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  • SkillSoft also conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey using an independent research firm called TNS Prognostics. We chose TNS because they are the largest research firm in the world and they’re experts at measuring customer satisfaction. They do this kind of work for hundreds of companies, and that allows us to compare our results to the results from many other software and technology companies from around the world. SkillSoft once again achieved extremely high scores in all major areas: Ease of doing business Willingness to provide a product reference Customer service Product quality And Intent to repurchase. We can see that what drives these results is often the relationship customers have with their SkillSoft account teams, and the sense they have that SkillSoft really cares about understanding their business and helping them achieve their goals.
  • With our heritage as a courseware provider, SkillSoft has established the leading courseware offering with the broadest and most current range of subjects, along with an array of supporting resources that complement our courseware. SkillSoft offers more than 3,000 current English courses and supporting resources, divided into six collections: Business Skills, IT Professional, Desktop/End User Skills, Environmental Safety & Health, Legal Compliance and Financial Services Industry. Additionally, SkillSoft has localized its courseware into a wide range of languages, taking care to reflect relevant differences in business cultures. To date, our localized courseware library offers more than 3,100 current titles in 18 languages. SkillSoft introduces an industry-leading number of new courses each year. We create these courses in response to the priorities we hear directly from our customers. Additionally, we review our active library quarterly to replace, update or remove content as it becomes outdated with new advances in technology and business. Support for mission critical skills Project management, Six Sigma, ITIL, Microsoft, Cisco and more 100+ IT and business certification exams supported Hundreds of courses qualify for CPE and college credit NASBA, ACE, PMI, HRCI, Six Sigma…and more
  • Goal of slide: Introduce the LGM as a sound strategic framework for working with the client organization. (The animations in this slide build automatically.) The SkillSoft Learning Growth Model was developed to assist you in charting a realistic direction for your organization, allowing you to choose to implement the right learning resources, at the correct time. Using the expertise that SkillSoft has developed over many years with our global customer base, this model can empower you to communicate with and enlist the support of other key players within your organization to successfully deliver cost-effective learning programs. This model creates a focus on aligning learning to talent needs and attaining the critical objectives for each stage. By providing sound strategies, we can work together to increase the overall performance of learners and teams and accelerate business results. Each stage sets the groundwork for the next stage and each stage provides meaningful organizational results. The key question today for you and your organization is ‘Where would your organization like to be in the next one to three years? Note to SkillSoft speaker: Be sure to read and review the LGM White Paper and LGM Elements by Stage from the LGM webpage on .net. You may elect to distribute this material to your prospective customer in advance of or at your presentation.
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    1. 1. SkillSoft:Accelerating Business Performance
    2. 2. Meeting Agenda • Why E-Learning? • SkillSoft Overview •SkillPort Platform Introduction • Next Steps/Q&A
    3. 3. New Normal The world has changed There is no more “business-as-usual” Today represents a great turning point in our world
    4. 4. Why SkillSoft? SkillSoft solutions and expertise help our customers to deliver meaningful business results Market Leadership – 3,000 customers, 11+ million end-users Innovation – $40-50m R&D invested annually Experience –numerous and tenured client facing experts Flexibility – adaptable offerings and business terms Depth & Breadth - comprehensive e-learning portfolio Thought Leadership – best of breed without aggregation Quality – repeatedly recognized and awarded Global Reach – present in 58 countries, support for 19 languages Customer Service – extremely high loyalty, year after year Results – proven track record for business impact and ROI
