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The Preston Social - What the Web is Saying


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Notes for the online reputation presentation by Tom Stables and Nathaniel Cassidy at the first Preston Social

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The Preston Social - What the Web is Saying

  1. 1. what the web issaying about you(and how to listen to it)
  2. 2. Nathaniel Cassidy lives, beer, s unglasses, “I like: o usic, sticky reading , hats, dance m udding, Soph ie and being toffee p loud”@duchessofgrange@nwcassidy
  3. 3. Tom Stables Creative thinker. Actual designer. Real lecturer. Habitual writer. Occasional blogger. Web & graphic do- er. Social media fiend/friend. Frequently bearded.@tomstables
  4. 4. 175mregistered Twitter users
  5. 5. 370knew sign ups to Twitter every day
  6. 6. 95mThe amount of tweets sent daily(and there have been more than 10 billion tweets sent so far)(and how many of these are shared customer experiences?)
  7. 7. 600msearch queries on Twitter every dayAre they finding you or your competition?
  8. 8. If Facebook were a country... it would be the 3rd most populated in the world (just ahead of the US)Though around70% of Facebookusers are outsidethe United States
  9. 9. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month hereThere are over 900 million pages, groups, events andcommunity pages that people interact withAverage user creates 90 pieces of content each month(which contributes to the 30 billion things shared each month)
  10. 10. 90 MILLION users on LinkedIn(growing at a rate of one new member every second)
  12. 12. At just two years old,foursquare:has 6,000,000 usersadds 15,000 newsusers dailyhas almost 1,000,000check-ins daily(it grew 3400% last year)
  13. 13. facebook care enough to havelaunched facebook places andfacebook deals
  14. 14. 2 billion videos watched perday on YouTube35 hours of video uploaded toYouTube every minute2+ billion videos watched permonth on Facebook20 million videos uploaded toFacebook per month
  15. 15. 5 billion photos hosted byFlickr3000+ photos uploaded perminute to Flickr3+ billion photos uploaded permonth to Facebook36 billion photos uploaded toFacebook this year
  16. 16. 152 million blogs
  17. 17. so social a conversation you reallyshouldn’t be missing out on
  18. 18. And it’s going onwith or without you.
  19. 19. Who Cares?* 63% are using social networks, to conduct background checks oncandidate* 41% of UK HR managers had turned an applicant down simplybecause of their online profile* 20% of company managers checked out job applicants on Facebookor other social networking sites.* Over 30% of them found content that led them to reject a candidateThe survey by found that one turnoff for potential employers is picturesof the applicants drinking or using drugs. Managers also checked whether applicants bad-mouthed a former employer or co-worker.
  20. 20. “idiots... cheaplittle bastards”Marks and Spencer staff on their customers
  21. 21. “smelly and annoying”British Airways staff on their customers
  22. 22. “you will see that EVERYONE loves us!! The only people that don’t is our competition” “As for you having the Patio all to yourself ... it is summertime in ARIZONA MORON!!! Only TRAMPS and LOSERS want to sit outside in 110 temperatures!!!!“Do US a favor and keep your ugly face and you ugly opinions to yourself and go back to the restaurant that you really work at!”Online response from cafe owner to popular food blogger
  23. 23. the ones to watch out forSquatted usernames // Squatted domains //Doppelgangers // Job changes // Name changes// Negative comments // False information //Fake profiles // Trademark infringement // Badnews coverage // Legal documents // Complaintsites // Competitor attacks // Hate sites // Personalscandals // Corporate scandals // Industryperceptions // Ex-employees
  25. 25. personas
  26. 26. Facebook Pages
  27. 27.
  28. 28.
  29. 29.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Manage your friends* Filter who can see what: you can apply particular privacy settingsto your friend lists* You are able to add the same person to multiple lists* A good starting point is to have Friends, Family and Professionallists.* Also useful for popular people and for organising friends (highschool friends, uni friends etc)
  32. 32. as t to adc eopleBro fic psp eci from ople ide c peHspe cifi
  33. 33. FlamingFlaming is hostile and insulting interactionbetween Internet users. It’s usually angry ormean-spirited. It insults or provokes. TrollsTrolls regularly post personal attacks andflame. They usally have little interest inleasrning the topic at hand and deliberatelyannoy others.
  34. 34. the places to watchyour own sites // other web content // industrynews // social bookmarking // social networks //competitor and stakeholder profiles // multimediacontent // forums // reviews // your own analytics
  35. 35. comments are conversationsready yourse lf for criticism
  36. 36. Listen. Engage. Measure
  37. 37. [questions?] Find: Follow: Hashtag: #socsub Friend: Email: