Mil Aer Homeland


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Mil Aer Homeland

  1. 1. IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on Military, Aerospace, Space and Homeland Security: Packaging Issues and Applications Renaissance Harbor Place Hotel Baltimore, Maryland 21202 March 12 - 14, 2003 COTS Approach to Military Microprocessor MCMs By Tom Terlizzi Aeroflex March 12, 2003
  2. 2. Outline 1. Background-COTS: A Double Edged Sword? 2. Design and Development of a Robust MCM Technology 3. High Performance 64 Bit MIPSTM Microprocessor Platform 4. Where are we going? 5. Summary 6. Conclusions
  3. 3. Background: COTS: A Double Edged Sword? • GOAL: Take advantage of technological advances in the commercial and industrial component environment. • Reduce costs at both the component and system level. • Gain access to, “Cutting Edge Technology!” • Reduce component and system lead times. • REALITY: Accelerated exposure to component obsolescence for major OEM’s and a new acronym DMS (Diminished Manufacturing Sources). • COTS products Life Cycles prove to be incompatible with military program Life Cycles and funding requirements; obsolescence increases.
  4. 4. Background: COTS: A Double Edged Sword? Percentage of U.S. Semiconductor Production Designated for Military Use By $ Value 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 1955 1975 1995 *2005 Source “Revolution in Miniature” Braun & MacDonald (*2005 Estimate 0.3% ICE Walt Lahti)
  5. 5. Background: COTS: A Double Edged Sword?
  6. 6. The B52 will almost 90 Years Old here
  7. 7. It Used to Be That The Pilots Were Older Than The Planes
  8. 8. Now The Planes Are Older Than The Parents And Grandparents Of The Pilots
  9. 9. Design and Development of 1608 MCM 1. Conservative HTCC Package Technology 2. Electrical Analysis 3. Thermal Analysis 4. Mechanical Analysis
  10. 10. Electrical Analysis
  11. 11. Thermal Analysis
  12. 12. Thermal Analysis
  13. 13. Thermal Analysis
  14. 14. Mechanical Analysis
  15. 15. Thin Film Interposer R4400 1 mil Aluminum Die wire Bonds from R4400 Microprocessor die to the thin film interposer 1 mil Gold Thin film wires from on the thin film ceramic interposer to “picture the cofired frame” ceramic package- two tier bonding shelf
  16. 16. MIPS uP with L2 Cache 280 Lead CQFP (F10) MILESTONES • 1993: Introduced (256K of L2 cache) • 1994: 1st obsolescence; uP die • 1995: 2nd obsolescence; memory die • 1996: Introduced (1M of L2 Cache) • 1997: 3rd obsolescence; uP die Introduced window frame • 1998: LRIP Production Orders EOL of R4400 uP (die banking) • 1999: R4400 production; Prototype of RM5271 based part (2M of L2) • 2000/2001:Continued R4400 production 1608-XX & 1638-XX •EMD Phase of RM5271 part 4430SC-F10 & 4431SC-F10 •2002/2003 Continued R4400 & 5271 5271SC-F10 production
  17. 17. MIPS uP Standard Products 208 Lead CQFP MILESTONES (F17 or F24) • Feb 1997: Announce MIPS Roadmap based on QED RM52XX & RM7000 family • April 1997: 1st Design Win for 5260PC-F17 • Oct 1997: Ship 5260PC-F17 Prototype parts • Jan 1998: 1st Design Win for 5270PC-F24 • June 1998: Ship 5270PC-F24 Mil-Temp parts LRIP for Mil-Screened 5260PC-F17 • Sept 1998: 1st Design Win for 7000SC-F24 • Nov 1998: Ship 7000PC-F24 Mil-Temp parts • Jan 1999: Ship 1st 5260PC-F17 Mil-Screened • Balance 1999: Design wins for 7000SC-F17 5260PC 5270PC • 2000/2002: Production Phase 5260PC-F17 7000SC 7000ASC 7000SC-F17 •2003 7000ASC 1st Design Win
  18. 18. Our Partner -MIPS Technologies, Inc. Licensees its Intellectual Property (IP) and cores for high performance cost-effective 32- and 64-bit processors Encouraging innovative development, diversity, multisourcing and competitive pricing Over 37 chip-design teams currently at work Slide Source: MIPS Technologies Inc.
