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CLIP Guides

  1. 1. CLIP Guides University of Connecticut School of Law Library Connecticut Legal Information Portal Legal Forms The UConn law library’s collection includes numerous sources of legal forms. These sources vary in scope, format and organization. Multi-volume encyclopedia style reference books provide legal forms on many different subjects in a single source. Treatises devoted to specific legal subjects provide forms customized for a particular area of practice. There are also multi-volume practice books focusing on individual jurisdictions (states) or major topics (taxation) that include specialized forms. Print form books are generally produced in a format that can be easily updated. The most common format for single or multi-volume form books is looseleaf. This allows for frequent updating of individual pages and sections as laws change and forms are added or revised. Bound volumes that include legal forms, such as large practice book sets, may be updated with pocket parts or soft bound supplements, or they may be completely replaced by revised volumes. Treatises that include forms can be located in the collection by searching the law library catalog. Most (but not all) catalog records for books containing legal forms will include the word “forms.” Searching for the word “forms” retrieves over 4,000 hits in the catalog. Performing a Word search for “forms” AND “Connecticut” or any legal subject (“forms” AND “bankruptcy”) will focus the results. Results can be broadened to cover records that do not contain the word “forms” by substituting search words such as “practice” or “litigation” with a legal topic. Performing an Enhanced Word Search for a topic and limiting the Material Type to looseleafs is another method of identifying large supplemented sets in the collection that may include legal forms. Results can be further refined by limiting the Date to a range of years that can help identify new titles or find older sets that are still updated. Many of the major subject specific form books in our collection are also available in up-to-date online versions . Popular treatises published by Thomson West may appear on Westlaw while those produced by publishers associated with LexisNexis will often appear on Lexis. The law library catalog includes records for electronic editions of treatises with a link to login to Lexis or Westlaw. These versions are only accessible to UConn law students and faculty with current authorizations. Commonly Used General & Subject Specific Form Books in Print: Most of the major encyclopedia type form book sets that are kept up-to-date in print are shelved in the reference collection on the main (3rd) floor of the law library. Additional sets covering specific areas of
  2. 2. practice are shelved in the stacks. Many treatises are currently updated with CD-ROM supplements. Various sets (including West’s Legal Forms) that are up-to-date online are no longer supplemented in the print collection. The following is a selected list of books in the law library’s print collection that include legal forms: American Jurisprudence Legal Forms KF 170 .A542 - Reference American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated KF 8836 .A45 - Reference Bankruptcy Deskbook; William C. Hillman KF 1524 .L432 - 5th Floor Benders Forms of Discovery KF 8900 A3 .B47 - Reference Collier Handbook for Trustees and Debtors in Possession KF 1524 .C55 - 5th Floor Collier on Bankruptcy KF 1524 .C6 1996 - 5th Floor Complete Guide to Divorce Practice; ABA, Larry Rice KF 533.5 R52 2005 - 5th Floor Complete Manual of Criminal Forms; F. Lee Bailey & Kenneth J. Fishman KF 9616 .B252 1993 - 5th Floor Connecticut Practice Book KFC 4130 .C6... - Reference & Reserve KFC 4130 .P7... - Connecticut Practice Series Current Legal Forms: With Tax Analysis; Jacob Rabkin & Mark H. Johnson KF 170 .R3 - Reference Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements; Robert P. Wilkins KF 748.1 W55 1995 - 5th Floor Drafting Wills in Connecticut 2d; Ralph H. Folsom & Gayle B. Wilhelm KFC 3742 .F65 2001 - Reserve & 1st Floor KFC 3744 .B72 2001 - Drafting Trusts... Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives; Michael L.M. Jordan KF 1347 .J68 - 5th Floor ElderLaw Forms Manual; Harry S. Margolis KF 390 .A4 M37 2
