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Use right wardrobe doors


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Use right wardrobe doors

  1. 1. In metro cities we all face scarcity of space and often our living spaces are limited.Those who have a home in countryside can easily understand what I am talkingabout. In metro cities it is very important that we plan our living spacesaccordingly as by arranging different items in a better way we can utilise space andcan give our home a more spacious look. There are few good ways to do so and inthis article I am going to discuss few of them.Now a days craze of hi-fi technological items in the kids is onthe boom say it gaming station, LCD TV, Music system withpowerful stereo, DVD players and many more, your kidwant all of them. Often you can find a situation where theremotes and other accessory of these item is missing and sometimes it can lead to alittle dispute leaving you off head for the rest of the day. Entertainment Unit is avery good solution to overcome this situation as now a days entertainment unitscome with space to carry all the hi-fi gadgets in one place. A normal entertainmentunit may hold TV, gaming devices, DVD, CDs, Music system and all the relatedaccessories in one go. There is one more huge advantage of using entertainmentunit, it can be moved to one place to another very easily. So if you are expecting anumber of guest then you can easily shift your all entertainment equipment toanother room making your guest room a little more spacious. When it comes todecor home entertainment unit not only provide organised gadgets solutions but areunbeatable in design and looks.
  2. 2. Wardrobes are essential part of any home and a home without wardrobes can beconsidered half built as wardrobes provide space to put your clothes, books andother item which is not important to show. Wardrobe doors are very good way tosave important space. There are two types of popular designs for wardrobe doorsone is sliding door design and another is semicircular door design. Sliding doordesign is very appropriate for the wardrobes on the ground level. All the wardrobedoors on the ground level or up to a height of five foot must have sliding doordesign as it saves a lot of space. While wardrobes on the proper height may haveconventional door design as in some cases you may find it difficult to open a doorwith sliding design at a height above your head.
  3. 3. Finally coming to the most important factor that can save a lot of space in yourhome. On an average a double bed occupies half of the spaces in our bed roomsleaving no chances to have any other use of bed room. In metro cities where theliving space is limited and there is not a choice to have so many rooms in yourhome it will be of immense help if you can use a room a bed room in the night anda living room in the day. You might ask how this is possible. This can be done byusing wall bed. Wall bed is a specially designed bed that can be up folded to thewalls itself and become invisible in the day time but in the night you can easilyunfold your wall bed and can use your living room as bed room itself.SUMMARY – There are many ways by which space can be saved in your homeand you can make your home look more spacious. Using entertainment unit,appropriate wardrobe doors and wall bed are few good practices to apply in yourhome. These things not only save a lot of space but are good for the home décor aswell.
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