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The most effective and economic way of business promotion is bulk sms campaign


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The most effective and economic way of business promotion is bulk sms campaign

  1. 1. There was a time when leaf lets and other printed promotional material was of high useamong the businesses and majority of businesses were dependent over the use of suchprint media. After few years News papers were considered to be the best way to promotethe business and then play media means the television and radio took over the printmedia. Till now the best way to promote business is considered to be the play media asit has wide reach and extra impact advantages. But as you also know that for everybusiness it is not possible to broadcast their own advertisement over the television thereare following constraints to do so. First of all advertisement on television is very verycostly and every business can not afford that much cost. Not only broadcasting cost ishigh but preparing a highly popular advertisement is also very costly normally well knownpersonalities like actresses and players charge sufficient amount to act in aadvertisement. Secondly Businesses offering their services in a specific geographiclocation may found television inappropriate as Geo - targeting is not possible with playmedia. Now Lastly targeting a particular customer niche over the play media is not veryeffective if possible at all. Now you might have got a idea that why every business cannot rely over the play media for advertisement purpose.
  2. 2. This article will tell you the most effective way to promote small and middle scalebusinesses with accurate Geo - targeting and highly relevant customer niche target witha minimum amount of cost. Cost that is even less then the Leaf lets and other out of dateprint media. Before starting the point let us have an over view on following facts-=>Mobile has become an undetectable part of every persons daily life and total numberof mobile users is quite very high across the globe.=> Messages are highly popular by product of mobile services and every person is verywell aware about the use of messages.=> Not only young age people but every age group of people uses messages as shownby some recent studies. Based on these facts it will be easy conclude that sms or short messaging service can be used as a promotional medium on the mobile medium. Infect many organisations are gaining huge amount of customer attention and increased amount of sales because of bulk sms campaign. In any bulk sms campaign thousands of messages containing promotional texts are pushed to targeted mobiles. You may wonder that how much time it will took to send thousands of sms and from where thecontact details of targeted customers can be arranged. Now there is no need to sendmessages from a particular mobile, Internet sms or text on line can be send to regularmobile numbers with the use of sms gateway. Sms gateway is like your Mobilesmessage sending center which allows you to send messages over the Internet. InternetSms or text on line can be send to thousands of mobiles with just a click of mouse withthe help of message sending software.
  3. 3. This is the most economic method for sending promotional text to your target customersas bulk sms providers provide messaging service with minimum cost and some of suchservice providers provide messages in less then ten cents per message.Summary .Visit Our site :-