  3. 3. Employment Discrimination; Lex K. Larson KF 3464 .L37 1994 - 5th Floor Environmental Insurance Litigation: Practice Forms; Tod I. Zuckerman KF 1220 .P5 Z832 - 5th Floor The Essential Formbook; ABA, Gary A. Munneke KF 318 .A65 M86 2000 - 5th floor Estate Planning Law and Taxation; David Westfall KF 6584 .W47 2001 - 5th Floor Family Law and Practice With Forms; Connecticut Practice KFC 4130 .P716 1999 - Reference & Reserve Financial and Estate Planning; Sidney Kess, Bertil Westlin, Robert Whitman KF 748 .K4 - 5th Floor Forms and Substance: Specialized Agreements for the Construction Project KF 801 .F68 2007 - 5th Floor Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: Analysis With Forms; Carol A. Harrington KF 6585 .H35 2001 - 5th Floor Handling the Land Use Case; John J. Delaney KF 5698 .D45 - 5th Floor Insurance Bad Faith Litigation; William M.. Shernoff KF 1164 .S5 - 5th Floor Insurance Law and Practice, With Forms; John Alan Appleman KF 1164 .A92 - 5th Floor KF 1164 .A92 1996 - Holmes’s Appleman on Insurance, 2d Insured Stock Purchase Agreement With Sample Forms; ABA, Lawrence Brody KF 1454 .Z9 B76 2008 - 5th Floor Law of Real Estate Financing: With Tax Analysis, Planning and Forms; Michael T. Madison KF 5698.3 .M24 1994 - 5th Floor Lindey and Parley on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts KF 533.4 .L5 1999 - 5th Floor Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts; Lindey, Alexander KF 2992 .L5 - 5th Floor Modern Child Custody Practice; Jeff Atkinson KF 505.5 .A98 2000 - 5th Floor Moore’s Manual. Federal Practice Forms; James William Moore 3
  4. 4. KF 8820 .A313 M64 Suppl - 5th Floor 101 Law Forms for Personal Use; Nolo KF 170 .L46 - 3rd Floor Reading Lounge Page on the Law of Wills; William Herbert Page KF 755 .P34 1991 - 5th Floor Practitioner’s Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions; Jerold Oshinsky KF 8925 .I57 O84 1998 - 5th Floor Reproducible Federal Tax Forms for Use in Libraries KF 6366 .A3 - 5th Floor Retaliation: A Guide to State Retaliatory Taxes, Fees, Deposits, and Other Requirements KF 6495 .I5 R28 - 5th Floor State Tax Forms. Individual KF 6752 .S73 - 5th Floor Trademark Practice & Forms; Karla C. Shippey KF 3180 .S52 1998 - 5th Floor Uniform Commercial Code. Pleading and Practice Forms; Stephen M.. Flanagan KF 8836 .U545 - 5th Floor Wills; Lawrence P. Keller KF 755 .A65 K44 1992 - 5th Floor Electronic Forms: Lexis and Westlaw each provide access to forms by subject and type. Lexis covers forms under Secondary Legal. Sources are arranged By Jurisdiction (state) or By Area of Law (subject). Westlaw offers an extensive library of the topical print titles published by West under the heading, Forms, Treatises, CLEs and Other Practice Material. Westlaw also includes files for eforms and a FormFinder that links directly to specific forms in pdf. Current legal forms can often be found on official government websites for free. State law library websites can be sources of organized links to state and federal forms. Federal and state agency websites often provide relevant official forms in pdf. Municipal forms may appear on local town or city websites. Court forms are frequently available at state and federal court websites. The Connecticut Judicial Branch website provides links to a large menu of official pdf forms for specific courts. Selections of commonly used forms can also be found on popular legal websites. The law library’s website includes a legal forms page that links to some of these sources. Searching with Google can be another effective method for locating specific forms on the Web. Commercial sites offer various customized forms for a fee. Both government and commercial websites additionally provide increased 4
  5. 5. e-filing service options. Links to unofficial forms on the Web should be consulted with caution. The following links represent selections from a few of the many websites that provide access to organized collections of legal forms: AllLaw.Com - Government Forms: Connecticut Department of Revenue Services - Tax Forms:|41128| Connecticut Judicial Branch - Official Court Webforms: Connecticut Judicial Branch - E-Filing Services: Federal Forms - U.S. Government Forms: FindLaw - Form Resources: ‘Lectric Law Library - Forms Room: U.S. Internal Revenue Service - Tax Forms: USLegal - Free Forms: WashLaw - Legal Forms: A .S. Joseph 2/2009 5