  19. 19. MIPS RISC Processors Worldwide New performance standards with MIPS32TM and MIPS64TM which are fully MIPS IVTM and MIPS VTM compatible Broadest architectural alliance for 32/64 bit cores Only embedded 64-bit architecture in volume production The most compact / powerful cores: MIPS per square millimeter MIPS per dollar Best Watts/MIPS MIPS products are commercially available from 10 sources including PMC-Sierra, IDT,LSI, NKK, NEC & Philips Slide Source: MIPS Technologies Inc.
  20. 20. MIPS: Scalable Products R12000 R9000X2 R7000 MIPS-IV R5400 R10000 R5260 R5230 R5000 Licensees: R8000 R4700 IDT R4650 MIPS-III Performance LSI Logic R4640 R4600 NEC R4400 R4300 R4102 Philips R4101 Toshiba R4200 R4100 MR4010 PMC-SIERRA R33700 MIPS-II R4000 R33500 R1900 R3900 TR4101 MR4001 R6000 R3081 R3051 R3000 R33000 R33050 MIPS-I 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2003 Time Slide Source: MIPS Technologies Inc. .
  21. 21. MIPS Development Tools 24 Operating Systems 15 Compilers 17 Debuggers n t hals! re too Mo 0 13 Simulation Tools 17 41 Other Software Tools 67 Hardware plus, many Development Tools plus, many other companies ... other companies ...
  22. 22. Aeroflex MIPS uP Evaluation Products 179 Pin Adapter MILESTONES • May 1997: RM5260 Commercial parts available 208 PQUAD only • July 1997: 1st 5260PC Adapter shipped to OEM • Oct 1997: RM5270 Commercial parts available 208 PQUAD only • Jan 1998: 1st 5260PC Adapter shipped to OEM • May 1998: RM7000 Commercial parts available 5260PC-P10 302 SBGA only 5270PC-P10 • Sept 1998: 1st 7000SC Adapter shipped to OEM 7000SC-P10 • Aug 1999: RFP to build 7000SC to 223 PGA 7000SC-P11 • Nov 1999: 1st 7000SC to 223 PGA adapter shipped 7000ASC-P11 • Dec 2000 1st 7000ASC to 223 PGA adapter shipped
  23. 23. Evaluation Products (Pin-out equivalent to R4400, R4700 & R5000 PGA) ACT-5260PC-P10-POD ACT Part Numbers ACT-5260PC-P10-POD ACT-5270PC-P10-POD ACT-527XPC-P10-POD ACT-7000SC-P11-POD ACT-7000ASC-P11-POD
  24. 24. The MIPS Architecture A Partnership for Success Aeroflex Circuit Technology Support Partners • MIPS MCM Architecture PMC-SIERRA • High-Performance / High- • MIPS Architecture Reliability Screening Utilization of advanced • High-end CPU Design processor technology • Core & Derivative Designs • ( MIL-883) Early access to future Competencies • High-end Integrated L2 • Die Source processor information & L3 Cache MCM Designs • Technical Support • Integrated Products • MIPS Processor Sales w/Configurable Peripherals • High Density Flash / SRAM / MIPS SDRAM / EEPROM MCMs Real Time evaluation of new processors • MIPS Hardware / Software Design • Market & Infrastructure High-Rel performance • MIPS RISC Microprocessor Development feedback Development Board Designer & • Sales / Service / Technical Derivative design input Supplier Support For MIL/Aero market • Technical Support / Training
  25. 25. Where are we going? • Continue to support and expand our MIPS Roadmap Currently offering 5 families of MIPS Microprocessors Featuring MIPS III, MIPS IV & MIPS IV Superset Architecture • Exploring new packaging solutions Chip on Board Flip Chip BGA Chipscale Packages • Offer Integrated Products Single Board Computers (SBC) ACT-7000BM: PMC Bootable MIPS PCI Mezzanine Card NEW STAR MVP® : Family of Militarized VMEbus SBC’s • COTS at the board level Qualification of the equipment function not the components • Pursue additional strategic agreements with commercial technology leaders Expand our cutting edge philosophy to products • Evolve with the changing definition of COTS
