outside Vanderbilt. Normally, however, any request for copies of these materials from within the Vanderbilt community will be honored. This will be at the discretion of FORMS MGMT. 2. When a revision is requested on a form stocked in quantity, either at the Copy Center or an external forms vendor, the requesting department shall be responsible for buying out or arranging for the buying out of the existing stock. If the department does not wish to do this, the old stock will be depleted before the revision is implemented. 3. Forms ordered are normally non-returnable. Except in instances due to an error on the part of the Copy Center or an external forms vendor, returns will be allowed only at the discretion of the issuer. No returns will be allowed six (6) weeks after the order date. E. Implementation: 1. The Forms Committee shall have the authority to develop reasonable guidelines for the implementation of this policy and to alter such guidelines from time to time as the structure and needs of the VUH/VMG may change. 2. Current copies of these guidelines shall be made available by FORMS MGMT on request. IV. Cross References: Medical Record Manual - MR 01-07 V. Web References: For the forms page - For e-docs - VI. Approved: /s/ Norman Urmy, Executive Vice President, Clinical Affairs Date 4-23-03 /s/ John S. Sergent, M. D., VMG Chief Medical Officer Date 4-23-03 (3 of 4)9/1/2004 10:55:16 AM
  4. 4. vumc policies /s/ Jim Shmerling, CEO, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Date 4-23-03 Copyright/Reprint Permission This policy ©2003 by Vanderbilt University. All rights reserved. Requests for republication should be directed to: Department of Accreditation & Standards 1161 21st Avenue South A-1223 MCN Nashville, TN 37232-2183 or email to: Site design and content copyright © 2003, Vanderbilt University Medical Center URL: For More Information: Design Last Modified: 16 may 2003 (4 of 4)9/1/2004 10:55:16 AM