Tom Stecker RA Portfolio


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A collection of the architectural projects of Tom Stecker, RA, LEED AP

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Tom Stecker RA Portfolio

  1. 1. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP P O R T F O L I O 248.808.4725
  2. 2. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP Lunch room's 'sail' perforated ceiling panels absorb sound while creating a colorful wave Responsible for the sequential planning and construction of several projects, including: National City Bank ● Plaza renovation, main entrance and lobby renovations Corporate Headquarters Tenant Improvements ● Headquarter improvements to four tower floors; 106,400 gross square feet Troy, Michigan ● Branch location with drive-through; 3,580 square feet Yamasaki Associates ● Top-off to tower with signage cap ● First floor personal banking suite; 4,218 gross square feet 248.808.4725
  3. 3. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP Abu Dhabi National Oil Company New Corporate Headquarters Tower Abu Dhabi, UAE Yamasaki Associates ● Managed exterior envelope design including coordination with facade consultant ● Coordinated research and specifications for entire envelope construction ● 74-story oil company tower headquarters, 149,228 square meters ● Open three-story main lobby with concourses and two basement sub-levels ● Helipad on roof and an embedded building cleaning system ● LEED Gold-certified design requirements ● 64-story high solar collector PV panel system 248.808.4725
  4. 4. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP ● World-class $600 million convention and performing arts center Qatar Education City ● Primarily responsible for the opera house design within the center Convention Center ● Main coordination with theater and lighting consultants Performing Arts and Theater Center ● Performed code research and adjustments for fire safety Doha, Qatar, UAE ● Assisted with interior design and ceiling coordination throughout project Yamasaki Associates 248.808.4725
  5. 5. Thom as S t ec k er , RA, LE E D AP ● Responsible for the interior design and details ● 80,000-gross-square-foot, three-story pharmaceutical headquarters ● Entrance displays, reception desk and waiting area ● Open staircase within 3,100-square-foot atrium interior cafe ● Board rooms with open support offices ● Fitness center with acoustical isolation design Stryker Pharmaceuticals Corporation Corporate Headquarters Kalamazoo, Michigan Yamasaki Associates 248.808.4725
  6. 6. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP ● Performed services for a Middle East and North Africa Real Estate Company MENA Real Estate ● First-class, five-story office building including three-story below-grade parking Corporate Office Building ● Design for main lobby with common spaces Energy City, Qatar, UAE ● Gold LEED-certified minimum requirement for local authority Yamasaki Associates ● Gross floor area: 9,500-square-meter open office, 13,500-squar- meter parking garage ● Cost: 115,469,500 Qatar Ruble 248.808.4725
  7. 7. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP Nizami Street Residential Apartment Complex Baku, Azerbaijan Yamasaki Associates ● 14-story residential apartment tower ● Two-sublevel parking garage ● Gross area 16,840 square meters ● Performed code research and adjustments to documents 248.808.4725
  8. 8. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP Research Federal Credit Union New Branch Office, Lyon Towne Center New Hudson, Michigan Yamasaki Associates ● Responsible for the conceptual design and development of the building ● Branch location with 5,000 gross square feet ● 4-lane drive- through 248.808.4725
  9. 9. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP ● Performed design, construction documentation and construction administration Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond ● 3,000-gross-square-foot addition and renovations at Charlotte Security Enhancements for branches ● Two 4,000-square-foot additions and renovations at Baltimore Charlotte, Baltimore and Richmond HQ ● Strengthening of structural tower at Richmond headquarters Yamasaki Associates ● Building program includes screening vestibules and guard booths ● Site work includes bollard and barricade protection 248.808.4725
  10. 10. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP US Highway 29 Retail Site Lawrenceville, Georgia Yamasaki Associates ● Responsible for retail shopping center envelope, core-and-shell ● 23,360 gross square feet 248.808.4725
  11. 11. Thomas Stecker, RA, LEED AP P O R T F O L I O This portfolio represents a sample of architectural projects. Additional portfolio samples will be furnished upon request. 248.808.4725