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  1. 1. NCLA – Federal & NC Legal Resources On The Internet Maureen Eggert and Sally Irvin Wake Forest School of Law Table of Contents Cases Statutes and Regulations North Carolina Divorce Resources North Carolina Landlord Tenant Resources North Carolina Education Resources Forms Comprehensive Legal Sites Blogs - Blawgs Finding Blawgs Government Portals Legal News Legal Dictionaries Finding People Dead or Alive Accessing Public Records Locating Experts Finding Assets Researching Corporations Business News Helpful How-To Resources 1
  2. 2. I. Cases a. U.S. Supreme Court i. b. NC Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) i. c. NC Court Opinions (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals) i. II. Statutes and Regulations a. North Carolina Statutes i. b. NC Administrative Code i. http://reports/ c. Federal Laws and Regulations i. ii. iii. d. Federal Bills i. III. Divorce Law Resources a. Divorcelawinfo i. b. Rosen Law Firm i. IV. Education Law Resources a. NC – General Information i. b. Home Schooling i. Legal Requirements 1. ii. FAQs 1. c. IDEA i. d. NCLB i. Federal 1. ii. NC 1. 2
  3. 3. V. Landlord and Tenant Resources a. NC State Handout i. TenantHandout.htm b. Fair Housing Act (English & Spanish) & Complaint Forms i. c. HUD Local Tenant Rights, Laws, and Protections: NC i. VI. Forms a. NC Court Forms i. b. NC Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney i. c. Administrative Hearings Forms i. d. Secretary of State i. e. Advanced Health Care Directory i. f. United States Bankruptcy Court - Local Forms i. g. Internal Revenue Service i. h. FindLaw i. i. LLRX i. j. ILRG Legal Forms Archive i. k. All About Forms i. l. FormsGuru i. m. FINDFORMS i. n. Lexisone Automated Forms i. o. Free Legal Forms (Kinsey Law Offices) i. 3
  4. 4. VII. Comprehensive Legal Sites a. Findlaw i. b. Washlaw i. c. LexisOne i. d. Cornell Legal Information Institute i. e. Law Library of Congress i. f. Justia i. g. Megalaw i. VIII. Legal Blogs - Blawgs a. Womble Carlyle i. b. Kilpatrick Stockton i. c. Deuterman i. d. Robert Ambrogi i. e. beSpacific i. f. inter alia i. IX. Finding Blawgs a. Blawg Republic i. b.’s Blawgs i. c. Quack Track i. X. Government Portals a. i. b. GPO Access i. c. North Carolina 4
  5. 5. i. XI. Legal News a. Washlaw – News i. b. Jurist i. c. CNN Law Center i. XII. Legal Dictionaries a. Jurist’s Dictionary i. b. Findlaw’s Dictionary i. XIII. Finding People Dead or Alive a. Finding Lawyers i. (Martindale Hubbell) 1. ii. Findlaw’s Lawyer Directory 1. b. Phone Directories i. The Ultimates 1. ii. Infospace provides over 112 million listings of phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses 1. iii. AnyWho from AT&T – provides company name searching to find 1-800 numbers. AT&T’s directory of personal and business phone numbers and email addresses. Best site to find Email addresses. 1. iv. Infobel - 216 countries white pages, yellow pages, business directories and other people finding directories. 1. c. Locating the Dead i. Find A Grave - 9.7 million people gravesite locations 1. ii. Obituaries 1. iii. Social Security Death Index 1. iv. US Gen Web Project - Provides links to all the state genealogy sites which can then direct you to the county web sites. 1. 5
  6. 6. d. Criminal Records and Sexual Offenders i. Research Guide – Finding Federal Criminal Records 1. deral.shtml ii. Research Guide – Finding Federal Criminal Records 1. ate.shtml iii. Research Guide – Finding International Criminal Records 1. nternational.shtml iv. North Carolina Dept. of Corrections Public Access Information 1. v. North Carolina Sexual Offender Registry 1. vi. VineLink - Information about criminal cases, when the offenders are arrested, released or scheduled to appear in court. 1. vii. Inmate Plus - Locate public records about prison inmates nationally. 1. viii. Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator 1. ix. The National Sex Offender Public Registry 1. x. FBI State Sex Offender Registry 1. XIV. Public Records a. Pretrieve - Searches numerous public records databases simultaneously i. b. Portico - Especially see the Occupations section where you can search by professional and trade licensing boards i. c. BRB Publications - Links to over 1400 state, county, city and federal sites where public record information is free i. d. State and Local Government on the Net - Links to over 11,000 official state and local government sites. i. e. Vital Statistics at Rootsweb - Birth, death, marriage and divorce records i. f. U.S. Excluded Parties List 6
  7. 7. i. XV. Finding Experts a. JurisPro i. b. i. c. ALM’s Experts i. d. i. XVI. Locating Assets a. Tax Assessor Databases i. b. Forsyth County GeoData Explorer i. c. U.S. Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights i. d. Unclaimed Property i. XVII. Researching Corporations a. Company Directories i. Yahoo Finance 1. ii. Hoover’s 1. b. Product Directory - ThomasNet i. c. SEC Filings & Forms i. d. Annual Reports i. IRIN 1. ii. 1. iii. PRARS 1. iv. Secretary of State Records at State and Local Government on the Net 1. 7
  8. 8. XVIII.Business News a. i. b. Bizjournal Greensboro i. c. Business Wire i. XIX. Helpful How-To Resources a. The Virtual Chase i. b. i. 8