  26. 26. PMC-Sierra MPD Roadmap 0.1u Core Performance (MHz) 1500 RM9000xx 0.13u RM9000xx RM9000xx ts 0.13u ed Produc 1000 RM9000x2 Integrat RM9000 RM7000D 0.13u 0.13u RM7000C RM7000B RM7065C 500 0.18u 0.18u D) sA RM7000A RM7065A ucts (S y ar d Prod Early Design RM5261A Stand Late Design RM5231A Available 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
  27. 27. RM7000 Product Comparison Feature RM7000A RM7000B RM7000C Maximum Core 400 500 600 Frequency (MHz) Max SysAD Bus 125 125 200 Frequency (MHz) External Cache 8MB 8MB 64MB Vectored 10 10 10 Interrupts Recommended GT64120A GT6424x GT6424x System GT961xxA Atlantis Controller Package 304 TBGA 304 TBGA 304 TBGA Drop-In Replacements
  28. 28. ACT Product Roadmap ACT-9000X2 ACT-9000X2 1G 64-Bit High ACT-7000CSCL3 Production ACT-7000CSCL3 Performance (Dhrystone MIPS) Production Performance Planned Planned ACT-7000CSC ACT-7000ASC ACT-7000ASC ACT-7000CSC 550 Potential Potential ACT-7000SC ACT-7000SC ACT-5271SC 64-Bit Mid-Range ACT-5271SC 450 Performance ACT-5270PC ACT-5270PC ACT-5261PC ACT-5261PC ACT-5261APC ACT-5261APC 350 ACT-5231PC ACT-5260PC ACT-5260PC ACT-5231PC 32-Bit Entry Level 250 Performance ACT-5230PC ACT-5230PC 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Product Progression
  29. 29. NEW STAR VII MVP ACT7000SC with TOP SIDE cavity down “commercial foot- print”
  30. 30. ACT-7000BM PMC MODULE PMC Header 32MB SDRAM RM7000 PCI CPU Bridge I/O Control 10/100 FPGA Ethernet 8MB FLASH Mezzanine PCI Bus Connectors 64-Bit
  31. 31. ACT Military and Hi-Rel MIPS Products Avionics Systems ACT designs & Assembly Military & Hi-Rel MIPS Advanced MCM Smart Munitions products for use in Technology high-performance demanding environments The Customer Military ACT Applications Industrial ACT Applications Technology Technology Partner Driver Resources Driver Performance ACT & MIPS High-performance PMC-SIERRA Design Military & Hi-Rel drives features processors Products that leverage off high volume markets Derivative Volume provides ensuring a viable architectural products source of supply viability Software Hardware
  32. 32. Summary • COTS is here to stay…The definition continues to change • The markets for semiconductor devices are driven exclusively by commercial and consumer industries New product are being designed to perform in commercial or industrial temperature ranges only • The military will no longer have dedicated component sources…Military spending accounts for only 0.3% of total US semiconductor sales projected in 2005 • Component obsolescence presents a serious challenge to both Component Manufactures and OEM’s • Component obsolescence will issue will only increase
  33. 33. Conclusions • COTS is here to stay... • “Military MCM,” suppliers can develop a successful strategy to support typical military Product Life Cycles. • Component suppliers must be flexible and able to adapt: the market is constantly changing… New IC sources and new semiconductor technology Die Shrinks Evolving packaging technology “Alphabet soup of new fabless companies” With “A Proactive Approach” a MCM Suppliers can be successful in the COTS world
  34. 34. “You’re Not Getting Older Your’re getting Better”