    5. 5. SkillSoft Moves the Needle SkillSoft learners report effects in business critical areas. •Employee satisfaction •Customer satisfaction •Quality •Sales •Productivity •Cycle time •Costs •Risk Source: “Moving the Needle: How SkillSoft Impacts Performance of Individuals and Organizations” 2011
    6. 6. SkillSoft’s Customer Satisfaction 97% of customers would recommend SkillSoft’s products to a friend or colleague •Based on scientific survey conducted by an independent research firm, TNS, the world’s largest custom research company •484 SkillSoft customers participated in this year’s survey •SkillSoft exceeds industry averages in all areas
    7. 7. Self Study e-Learning Business Skills IT Professional Desktop Legal Compliance • 890+ English titles • 460+ English titles • 90+ English titles • 1,500+ English titles • 2,870+ localized titles • 860+ localized titles • 26 localized titles • 1000+ localized titles • Comprehensive collections cover a wide range of enterprise needs • Courses are constantly being updated and added in response to customer input • Proven instructional design model and engaging presentation • Job Aids, SkillBriefs and SkillSims to reinforce learning and ES&H ensure knowledge transfer • 128+ English titles • 90+ localized titles *Estimated titles, SkillSoft courseware libraries, March 2012
    8. 8. SkillSoft is Repeatedly Awarded– Top 20 Leadership Best IT Content – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Training Companies, 2012, Top 20 IT Best Soft Skills Content – 2007, 2008, 2009 Training Companies, 2008, 2009, 2010, Best Compliance Content – 2008, 2010 2011 Top 20 Learning Portal Companies 2010 Excellence Awards for: Best Learning Management System for SkillPort, Best Leadership Development Program for SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, and Best Soft Skills Content for SkillSoft Business Skills Library- 2010 Highest Satisfaction One of MT2 Magazine’s Top Training andLearning Leader – 2007 large enterprise Simulation Companies 4 out of 5 years for KnowledgeCenters LMS, 2007 LearnX Asia Pacific Platinum Award, 2010; Brandon Hall Gold Award, 2009 Excellence in Learning Technology Silver, Learning Management Technology, 2011 Workforce Management’s Training Best Advance in Virtual Classroom, 2009 Providers Hot List, 2012
    9. 9. SkillSoft Awards and Recognition• Elearning! Magazine Awards: 2007-2011 • Best Social Learning Tool: 2011 • Best Learning Management System & Best Leadership Development Program : 2010 • Best IT Content: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 • Best Off-The-Shelf Courseware: 2007 • Best Soft Skills Content: 2007, 2008 • Best Compliance Content: 2008, 2010 • Best Leadership Training: 2007• 2006-2011 •Top 20 Leadership Companies: 2012 •Top 20 Learning Portal Companies: 2010, 2011 • Top 20 IT Training Companies: 2008, 2009, 2010 • Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry: 2006, 2007 • Brandon Hall Research: 2009-2011 • Silver Medal for Learning Management Technology: 2011 • Bronze Medal in Best Advance in Social Learning Technology: 2010 • Gold Medal for Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom Training: 2009 • LearnX Asia Pacific Awards: 2009-2010 • Platinum: 2010 • Gold: 2009 • Military Training Technology Magazine: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 • MT2 Top Training and Simulation Company: 2008 • The e-Learning Guild Research Platinum Award: 2007 • For Satisfaction Among Large Enterprise LMS Customers – SkillPort: 2007 • Bersin & Associates Learning Leader Award: 2007 • Learning Leader for KnowledgeCenters: 2007
    10. 10. SkillSoft Facilitates Learning Strategy Learning Growth Model® is a framework that maps the path through stages of learning maturity •Aligns learning to critical needs and business drivers •Provides benchmarks and strategies to increase performance and accelerate business results Goal State: Where do you want to be? Stage 5 Stage 4 Optimize Stage 3 Integrate Stage 2 Align Target Stage 1 Supplement
    11. 11. Support to Create Aligned, Targeted and Relevant ProgramsContent Mapping • SkillSoft will map content to up to 60 business initiatives/competencies/objectives once annually • Maintenance included: Will update once annuallyUniversal Competency Tool • Self-service, ready to use • Available from the Client Community • Content alignment suggestions for a common set of competencies such as: • Values • Self-Focus • Leadership • Operations • Customer Focus • Goal Attainment • Personal Interaction
    12. 12. High-Performing Companies Choose SkillSoft