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Text messaging software www.shortcodes.com

  1. 1. Text messages can be real fun. They can act as balm to sour soul. Somemessages are direct quotes from famous people, some are instructive innature, some are funny, there are messages with a private message, messagesmight be related to some particular festival or carrying a particular theme.There are many sites which offer free text messaging services. One can select amessage from their many options, or write a message of his own. Messages canbe for a friendship day, April fool’s day, or Thanksgiving Day. Some messagesare meant for fathers, some for mothers, some for brothers, some for sisters,some for nieces, some for nephews, some for aunts, some for uncles, and somefor friends and special Someone in a person’s life. And the list thus goes on andon when it comes to text messaging.
  2. 2. Some sites are offering online text messaging software and using which youcan easily send text messages. One can receive replies to messages on thesepages. History of sent messages is stored here.SMS gateway allows big business men, and government officials to sendmessages online. A text message of 160 characters can be sent as a web SMS,via SMS API or as an Email SMS. Here there are solutions for all types of textmessages. SMS gateway helps business to run in a positive manner. They helpin better communication among employees and management. Goodrelationships are maintained and promoted all over the globe with help frompersonalized text messages.Advertisers advertise businesses through services offered by text messagingsoftware service provider. Rent and sale advertisements under propertycategory can be sent across to thousands of people at one time. Manycompanies use text messaging services for informing regular clients aboutspecial offers for the day. Phone companies advertise their new plans for thenew users. These text messages via Short code service provider might not giveyou the original number of the sender as long and short codes used by themare given by the messaging company, but if you send back a reply, the replywill land in the original sender’s mail box.
  3. 3. Messages can be sent from the desktop directly to a landline number or amobile number using a SMS API. No extra charges are to be borne by themessage center. Group messaging allows an employer to message hisemployees about some emergency meeting in an instant manner. Thecompany is reliable and its Software efficient, the messages are deliveredpromptly and in time. One even gets the delivery report. Text messages can be accompanied by emotions, characters, images, sounds and videos too. This makes them even more interesting. Both small and large businessescan be advertised through this means of non-verbal communication.Multiple SMS Gateway services are there for the Users of text messagingservices. Two way functionality is one of the SMS API features. Messages canbe easily integrated. Worldwide coverage is possible through computers.Uninterrupted service is available for sending text messages through manygateways. Automatic reply system for the messages is available with theSoftware.
  4. 4. :===================================================================================== ============================================================ ============================================ http://www.shortcodes.com/ - adsales@shortcodes.com